Hey! and welcome to another video so as
you know being based in Dubai means that I can travel to some pretty exotic
locations the Maldives are four hours away we can be anywhere in the
Middle East within two or three hours so there’s a plethora of amazing
experiences just on my doorstep so this means travel here is just different
better more exotic the the places we can get to and the different cultures really
confuse me and so one of the places I get to go to most frequently is India
and I probably travel to India every month every two months and I’m always
there on business and I arrive I go sit in a conference room like this and then
you know what that’s not really seen in the country so the last time I was there
I decided to make the trip to the Taj Mahal
and I’m not really the kind of guy to do things by halves haven’t really taken a
vacation in a while so why not choose a really nice hotel while I’m there so I
did some interpretive tap tap on my keyboard and looked at some options and
one of the most luxurious option options there is a hotel called the Oberoi we’re
all aware of that over a brand stated them a couple of times here in the
Middle East right okay I’ll have a look at this and it turned out to be the most
expensive hotel state of my entire life and bear in mind we have the Burj Al
Arab here we have Atlantis we have all these fancy hotels in Dubai this one in
India took the biscuit I could you know I think it was three thousand five
hundred dollars per night to stay in this hotel
it would have used over the Taj Mahal I had a beautiful balcony area where you
could sit outside and have breakfast but holy cow so let’s pick up this story
I arrived into this hotel in the dead night I think it was around about 4 a.m.
by the time I got there after I finished my business following into Delhi Airport
driven all the way to Agra which is a good 3 or 4 hour drive and then arrived
into this hotel room and I don’t know what I was expecting but I’ll take you
through it step by step so in the hotel had been good enough to to wait up all
night for me you don’t usually have a night concierge
it’s not like a business hotel where people arrive in the middle of the night
so there I there arrived and showed me to my room and they laid on some food
for my arrival a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option food and sandwich
and show me into this room and to be honest at this point I was very very
underwhelmed it was a nice hotel but you know what nothing about this and the
arrival really stood apart from any of the other hotels I had seen and I stayed
that in my life yes the sandwich in the middle of the night was fine but that
didn’t really set my house on fire at this point I just wanted to get some
sleep get into bed and see what the morning report so I did
exactly that I got into this but I had a quick shower got into bed woke up two
hours later at sunset to go and look around the Taj Mahal they have laid on a
beach booking to pick me up from my room and take me from the hotel grounds
through all of the crowds all the way through to the gate of the Taj Mahal to
go and see that and be the first through the doors at sunrise now this really is
one of the most beautiful sights I think I’ve ever seen I do hear is that my
first time at the Taj Mahal and being there before everyone else was the best
tip I can give you if you are ever going to go to the Taj Mahal people are
so this is get there early get that before the crowds and really trying to
have and find your moments when it is very peaceful and quiet to soak up the
tranquility and beauty of this place so the Taj Mahal already must be on
everyone’s bucket list the majestic building the way it glows in the early
sunlight it was one of the most magnificent sights that I’ve ever seen
people say that wonders of the world and when they seen them in the in the flesh
they don’t live up to the hype this is one of the places that really does live
up to the hype it is a stunning stunning place to go my advice is go there very
early arrive at 6 a.m. before anyone else is there and having your own
personal moments here is some b-roll of my time in the Taj Mahal
enjoy and then I’ll show you around the rest of the hotel as we go so after my time how the Taj Mahal I did
spend quite a bit of time there certainly on the ambience my drivers
waiting outside and took me back to the hotel so when I got back I got changed
puttin on some shorts and headed down to the pool to enjoy some of the beautiful
weather that is in this part of India in fact it was so hot there I think it was
a hundred nine degrees Fahrenheit when I was down by the pool amazing service
that’s in fact one of the things about this hotel is the team the staff give
you gifts all the time that gentleman out there at the pool gave me a pair of
champagne flutes the lady who served me breakfast gave me
a little trinket like a tray with a Taj Mahal on little things little keepsakes
that I put into my luggage took home and won’t remind me of my time in India
really really wonderful the service was exemplary every corner
miss hotel were bending over backwards to do things for me and make me feel
more and more welcome tours of the kitchen and looking and talking to as
many different people as I can when I was in the gym I was having you know a
personal trainer would help me train they had a 19-minute massage lots and
lots of real relaxing going on there but the truth is does all of this extra
service doesn’t really matter with this massive price tag does it really you
know was it extra money and the truth is no as you as you probably know where you
may not know I travel all these hotel reviews i paneling YouTube I pay for the
rooms myself they come from my own pocket this is I believe this is how I
can give you a truly justified review of hotels that I stay in
give you my honest feedback so many people these days say oh this is the
best and oh well I’m being paid to say this I don’t believe in that this hotel
was not worth the money the service was good yes but you can get
this type of service for about ten percent of the price it’s nice it really
is the Taj Mahal should be on your bucket list but there are better ways to
do it find cheaper hotels or travel down from places like Delhi or do this on a
stop off to go somewhere else but there are easier and better ways of doing this
yes I will always remember the stain in the Oberoi
but the Oberoi in my ranking of hotels is actually probably down in number 10
or number 11 of perhaps the five times I’ve stayed there I’ve had for quite bad
stays and one good stay but it was very expensive so this brand hasn’t left a
good taste in my mouth and I won’t be rushing back to their hotel anytime soon
but nevertheless I would recommend India would recommend going and traveling and
absorbing this wonderful culture for me and all of my travels it’s might one of
my favourite places to go and really have a different experience to the usual
beach resorts and the kind of hotels that you find
I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you enjoyed this insight into my travels
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the most expensive hotel you stayin and what do you think of this hotel do you
think it’s worth the money would you ever spend this kind of money on a hotel
alright then looked forward to seeing you in the next video see you soon you