In this week’s video, we’re gonna give
you advice on how to interview for your very first job. We’re gonna look at the job interview
question “Why should we hire you?” And find out what employers are really
asking. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, your number one source for hourly jobs and welcome to Job Hunters, our weekly job search advice show. Where we give you tips on everything from your
resume to your job interview and everything in between. Now we’re doing a new series starting
today and we’re gonna give you tips for your very first job interview. Finding that first job can be scary, we know. We’ve all been there but it’s not as tricky as you make think. So you’ve just been called in for your
very first interview. That’s so exciting! Now after the happy dance is over, you
may start to get a little nervous and think that you have no idea what you’re doing. Breathing into paper bag But wait! That’s what we’re here for. So just take a deep breath, calm down and
we’re gonna walk you through it. Deep breath in paper bag This week we’re gonna talk about the job
interview question “Why should we hire you?” Fast breathing into paper bag Now if this question comes up in your interview chances are it will be one of the last questions that the interviewer asks you. So this may be your last chance to prove
to them that you’re their best option. So what you really wanna do is stay away from
answers that remind them of your lack of experience. No one will hire me because I don’t
have any experience. Are you up for the challenge? I just want a first job and it’s really really hard to find one. Experience? I got nothing else to do. So employers are concerned that you don’t really have a proven track record of responsibility
and you don’t have any references. So what your best bet is to pull from your
life experiences that prove you are responsible and
professional. Things like volunteer work, school activities, sports, odd jobs are
all great examples to mention. “I’m a very motivated worker and fast
learner. During my time volunteering at the local thrift store I learned how much I like customer
service and the retail world in general. From what you described in this interview, I think this position would be a great fit and I’m excited for the opportunity.” So thanks for joining us today. If you like this video please let us know so we know to continue to make videos like this. And if you have any questions or concerns
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