– Hi guys! This is my friend Hiba from Germany – We’re going to this Sleep No More concert, So I’m really excited, because everyone was like swearing by it that it’s really good. – Let’s go everywhere! – Oh no! Wait there is a different room? Hey Hiba! There is Sephora Oh wait, it closed. (Empire State of Mind playing) So, this is what I bought today this is kinda like the guide book from the play or something Somehow look like Darth Vader I was super tired and couldn’t walk any longer, so I took uber all the way from Times Square to Brooklyn. I’m just gonna get ready to bed, and have a good night sleep Let see what tomorrow’s adventures gonna be. (video calling with bf) I’m gonna start my day with yummy brunch. There are avocado toast and a green juice, while I’m waiting for Kevin for another photoshoot. Kevin! – [Kevin] Hey
– [Milka] How is it going? Do you know that we can grab these? OMG, this is so fresh! – What is that, pear?
– Pear. Yeah I’m just gonna take this one. This whole time I thought it was something else (fruit decoration) I was craving for Halal Guys so bad earlier, so I decided to go to Midtown Manhattan to get one. I love to see beautiful things and places that I’ve never seen before. When I was a kid, I had a huge dream to see the world. Then now, when I have this chance, it’s something that I always amazed and grateful of. Finally home! This is my last day staying at 1 Hotels, and it makes me really sad I had a truly amazing experience with them, I love their interior design, fresh organic foods, friendly staffs, and many other positive things. It’s somehow makes me feels like I’m home. – It is about money, but it it isn’t about money. It is about generosity, but it isn’t about generosity. What this moment is about, saying we value others. ♫ Hillsong – Let There Be Light – Thank you so much!
– My pleasure. – And also, I heard that we’re allowed to rent a bike or something? – Yeah, so right outside, we have some bikes available. We’re actually rent them out for free on the first come first serve basis till 8 pm. – Okay so, whenever you ready just come here and we will set you up. – Okay, that sounds great! Thank you. – It’s gonna be this one. – Oh okay! Interesting. Hi there! This is soap. Oh look! This is a hair dryer. I thought it’s a free bag. “It’s a steamer.” So they don’t have lots of things here. except that.. Hello from Madison Square Park. It’s really nice and warm here. Hiba wanted to meet again so I’m just gonna wait for her here. She is planning to go to this one restaurant even though I just ate. Oh my gosh, I wanna eat everything! – How are you? – Maybe it’s here? – Ow, the girl try the Nutella thing and she said it’s really good. We can try it. – Okay, you wanna sit here? – Is that video?
– Yeah – I’m so sweaty and ugly right now. Can’t be filmed. – Meet with her again! – She is so.. Hmm No comment. – [Hiba] I know – That looks so small – [Hiba] Paraparaparapappap We are going to American Eagle. (inaudible speech) – Oh you’re so cute! – I look like Cacaw (?) what are you talking about? – Can you move there? – 14th street – What?
– Where is 14th street? – Where? ***** – No, we do have to go now, where is the entrance of the subway? – [Hiba] ******* – I record everything, I’m gonna record what you said. This girl. Oo, the lighting! The lighting is much better here. – This is my last night with this little…
– Babakkiaaaa! Hi guys! So Now we have to move the room because, I was asking for higher floor, I told them that “Oh yeah I need it for my Instagram post” So, they’re gonna move me to higher room today. Here you can barely see the rooftops over there. but hopefully, it will be better view up there, I can’t wait to see! I already packed all my stuffs. Wow the lighting here is so good! – Your hands are full. – Oh thank you! – Wow slightly better view! – It’s better here? – That’s really different! – You like it? – Yeah – You got a nice view! – Alright my name is Carl. If you need anything just come downstair or call us, ok? – Yeah, thank you. – (indistinct voice) You can really see the difference. See how much higher is this room. 10th levels higher. Earlier the sun was blocked by that building. So cool! 27th floor! Good morning! So today is actually my last day in New York City, which makes me really sad, because I really love New York. I feel like this city is really charming. Of course it’s really different from LA. I mean, I really love LA because I feel like LA is my second home. Eventhough I love New York, but I don’t see that there is a lot of things that I can do here Of course they have rooftop bars, crazy nightlife, and shopping stuffs. But I’m kinda person who loves city and nature at the same time. That’s why I think LA is perfect for me. Especially when I miss the ocean, I can just go to there. To the beach I mean. Or whenever I want to go to the mountain. Here, there is some beaches but I don’t think it’s that pretty, or it gets cold easily. and I’m not kinda person who is great to deal with cold because I love the heat more. At first, I was debating if I should move to New York for my career as Graphic Designer, but now that I think about it, I think I will stick around LA or at least California. Also everything in New York is crazily expensive. So yeah, we’ll see how it’s going. But now I have to say goodbye to this room. It’s really sad. But alright!