Can we order food? Yeah. Can we get the, um,
the street tacos, – and the loaded nachos?
– Yeah. Yeah, for sure. All right, let’s see.
The order’s in. – Tiffany:Microwave?
– Mia:Oh!So it’s going from a steam table
which is supposed to be heated. Obviously,
if it’s not heated, that means that it’s in a really
bad temperature danger zone.It’s a problem.All right,
so now we have the food
that she just took out
of the microwave.
– It just does not look
appetizing to me. – No. That does not
look like… – This is not a street taco.
– It smells bad. She spit it out! Looks like nothing
but fat. – Would you have eaten that
in the first place? – Both: No. That’s gross. I don’t wanna talk
to the mean bartender. They wanna complain
about their food, but Cheyenne’s attitudeis so intimidating
and unfriendly,
They’re scared to tell her.She scares me. – Excuse me. I hate to be a bug,
– Uh-huh. but is there any way we can get
another set of the beef tacos?This one has like a lot of fat.Susan:
– Give me one minute.
– Okay. But I wouldn’t even wanna feed
that to my dog. Said she wouldn’t
even feed it to her dog. It was the first time,
I think probably in my life as a grown adult, that I’ve sent
that much food back. I’m going to my corner, because
I don’t have anything to do. – So–
– Maggen, what are you doing? Putting my makeup on. Um, there’s (bleep) in the
kitchen that you need to be doing. Mom, can you leave me alone?
Like, for real. Get on their ass.
Why am I having to go– I am on theirs. I’m up there helping them. Whatever.
Leave me alone. Please, just leave me alone,
Mom. I’m serious. Wendy: You’re supposed
to be doing food orders. You got people all over your
bar. There’s no food ordered! -Okay. The food’s been out here.
– Get away from me right now. Because you can do all
of this yourself. Take it and shove it–
Ooh, leave me alone. Tiffany:
Wow! What would happen if you talked
that way to your mother? Oh, you know exactly
what would happen. – Man: No.
– Woman: No! Oh, dear.
There we go. Woman:
No! Why? – What?
– Oh! That’s not
the first time, baby. He gets up there
all the time. That poor coyote. As China Grove Trading Post
stands now, I would not come back,because there’s a guy
on top of the rafters
doing inhumane things
to a coyote. So… ( laughs ) She thinks that’s funny. Whoo! You want a lemon drop? I guess you’re done
in the kitchen. It’s obvious
it’s a free-for-all. – ( sighs )
– Please. – Cheyenne: Let me make ’em.
– No, she asked me specifically. – Yeah, but she likes mine
– No. She’s not– Dude, Cheyenne.
I’m cool, like– – How many? How many–? – Can you move out of my way,
dude? – Like this is what I was told
to do. – But I’m on the clock, not you.
– I don’t care. They asked me– – I’ll go over there and take
their order. But they asked you because you
were sitting at the table. – No. They asked me because– No. I’m not gonna argue
with you on the cool. – I’m doing what I was
told to do. – What? No, I’m gonna
make ’em. What do they want? – Okay, then I’m going home.
( bleep ) it. – Bye.
– Bye, Mom. I’m leaving. Tiffany:
“I’m mad, Mommy.” – She’s acting like a
six-year-old girl. – Wow. – She didn’t go back there–
– Wendy: Yes, she did. – Mom, just shut up!
– She went and got– Just stop. You don’t even
( bleep ) know. Just stop. This would be outrageous,
if it was in your living room. Look at the customers
looking right at her. ( overlapping chatter ) Dang. It’s like dinner
and a show. You don’t even ( bleep ) know. – You’re so full of ( bleep ).
– When you pay attention then you can say
something to me. Oh, my gosh! So she was never
taught respect. So she doesn’t respect her
father’s money, her mother, the business, the customers.
She respects none of it. Usually you see patrons
fighting with each other, – but not the bar–
– Yeah, not the actual staff. – ( bleep ). I’m outta here.
– Hey, hey, hey. – I’m done with this ( bleep )!
– Really, Maggen? – I’m done! She walked out on her mother. On her family business,
she just walked out. Maggen:
( bleep )!
Man, she’s lucky I didn’t knock
the ( bleep ) out of here. I don’t know who the ( bleep )
she thinks she is.If she knew
how to do something,
than I wouldn’t have
to ( bleep ) do it.
So think about this. Think about
what we saw tonight. We saw a guy try
to have sexual relations with a stuffed coyote. We saw the cook, who’s the
daughter of the owner, curse out her mother,
storm out of the kitchen, storm out the front door. We’ve seen it all
tonight! – ( gasps )
– Oh, my gosh! – Oh, my God, it’s a opossum.
– Oh, my God! – It’s a opossum!
– Oh, my God! Hi, this is Jon Taffer. Click
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