This is a 50-foot long private swimming
pool on the terrace of a 14 million dollar apartment on Madison Avenue My name is Erik Conover and I’m going to take you on a tour of this one-of-a-kind
luxury apartment in New York City Welcome to the Mansion at 172 Madison
Avenue Today I’m giving my good friend Mike Sheffer a walkthrough of this
apartment and it’s definitely one of the most unique spots we’ve seen in this
series where I show you crazy New York City apartments that none of us can
afford this monster of an apartment comes with nine rooms four bedrooms four
and a half bathrooms 2958 square feet interior and an additional 3,000 square
feet exterior wraparound Terrace featuring a one-of-a-kind private pool
all for cost of fourteen million dollars starting this tour we get off the
elevator into your very own private lobby
what do you mean private lobby so you know when you go to an apartment
building you get off the elevator and there’s like eight different doors for
eight different apartments yeah the whole third floor of this building is
your apartment from the private lobby we walk into the foyer of the mansion and
as you may have noticed the entire foyer is covered in this beautiful white
marble floors it actually matches my entire outfit perfectly look how hot the
foyer then leads us into this spacious whitewashed kitchen the kitchen is
state-of-the-art and has a full suite of top-of-the-line of meal a appliances a
marvel wine cooler and Swiss spa mastery with the kitchen faucet the main selling
point of this kitchen is the attention to detail normally you open an oven and
the handle just kind of stays still check this out you open this up in the
handle swivels feels good right that swivels with your hands so you actually
don’t strain when you open the oven little feature right here is one of
those things that I wouldn’t even think to ask for but when you’re at this level
of sophistication there’s all these little surprises and delights that just
make it feel like it’s yours check this out you know home you open your cabin
you shut it it slams yeah this has anti slamming technology no wax set a silent
closed and is a silent night right right right how satisfying is that’s amazing
I’ve never experienced something like that
or you have that big freezer for entertaining guests in a place like this
and then finally we have hidden pantry check that out take one of these that
wraps up the kitchen and now we move on to my second favorite room in this
mansion second favorite welcome to the living room / dining room
great this sprawling space is truly impressive
just the sheer scale of this room you have these gigantic 18-foot
floor-to-ceiling windows this living room / dining room area is just about
450 square feet which is the size of your typical Manhattan studio for some
perspective the staging in this apartment is done by covet house and
here in the living room it incorporates different styles all in the same space
like modern classic mid-century pretty much all around luxury for example this
light right up here this is called the supernova chandelier and alone this cost
just about $12,000 then over here we have the imperfecto sofa by boca de Lobo
it was handcrafted in Portugal I manually hammering out this bronze to
create these little flaws and imperfections which will run you with 25
$1,000 for sofa the staging alone in this entire apartment costs five hundred
thousand dollars you can kind of see what’s behind the curtains a little bit
of blue I’m gonna show that now we’re gonna save that for a little later let’s
move on generally in the corners of rooms you never want to have any hard
angles so here we have a round table which facilitates the flow very function
we move on from the living room / dining room go down this hallway right here we
have washer and dryer take a little peek in here beautiful this is the first
bedroom which is currently being used as an office for the covet house the
company of staging this apartment very spacious bedroom
and you have a nice balcony view which I said we’ll get to a bit later and now we
welcome to the other side of the apartment through the foyer to the
bedrooms this is bedroom number one this bedroom has a very earthy staging to it
it’s using all the materials and the textures that live in nature in this
urban environment this bedroom would most likely be used as a guest bedroom
and it comes with its own bathroom and a standing shower moving on down the
hallway bedroom number three is staged as the
kids room the kid’s room comes with a light that it’s disguised as a cloud way
up there near the top of the 18-foot ceilings the kid’s room also comes with
a bathroom complete with a soaking tub and all the way towards the end of the
hall lies the fourth and master bedroom which has been staged dripping in gold
from the chandelier down to the bed sheets the master bedroom also comes
with a pretty sizable walk-in closet for some perspective on how premium this
apartment is you see that little square just about here where you’re standing
yeah that square foot in this apartment cost four thousand seven hundred and
thirty-two dollars the average of Manhattan is just about $1,800 so this
place it’s another way of saying this place is very very expensive master
bedroom of course has the master bathroom which is right over this way
you’ve got the dual vanity the dual sink very minimal two-toned bathroom with the
black marble accents and now last but certainly not least the crown jewel of
this Madison Avenue mansion an eight-foot wide by 50 foot long swimming
pool this is the ultimate exclusive luxury feature that you can have in an
apartment in New York City I’ll jump in this pool is one-third the length of an
Olympic sized pool which is I mean that’s impressive for anywhere let alone
the middle of Manhattan this pool is actually one of the largest private
pools in the whole city and you actually have more square footage outdoors than
indoors with 3002 100 square feet of wraparound Terrace
have you been following the luxury apartment tour series on my channel
we’ve been to some pretty one-of-a-kind places but this apartment is by far the
most outdoor space in a part of the city where space itself is a luxury yeah
the only drawback to having all this outdoor space is the fact that you’re
only three stories up and Madison Avenue is right down below which can be pretty
noisy at time there’s also not really too much privacy with everyone looking
down on you but if you’re going to get a place like this I’m guessing you’re
gonna be a little boy or stick as always if you want to see more of these crazy
apartment tours comment down below more apartment tours I want to give a
huge thanks to covet house for letting us tour this beautifully staged
apartment also if you want to see more high quality in New York City videos
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