East, I like the West, but North and South,
they’re both the best, but I’ll only go
there as a guest because I love
being here with you. I love the sea, I love the
shore, I love the rocks, and what is mine. With you there,
there’d never be above because I love
being here with you. Singing in the shower,
laughing by the hour, life is just a breezy game. My name is Terry Green and
I’m the general manager here at the hotel and I would
just like to thank all of you for attending our
hundred year anniversary. Mrs. Ethel Lindsey is our
honorary centennial guest and we just can’t thank
her and her family enough for being a part
of our celebration. [CHEERING] Enjoy this day a
whole lot everybody, because you probably
won’t be here to celebrate the
next hundred years. I have the honor of being
able to hangout and give all of you guys these great prizes. Are you guys ready to
get this party underway? One night stay for two,
here at Omni Severin, Maria is going to
do the honors here. People really seem to be liking
the music, the atmosphere. It’s just, it’s a really fun
time, and all of the band is having a fantastic time
doing this, so we appreciate it. [MUSIC PLAYING]