***** CruiseTravel Videos ***** Hello everyone! I want to show you the
tour of the family balcony cabin and tell you some pros and cons that I found during this cruise. For this ship class th entrance area is a bit wider than we are
used with Norwegian and during the day it receives good natural light. The first
thing we noticed after the refurbishment is that the carpet has been changed
with a modern design that better highlights the furniture. The sofa turns into a single bed for a
third person, preferably a child. It is a little bit soft, but even so it’s
comfortable enough to relax. Another bunk bed for the fourth person
is above the sofa. The main mirror is good in size and quality
and very flat but it can’t be used as a vanity mirror because the LED light is
mediocre. The shelf mirror comes in handy and it was very used when the desk was
too crowded. I was surprised to find that after the refurbishment no USB sockets were added. A must! These are the only available in-cab sockets. 110V and 220V. The queen size bed is very comfortable and has new mattresses after refit. If necessary,
it converts to 2 a single beds. You have a choice of hard or soft pillows and the
80 inches length will make everyone happy. I like the fact that in this cabin
the bed is by the window so you can relax watching the sea. I was disappointed with the storage space,
I expect the same innovative evolution as Epic, which is the predecessor ship
after which the Breakaway was built. If you want to see the differences, I have a
complete review of a balcony cabin on Epic, so check the link in the
description down below. While it looks large enough the closet doesn’t offer good storage for a family. Two more storage cabinets are under the desk next
to the minibar. The balcony is quite narrow and not
enough for a family of 4. This is a trend for all large ships in
this cabin category. There is space for 2 patio chairs and a small table. The door
is soundproofed but not airtight so on a gusty day you will hear the wind blowing
in, very loudly. The room is reasonably spacious for a
family with two kids. I would say that together with two teenagers it might be
crowded. But it depends on the needs of everyone related to space. I found a
cabin long enough, walkable lanes with good distances between objects. The floor-to-ceiling windows let you enjoy
the beauty of stunning views and offers
an abundance of natural light due to transparent balcony shield. The bathroom has a good size,
well-configured and has many storage spaces for the
whole family. The light is good and the mirror is even better, creating a larger space. The shower cabin is spacious and tall, a 6’4″ person would have no problem using it. The glass panels are partially frosted so that the rest of the bathroom can be used at the same time. The only problem I had with the sink bowl that seemed to me it was not wide enough. But overall the bathroom it’s a well-organized space. Full lenght mirror is close to the stateroom door and under a L.E.D. light which is especially important mostly in the evening. Thank you for watching our family
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