hello everyone my name is rad I want to welcome you to a quick coffee studio we have very exciting news for you today oscar ii has finally arrived and can be purchased at a crib calm i want to take a second to show you the differences between Oscar and Oscar – the biggest difference is the is the body Oscar one made of plastic Oscar – very nice shiny stainless steel finish same thing applies to the drug pen here you can see the stainless steel finish when it comes to this team won Oscar – offers a much longer one than old Oscar moving to controls Oscar one ad had a knob for 41 Oscar – nice lever that controls in Oscar – sort of like music a style and they offer you the single and double shaft and controls for heating and the one showing with your ear out of water when it comes to the tank Oscar – offers much bigger one it is almost a double what the auditor had to offer so let’s read let’s reviewing overall it is easy to see that Oscar – is so much nicer I will fit modern kitchen so much better than old flag Oscar win now fix the price if you put hashtag Oscar – on Twitter and put a link to Oscar – an echo comm will give a nice discount now let’s make some coffee you you you