The concept of ultra-luxury has changed
what we thought maybe 10, 12 years ago. I have designed for several brands
Waldorf, St. Regis, Rosewood, Jumeirah, Setai. And the expectations of the luxury
market has changed in the sense that they expect things that are honest,
quality but in an authentic and sincere way. In terms of the process we meet with
the client we have a brainstorm session you get to know the client what the
vision is and they’re waiting for us to start translating those ideas,
always keep it in mind what the end result needs to be for the guests. That’s
part of it the challenge and the process and the beginning a fruition of the
ideas. Many cases of the projects that we designed at one of the first things that
you do is like when you walk the land the feeling that you get from the land
and we just start picturing how things can trickle and effect and
you envision yourself this could be a great place for for this part of the
project and the components and you’re starting visioning that. And that’s what
you can you can’t wait to start putting that on paper and see how the pieces of
the puzzle start to be come together. It’s one of my favorite parts of the