– A video review of the
NoMad Las Vegas Hotel, I’m Chris, this is Topher
and this is Monaco, and they’re joining me on a
room review of this hotel, the NoMad hotel, this is
the third in the mini chain. It started in New York, then Los Angeles, this one just opened in
November 2018 in Las Vegas. It takes up the top four
floors of the Park MGM Hotel, formerly the Monte Carlo. So today I’m gonna be showing you around the classic two queen room,
it’s on the 32nd floor, the top floor of this hotel. You can see it’s a pretty
amazing view of the Strip, so we’ll start from the front door. This is the front door of
3248, it’s a big heavy door. Coming into the room, it’s adjoining room, we won’t go in that one
because it’s somebody else’s. Come on in and let me show
you the main part of the room. It has this kind of Old World feel, very unlike a typical Las Vegas room. Two queen beds, the clock in
the room is an analog clock, alright, no digital clock in here. Kind of these oldish lamps, it’s kind of a dark and moody feel, the whole hotel has a dark and moody feel. There are these decorative
things in the corners which as far as I can
tell serve no function other than taking a little bit of space away from the room, and the lamp. But let me show you this desk right here. This is the desk coming into the room. When you get your room
key and you check in, it comes in this little
velvet case right here, it’s velvety and the room keys, they’re RFID room keys that say NoMad. On the desk here there was a deck of NoMad playing cards
and a handwritten note that says they hope I enjoy them. There’s a little set of paper here that if you take a look they’ve printed it and it actually has my name on the paper, it says NoMad In Residence,
Christopher Raney, that is some pretty fancy stuff. On the desk there’s power
ports and things like that, right here, USB chargers, big
flat screen TV on the wall. A very interesting spot
right here for the minibar, come and take a look,
(gentle music) at this trunk, it’s got a trunk, it’s got a drawer in it with
a little bit of nothing, and then in there is the minibar. They point out it does
have a sensor on it, so I’m not gonna open
it up and touch anything ’cause I don’t wanna get charged. Let me show you the closet over here. The closet by the front door, it’s a illuminated closet,
which I always like. In the closet, instead of an iron, there’s actually a steamer right here, and a very fancy laundry
bag I shall point out. Okay let’s take a look in the bathroom. Voila, the bathroom,
interesting tile floor on the bottom, towels up here. The sink has these very
decorative-looking water glasses, a very decorative-looking
thing for the soap. Some Argon hand cream. The whole theme is this green and black with your little toiletries that you need. And over here is the toilet, it’s a TOTO toilet, the
Japanese toilet, it’s not fancy. And then there’s a big walk-in
glass shower right here. Okay Topher, do you know what time it is? – It’s Topher review time. – It’s time to do our hotel review, and for those of you who
watch our reviews regularly, you’ll know we rate things on a scale of one to five Tophers. So Topher, how many Tophers
does this hotel get? – Three and a half Tophers. – Three and a half Tophers. Okay so let’s talk about the
pros and the cons of the hotel, and I would point out that this hotel, ’cause it just opened like
a month and a half ago, I think there’s quite a lot to still be built out and open, and
we’re only reviewing this from basically having
been here for one night. So the pros of the hotel. Well it’s all new, I mean
it’s new and renovated, right? This used to be the Monte Carlo, they gutted the whole thing out, and so it all feels pretty fresh. The ceilings on at least
this floor are really tall. I don’t know if that’s all floors, but certainly the top floor,
the 32nd floor is nice. The room had a nice feel to it, everything was fresh,
everything was clean. The staff was pretty friendly. You can come into the hotel without having to go through a casino, in fact, if you do valet parking it
has its own separate entrance on the backside of the hotel. It’s a pretty neat lobby,
pretty neat restaurants, it has a really nice theming
down in the common areas. Almost makes you forget
that you’re in Las Vegas, and so now onto the cons. It is part of the Park MGM, and so it’s part of this bigger hotel, and I think I would like it if it was a standalone hotel better. I mean obviously the fact
it’s part of this hotel means the views are great and
fantastic out that window, but it still doesn’t have
really that boutiquish feel because you take one turn to the right and you’re not in the
hotel’s fancy casino, which it does have its
own little casino theme like the hotel. But then you’re out into the Park MGM and it just feels kind of strange. But I guess the perk on that, in the Park MGM there is
a Starbucks right outside the elevator of the hotel. Also they’re just opening Eataly, this big Italian supermarket, so the location is pretty good, I would say there’s a
lot of stuff around it, but maybe not all the big
nightclubs and things like that that if you were staying, you know, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace,
or more center strip. Everybody always asks
what we paid for the room. It was about $200, that was everything
inclusive for the night. That includes the resort fee,
taxes, and the room rate. It’s probably pretty inexpensive ’cause the hotel had just opened. The other con, and this
is one (inhales deeply), I have an issue with this in
a lot of Las Vegas hotels, the room was just too warm. I set the air conditioner
to like 65 degrees, and I think it probably took three hours to cool the room down
to actually 65 degrees. It was more like 75 for
the first three hours getting into the room which
made it kind of hard to sleep. I like hotels that when you hit that AC, and you make it cold,
it’s cold right away. Well hey if you’re coming to Vegas and you want kind of a unique hotel that’s not a typical Vegas casino, definitely consider the NoMad. I mean, and if money’s no object, there’s a bar and a restaurant,
some places you can eat. The breakfast is $30 a person
for like two eggs, bacon, and this and that. We did not have that, we ate at Starbucks in case you’re wondering. But the check-in staff told us their bar is one of the number one rated around, actually the one in Manhattan was the number one rated in the US, so if you like cocktails, definitely check out the NoMad Bar. Actually you don’t even
have to be staying here to check out the bar. Just come into the Park
MGM and find the signs that say, NoMad Bar. Alright well we hope
you enjoyed this video, you might also enjoy watching some other videos in our Las Vegas series including our five best luxury hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. This hotel’s not on it
because it wasn’t open when this hotel was shot. Alright, we won’t say goodbye because we’ll see you in that video. – See you!