[Music] Narrator: Michael once felt like a stranger in the places he travelled. Now he feels like a local wherever he goes. He loves discovering little out-of-the-way gems, whether enjoying a real mariachi band in San Antonio or a vintage vinyl shop in SoHo, he always makes time to venture out, explore and find something new. This curious transformation began once he began staying with Omni and he is not alone. At one time Joy was far from what one might call a foodie. These days she’s developed a taste for all things different and delicious. A Carolina crab boil on Hilton Head, entrees infused with local honey from Amelia Island, the familiar comfort of homemade biscuits in Nashville or exotic dishes inspired by faraway places. Since staying with Omni, it’s as if a whole new world has opened up to her. The same might be said for Peter and his family. For years, they spent every vacation in the same old places. Now you never know where any given summer might find them. Careening down a 100-foot water slide in La Costa, enjoying a hike through the Texas hill country or spending an evening around the fire pit in the Carolina mountains. All very different people with their own interests and reasons for traveling, but they share one very important thing in common. Since they began staying with Omni, they’ve never been the same. Welcome to Omni. How might your stay affect you? Whether you’re exploring the heart of the city or relaxing at one of our premier resorts, each of our 60 properties across North America shares a commitment to helping you make the most of your next chance to wander. Omni Hotels and Resorts. Never stay the same.