What’s up Members of the Barrio? It’s Jon And Whenever I go to a new place I always want to find those cheap good local spots to eat And while New York is full of super expensive restaurants Today I’m going to be sharing with you 13 Cheap Eats Destinations That are actually good Make sure to check out my Cheap Eats Playlist linked down below in the description When you’re done And tell me in the comments if I missed your favorite cheap spot to eat in the city? Here we go We are going to start off the list With the most iconic New York City food Pizza And I’m going to give you three choices here.. All of them a little bit different But all of them I personally vouch for ANd they’re all affordable of course We’re starting off with one of my new favorites The $5 Neapolitan Pie From Keste We had a chance to interview head chef Roberto Capuroscio Who insisted this pizza Was the real deal Neapolitan Pizza Is the pizza That is really important All the rest we call Focaccia But for just $5 you get a choice of 3 different pies From the pizza popolare list Margherita Marinara Or the Mastronicola If you want pizza in New York that’s really classical This is an amazing choice What if you want a more typical New York Slice? Bleecker Street Pizza is a Greenwich Village Staple I always order the 3 dollar and 50 cent Nonna Maria While it’s not super cheap You’re also eating a pizza with Parmigano Reggiano Cheese That’s imported directly from Italy And it has a unique taste That well you’re just going to have to try it out for yourself We did a whole dollar pizza challenge video And i’m still impressed by the dollar pizza at Percy’s 1 dollar pizza slices are an institution in New York With dozens of them in Manhattan You’re not going for quality But a quick cheap bite You can’t deny the value This is also the cheapest item on the list And a great snack on the go Consider me.. A dollar pizza addict And Percy’s is certainly worth a stop Mmm so crunchy ! The next 3 stops all bring That latino flare To your pallete Good old acquario cafe This lunch only destination Open during the week Is the defintion Of a hole in the wall Located inside a midtown freight elevator It’s as no frills as they come But there 5 dollar lunch is a thing of beauty They don’t skimp here A healthy pile of rice Beans and chicken They’re dominican inspired so enjoy this tasty carribean dish Located just a short hop from the many tourist traps Of Times Square The 5 de mayo market in Jackson Heights queens On weekends has one of the best tacos in the city That most people have never heard of Walk to the back and on weekend afternoons They have a special grill where the Tripa is made fresh And if you don’t know whats inside Tripa Well.. look it up But if you’re adventerous.. my goodness I’ve yet to find a taco I’ve enjoyed more in New York And at 3 dollars It’s worth every penny This is like.. I’m in Mexico City I lived in Mexico City before I lived in Mexico for like 6 months This takes me back. mmm We’re going to throw another taco spot onto the list Los Tacos No.1 Is one of my go to’s in the very busy Times Square area They also have an outpost in Chelsea Market Which is equally as good Although normally more crowded I always order a $3.50 Adobada pork It’s the best taco you can find in all of Manhattan And Adriana and I will go to Midtown anytime Just to get it Now we’re going to be exploring 3 different dumpling places And these are all super tasty And really affordable Joe’s Shanghai needs no introduction if you’re a local One of the most famous soup dumpling spots in all of chinatown Manhattan I ate here with a chinese tourist visiting New York For the first time And she absolutely fell in love with it Look at that juicy broth 8 pork soup dumplings for $8.75 Is a great deal And will leave you feeling pretty full Put this on your Chinatown List Vanessa’s dumplings my runner up to Joe’s Shanghai And worth a visit It’s a fast food environment If you’re in a rush 2 dollars for 4 chive and pork dumplings Is an incredible value Pair that with a $1.25 sesame pancake And for the princely sum of $3.25 You’ve got yourself a solid lunch One of my favorite fried dumplings In all of New York City Lhasa Fast Food A tough to find Momo shack We’re going back to Jackson Heights , Queens My favorite food neighborhood in New York I accompanied a food blogger here for a video And he introduced me To this hidden place It’s in the back of a cell phone store These tibetan style dumplings Are absolutely delicious And at about 1 dollar each Can quickly fill you up It’s the perfect plate to share with a friend This little hole in the wall Is a real gem Streecha is that long lost Ukranian cafeteria You were always looking for But never knew existed Not well advertised in the East Village It serves all of the Ukranian comfort staples you’d expect Like Borscht And my pick Vierinicki They’re basically Ukranian Pieorigis And at $5.00 for 6 of them Will more than fill you up This is just a ton of food And even though I don’t normally like borscht I’ll eat it here any time I highly recommend one of the east Village’s Best kept secrets This is just like eating at your Babushka’s house Homemade How could this video be complete without.. A little dessert A few other vloggers and myself embarked On a donut tasting challenge Around New York So you don’t have to And the verdict Doughnut Plant Is the winner With multiple locations in the city Including one in Grand Central I had to go..with the black and white At $3.75 this beauty Is absolutely delicious You may need to eat more than one of these Just saying Bagel Hole in Park Slope My favorite bagel in the Big Apple After Pizza My next favorite cheap food item Is the bagel And this is a hot debate But my twin brother and I set out to find New York’s Best Bagel And discovered the winner.. in Park Slope, Brooklyn $2.15 this plain bagel with cream cheese was warm, crunchy, and everything I ever dreamed it could be Give them a shot Mamoun’s is a New York City institution Their falafel’s a thing of legend They also may have the fastest service.. on planet earth 30 seconds 30 seconds The hummus sandwich At $4.50 can either substitute as a healthy lunch Or just eat it as a tasty snack on the go Another vegeterian choice that this meat lover has no beef with Guys I’ve got a surprise for you I’m going to be including 2 more cheap eats on this list Because well 13 is an unlucky number And I’ve got so much info I want to give you guys And also I want to show you my newest t-shirt In the Here Be Barr merchandise store Manhattan If you want to order this It really does help me out I get a small proceed over every sale Linked down below in the description Now onto the final 2 spots The Punjabi Grocery & Deli Is the kind of place you’re more likely to bump into cab drivers Than tourists This little hole in the wall deli Has a huge menu of cheap vegeterian Indian food My personal favorite The Alo Tikki with Chickpeas at $4.50 Grab one of the only 2 seats located In the back And give your taste buds a treat With soem spicy Indian goodness Team Adriana approved This 24 hour deli is by far one of my favorite cheap eats spots On the list The godfather of the Knish This old school Jewish staple Is so simple and so good Dough stuffed with potato Eat this classic New York comfort food At $4.25 It’s actually quite filling And very tasty Some call this the original fast food of New York Open since 1910 You must add this To your cheap eats list Guys tell me down below in the comments Where your favorite cheap eats spot is.. in New York I’m curious And make sure to check out my other New York City guides All linked down below In the description Now get out there And eat something Thank you so much for watching As always