A little housewarming. To new beginnings. Thanks. Uh… Actually, I gave this
to you for your wedding. This model? No, this exact one. [sighing]
I’m sorry. I’m embarrassed.
I’m sorry. It’s okay.
I hope you like it. I love it.
Thank you. This place is unbelievable. You like it?
How could you
still be depressed? This is probably
the best thing that’s
ever happened to us. Us?
Yeah, us. Do not get selfish
on me here, okay? Now stay with me.
You put a bar in
over there, right? Couple la-z-boys to fill it out,
definitely a smarter couch. You could put
a hot tub anywhere. Max, can you
earmuff it for me? We’re gonna get
so much ass here, It’s gonna be sick.
I’m talking crazy, boy-band ass. That sounds like
a lot of fun, but… I need a little time to get
my life back together. We need to throw
a big kick-ass party To start things off.
Absolutely. Break it in a little,
meet the neighbors. Come on, mitch.
You know what I’m talking about. Break it in.
Stop! The real estate guy was really
adamant about not having… I don’t think you realize
what a huge opportunity This is for you. Girls love a guy who’s
in your particular situation. What situation? Mitch, you’re
on the rebound. You’re like an injured fawn
nursed back to health, Who’s finally gonna be
rereleased into the wilderness. [glass breaking] Sorry.
[baby crying] Please be careful.
I’m sorry. You okay? Don’t say sorry to me,
say it to the baby. You upset him.
I’m sorry, baby. It’s okay. It happens. We should go tropical
with this thing. Like sand from wall to wall.
I know a great sand guy. We’ll get it at price.
Sand in here? Or foam, whatever.
Something in here. Frank, you understand
what I’m talking about? Absolutely.
I’m good either way. Just need to run it
by marissa. I’m messing with you guys! It’s a joke!
Not funny. Now the baby’s upset.
[baby crying]