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cruisers and book your activities right in the app hey cruisers we just had the
wonderful opportunity to spend a few days onboard Norwegian Bliss and we were
totally blown away by the beautiful studio cabins in the studio lounge we
wanted to talk just a little bit today about the pros and cons of these cabins
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discount codes for you there now back to Norwegian Bliss studio cabins let’s talk
about the pros and cons so some of the pros of the studio cabins is that they
can be a really really good deal work with your travel agent though to compare
the prices between a studio cabin and another type of cabin with just a single
supplement super important that you do that number 2 pro you can meet new
friends there are people who want to meet new friends and these single cabins
take advantage of the lounge and get to know other folks now one of the things
that I did not know until very recently is that these studio lounges in this
studio area is very exclusive and comes with its own coordinator or cocea or if
you will who helps you to get to know each other they arrange meetups they
walk you down to dinner they get show reservations for you it’s the coolest
thing ever and it is a feature that you don’t have in other cabins I think
that’s a wonderful thing to take care of and they have coffee snacks and some
beverages in the studio lounge gorgeous gorgeous place to meet new
friends and be with like-minded people it’s a very very well-equipped
area so let’s talk a little bit about the studio cabins themselves in my
opinion for a tiny cabin these are very well equipped the bed is a very nice
size they have gorgeous flat screen TVs plenty of storage and in my opinion a
very suitable bathroom so no surprise that Norwegian was voted one
of the best cruise lines for solo travelers by porthole cruise magazine
for years on end this is an awesome spot but there are some cons let’s talk about
it if you do not like small cabins these may not be right for you these are some
pretty snug little cabins for some folks so take that into consideration if you
feel that you need a little bit of extra space when cruising also price now we
mentioned that is one of the pros that can also be a con you really want to
check to see how these are priced compared to other cabins with a single
supplement before you take the plunge another con is sometimes just sometimes
there’s limited availability there are only a certain number of these cabins on
certain Norwegian ships and they can sell out very very fast so make sure
that you book very early now that’s all the cons that I can think of if you’re
the type of person who doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in your cabin you’re
just one of those people who says I only shower and sleep in my room this might
be a great choice for you let’s take a look at studio cabin one two five zero
one a deck 12 studio all cabins on bliss use energy-saving key card slots to keep
the cabin lights and power on any card will do the trick this room features a flat-screen TV
telephone a bedside lamp and two USB chargers beside the bed the closet is
ample for one person and holds the safe on a lower shelf and the stool you see here can double as
a small table and can be found in most cabins on bliss we love the use of
vertical storage space near the sink and the hand soap dispenser that replaces
bar soap the spacious shower features an adjustable showerhead that can also be
used handheld conditioning shampoo shower gel and a glass door the sink and
shower are in the main living area but the toilet is in its own room with a
door there’s a full-length mirror between the shower and toilet room the
virtual window near the bed even has a screen you can close the studio lounge for studio passengers
is a great place to meet other solo travelers and enjoy coffee wine snacks
and other refreshments if you have ever sailed in a Norwegian studio cabin any
ship not just Norwegian bliss tell us all about your experience in the
comments below we’d love to learn a little bit more and get a dialogue going
about this thank you so much for tuning in today to this fun episode on studio
cabins on Norwegian Bliss we hope you’ve enjoyed it and until next time we’ll see
on the high seas