This was written years ago. And when I read this it’s
like reading prophecy Blood hound for that money,
bitch I gotta have it Going crazy, 20’s, 50’s, 100’s,
bitch I’m cashing And I ain’t really
with the talking, bitch I’m money stacking And he ain’t really
bout’ that life, cause he don’t love that action This is just kinda like yo how long are we gonna
put money over people? Like how long, I mean I don’t
want to be that guy. Yoou know what I’m saying.
But I’m that guy. This is the problem with how
hip-hop is raising children. My rating on that is 2
because money does have value. My motto is: Chicago, bitch Everybody know you sweet,
what the problem is Don’t play dumb, I’m the one
that acknowledged it Son of a bitch, I imagine
what your father is Man that’s kinda slick. At the end
he brought it full circle. But it, again like um. This has to be out of context,
so I’ll just. I don’t know what’s around this. They never really explained
what Chicago was as they motto. They just went into
someone being sweet, it looks like a diss. Yo whoever this person
is talking to they know that they talking to them. So I can’t give this
a low rating cause this person is talking
to somebody who knows who they talking to. Yeah that’s like a three and a
half. They be asking us questions,
harass, and arrest us Saying “We eat pieces of shit
like you for breakfast!” Huh! See I’ll read this one right.
Uh. Y’all eat pieces of shit?
What’s the basis? We ain’t goin’ nowhere,
but got suits and cases That shit’s profound.
Nobody got called a bitch. Nothing in here was
about money over people. Nothing in here was without
backing up the last statement. You know in music. Music
is about feeling and emotion so sometimes people ride
with the beat. And whatever the beats do
that’s what we saying. But I do think it’s possible
to have good writing in rhythm. It’s about being
complete and thorough. It’s about moving in purpose and and creating
storyboards and visuals and in a new way.
You know what I mean? Even if that way ain’t as pious
and noble. You know what I mean? We ain’t going nowhere
but got suits and cases. Alright that’s cool.
What happened to good writing, what happened to purpose? I give that a 5
Body bangin’ and I can’t refuse it P***y good,
so tight, know I gotta abuse it One stroke, two strokes,
same beat as the music Aye and that shit so wet I took the rubber off,
can’t even use it That’s kinda dope.
I can’t even front. Like see it’s not
subject matter so much. Like he’s like, okay
I’ma abuse the [bleep] but I’ma take the rubber off
and potentially abuse myself. You know what I’m saying? It’s kinda like a slick way
of going full circle of like. We both going to get [bleep] up
in this cause look at you. Know what I’m saying? There’s poetry in this
I give it a four. Now, if I [bleep] this model And she just bleached
her [bleep]hole I don’t even got to read this And I get bleach on my T-shirt I’ma feel like an [bleep]hole When I first heard this lyric.
I said huh, what that mean? What you talking bout? And there was another rapper
there that I’m not gonna name. That was like,
“nah that’s that hot shit. Rhymfest just old he don’t like,
that’s that old school hip hop. He ain’t up.” I said that [bleep]
wanna be famous. That person trying
to do something. “Nah that’s for the club, that’s
for the club people gonne be turned up.” – I said this is not who you
are. Who you are is your vani- your humanity and vanity
have to fight each other. If it’s all vanity or all
humanity it don’t work. “Now if I (censored) this model
and she just bleeched her (censo And I get bleach on my t-shirt and I’m so like an ass(censored) That’s all vanity.
That’s no humanity. This right here, this was the beginning. And this is when I took
an airplane and went home and said (censored) it.
I give that a zero. “Take a (censored) energy,
make his ho my enemy.” “Hurry up and money me.
(censored) sweet I’m hunny bee.” That’s kind of dope.
I can’t even front on it. But like, okay- I know on some of this, I’ll be
talking about message and some of it I’ll be
talking about lyrics. But when the lyrics
are so clever you can not say they not clever. “Take a (censored) energy,
make his ho my enemy.” Why? I like the rhyme. I like the double “e”
the energy, enemy. “Hurry up and money me
(censored) sweet hunny bee.” I think it’s the last line. That’s kind of real. And that’s ill like
really how you end something it puts
the exclamation mark on it. You know what I’m saying?
This is dope. Yeah this shit a 5. “Terrorism on blacks, they poison our Newports
Patriot Act in effect make it hard to breathe now Johnnie Cochran dead.
Who’s going to give us “Us free” Clinton ain’t in office who gon’
give us shit free now?” This was written years ago and when I read this
is like reading prophecy and it lets me know
who this artist is. Because there’s
only one artist that writes and prophetic
and prophetic terms like this and it has context.
“Terrorism on blacks they poison our Newports
Patriot Act in effect, make it hard to breathe now.” Even though I think these lyrics are written a little backwards. Johnny Cochran dead who gon’
give us “Us Free” now. Clinton ain’t in office who
gon’ give us shit free now?” And I think man even
when you think about that like Clinton an office
who don’t give a shit free now that means like it’s time
to get up and get something. Ain’t nothing going to be given. Yeah I get that 5. “What happened to the game?
(censored) think they jappin’ cause they rappin’ like they Way Rapping like they Chainz. I ain’t matchin them in platinum
but are rappin like I’m flames. “What happens to the game?” Question. (censored) think they jappin’
because they rap like Wayne. Somebody talking to somebody. Cause they rappin’
like they Wayne rappin’ like they Chainz.”
That shit kinda hot like. So you rappin’ like you
Lil’ Wayne rappin’ like Chainz “I ain’t matchin’ them in
platinum but rappin’ like I’m flames.” Woo! That’s that shit! I don’t even know who it is but this is that shit.
This is that- this is rap! So yeah man I’m glad the last
one when I had was a 5. How can you make the stars? How can you make the stars
if it ain’t top 5 I got a rank the bars
this is Rhymefest I just rated those bars.