–Hey… Do you think these bed sheets are clean? –Hey! –Hey! –Babe, don’t worry, they wash them every day, it’s alright just… –[Interrupting] how the hell you know they wash them every day?! Or is it that you spend all your time here? –I wish I could come here every weekend… 🏩🤵💃 and make you [bleep]…🛏😈 and then [bleep]… 🙀🍆 and also… 👉🐚🌬🐳 –No, honey… not anymore… But we had to go to motels often with my ex, so… –Well, you better not get used to this with me… because this is the first and the last time we come here. And just because it’s your birthday… Babe, you can ask for anything next year except this. –Of course, babe… you know what I’m going to ask for next year… –No-no-no, my tushy is sacred! Why do men have that damn obsession with sticking it up there?! 👉❌ 😈 One of these days I’m gonna take a laxative and I’m then I’ll let him do it… 💩💩Then we’ll see if he still wants to keep doing it! 😂 –Ok, babe… come here… let’s sit down for a bit and talk this through, OK? –OK, I… I agree with you but… Tell me something: You never feel like doing something different? I don’t know… to try new things… I think we need to spice things up so we won’t get bored, baby… Don’t you think so? –Well… Honey… If you’re so bored with me… And so tired of me… Just let me know… And… we can end this. –No, babe, I’m not saying I’m bored with you… I’m just saying we COULD get bored if we keep doing the same things… –I really don’t think coming to a motel is the most exciting thing ever. …If you really don’t want me to get bored We could go on a trip together… Or… You could take some dancing lessons So that when we go out I don’t have to sit there, looking like a fool –OK, OK… I’ll make you a deal… I’ll start taking dancing lessons, alright? But from now on we’ll start doing more kinky stuff… –And by kinky you mean… –Oh, I don’t know, babe… It’s just that… when it comes to sex, there’s a ton of places where one could do it… A confessional booth… In a bathroom at the mall… At a christening… Your backdoor… –I don’t get what’s your obsession with sticking it up there… –Babe… you know… forbidden fruit is sweeter! Yeah, right! What I really want is to see that face in pain… No, babe!😯 Please, go easy!😱 ✋ While I keep going… 🕺… And going at it… 🕺… “I’m Mario Bros.” “…and I’ve come to unclog your pipe… Princess.” –Well… I’ll make you a new deal. –I’m listening… –I’ll let you stick it up my bum… Buuuut… I’ll stick something up yours as well. Deal? –No, babe… That’s not really my thing… –Why’s that? Aren’t you comfortable enough with your sexuality? –Excuse me?! No, I’m comfortable with my sexuality but… That doesn’t mean I want someone stcking things up my ass. –Ha! Now you get me I don’t want someone sticking anything up my butt either. –Alright, but… How many fingers would you use? –Two… that’s as thick as your penis, right? –Do you think mine’s that skinny?! Please! –Well… I’ll use four, then. –No, babe… Let’s do something else, OK? –I’m listening… –Well… it would be something simple… –No threesomes! –Pff! There’s no one to do it with anyway. –Actually… there IS someone… –Really? –Do you remember Echeverry? From the office? ….The dark guy that wears like a size 15 shoe? –No, babe, I can’t imagine doing any swordplay with Echeverry. No way. Besides, I was talking about one of your girlfriends… or mine… I’m never gonna get naked next to that mandingo! God, no! 👨🏾🍆📏🙈 –Why does everything have to be easier for you than for me all the time? –Tell me, why do you say it’s easier? Is it easy to be with two women at the same time? You have to please them, you have to take care of them… And not everyone can do that. –So taking two men at the same time… That’s something anyone can do. –Babe, now that it’s come up… We’ve never watched porn together. I don’t get why don’t you like it? If it’s so good. –I just don’t see what’s so great about it. –But, why? –Babe, it’s just that… They use women like sexual objects They don’t even care if the woman’s enjoying it Much less her personality… So, nah… –Why does she have to be so complicated?! 😠💢 –But… Alright. You know what? Let’s watch porn together. –Are you sure? –Pretty good, right? –Actually… That gringo has a nice package down there. –Excuse me? “Nice package”?! Please! It’s not THAT BIG. Mine’s just as big as his. –🤣😆 “As big as his”?! –You think? –Yeah, don’t you agree with me? Tell me the truth. –Yeah… –To tell you the truth, your package is the biggest one I’ve ever seen… in my entire life. My entire life. 🤔I’m I really such a good lyer? Or is he that dumb? –Yeah, besides… that’s a visual effect from the cameras… That “photoshoop” thing. –Yep. He’s THAT dumb. –Don’t tell me it was that gringo’s package what turned you on. –Are we going to do it or what? –Yeah, but… are you sure it’s not because of him? –Damn sure. If you wan to, I can give you now next year’s birthday present. –Yeah, you’ll let me do it? –I’ll let you do whatever you want to do to me. He looks so yummy! 🤤🤤 I’m getting my visa first thing in the morning. 😍 –[With girly voice] I want a romantic guy 💑… …thoughtful 💐… …who really listens to me 😚😚. Yeah, right!! 🖕🏻🖕🏻 You just got horny by whatching that gringo’s thing! –You’re the one who said we should watch porn! –Yeah, but I didn’t want you to get horny by watching him! –What do YOU watch porn for, then? To get horny watching those hotties they show there! –No-no-no. I watch porn to learn new poses so I can practice them with you. –Right, and we end up doing the same three every time. –Only because you won’t let me do anything else… what I’m I supposed to do? Babe, I’m telling you… you can do to me what you’ve always wanted… –You know what? I don’t feel like it anymore. You should go and let that gringo f**k you hard I’m outta here! –I thought we were trying new things! Bring girls if you want to!! 😒Ah!! Who can understand them?! 🤦 “Let’s go to a motel, let’s try new things… let’s have an orgy👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩… let’s watch porn📺… let’s do it up the bum 👉🍑… ” And when you finally want to… They leave you high and dry.😠 🤔Well, this place is not so bad after all 😅… And I already paid, so… 🤑🤑 Hello? …Echeverry? With Echeverry? Or with Juan? Luisa’s best choice will always be to use protection. How do you want this story to end?! Vote for one of these choices: A) Echeverry accepts Luisa’s invitation to join her. B) Juan comes back to apologise, and they both decide to call a girlfriend to join the fun.