– Hello, and welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I’m Chloe and today we
are making gro-lo bars. – [Barry] No, granola bars. – Oh, yeah.
– Can you say gra? – Gra-no-lo bars. – Gra.
– Gra-no-lo bars. – [Barry] No, just say gra. – [Chloe] Granola bars. – [Barry] No, just say gra. – [Chloe] Gra. – [Barry] No. – No. – [Barry] La. – La.
– Now put it together. – Gra-na, gru-no, I can’t say that bit. Can you stop it, because
it’s quite tricky. – [Barry] She’s making granola bars. – I’m making granola bars today. I really hope you try
and have a go with them, and have a try, they
have chocolate in them. (laughs) Gonna bring the ingredients in. – Rice Krispies. Block of butter. Chocolate chips. Honey. Oats. – [Barry] What’re they? – Oats. – Light brown sugar. Vanilla extract? – [Barry] Yes. – Yes! Ginger? – [Barry] Cinnamon. – Cinnamon.
– Oh, cinnamon. – So, I’ve got all of the ingredients that you need to make granola bars. First step, we put the butter in the bowl with the brown sugar. (laughs) – [Barry] Well, that was a bit risky. (laughs) – Now we pour in the honey. – [Barry] What does it smell like? – It smells a bit like, honey. Make sure you get it all in. Scrape it with your spoon, if you like. – [Barry] Show ’em the empty bowl. – It’s not empty.
(laughs) – [Barry] So keep going then. – Finished. Just got a little bit
of honey on my fingers. Ah. Next step, you put this in
the oven, the microwave. My sister’s going to
help me and do it for me. – It goes in there with little bursts. Just about 15 seconds. (laughs) Very carefully take it out. Now give it a stir. Now put it in for another 15 seconds. Just keep doing this until the butter and the sugar and honey are melted. – [Barry] Is she doing all right? (laughs) – Just looking at the old cookbook. – [Barry] You’re just looking
at my cookbook, oh, thanks. Do you want one one day yourself? – Yeah. – [Barry] Is she doing good? – Yeah. – [Barry] Is that your melting assistant? – Yeah. – It’s nearly there now. – Don’t leave your metal
spoon in the microwave, otherwise, you get electric shocked. – [Barry] You’ll get electric shocked. – Is it ready yet? – Almost. It’s all done. – Mmm, ahh, that smells nice. – [Barry] Does that look good? – Yeah.
– You happy? Just wanna play with it. – Yeah. Next we add in the vanilla. – Vanilla.
– Thank you. Now shall I pour it in? – [Barry] Yeah. And say now stir it
through with a spatula. – Now it stir it through with a spatula. – [Barry] What does it smell like? – It smells like a strong something. – [Barry] It smells strong? Are you okay? – It smells strong. – [Barry] It smells strong, okay. – And it smells hot. – [Barry] That wasn’t vodka, was it? – No. – [Barry] Okay. – Next get the biggest mixing
bowl in the whole world. Now put in the porridge oats. Now the Rice Krispies. And now the cinnamon. Shall I sprinkle it or just put it all in? – [Barry] All of it. – Now mix it. Make sure it’s mixed together all nicely. – [Barry] You okay? – No. – [Barry] No? – My arms are tired, even
though I just started. – [Barry] Your arms are tired already? – Yeah. Next we pour in the butter sugar. – Now, that’s gorgeous. – Now mix it through. Make sure you get it nice and crunched. (groans) Wow. Look at that spoon. (chuckles) That’s all nice and mixed together now. Phoebe, pass me the
chocolate chips, please. These are chocolate chips. Mix it through. (sighs) I reckon this will be
tasty when I try this. Looks a bit like chocolate crumble. (laughs) – [Barry] What are you doing? – I mixing it. That tastes nice already. Next we need to do is
press the chocolate chips and we’ll add this in
here, to put it in here. (laughing) I’m gonna get my spatula to press it down really, really flat. Ah. (laughing) Need some more over there. Phoebe’s helping me press it down, because I’m a big baby. – [Barry] What’s happening, Chloe? – Sun’s coming out. (laughs) – [Barry] Don’t need a
weather report, mate. – The weather report is it’s
gonna be rainy and sunny today. – [Barry] Nice one, Phoebe. – [Phoebe] Yes, I’m gonna have ’em all. – We moved because there’s
too much sun over there, and there’s no sun here. Last thing, put your chocolate chin. Chin?
– Chocolate chin? – No, you put your chips one at a time on here, then pat it down. ♫ Do do do, do do do do I got one in my mouth already, too late. (laughs) – [Barry] What’re you doing, Phoebes? – I’m sprinkling your chocolate chips. – I came to help Chloe press
all the chocolate chips in. – [Chloe] Raining chocolate chips! – Whoa, let’s just scatter them. – [Chloe] It’s raining chocolate chips! – I’m pressing the chocolate
chips into the granola. – I think I need to wash my hands now. It’s now ready to go in the fridge. I got some chocolate chips over, yummy. Dad’s gonna put it in the fridge and I’ll see you in two hours. It just got out of the fridge and it’s firmed up as you can see, and Dad’s gonna slice it up so I can eat it, and all friends and family, and, I’m gonna eat it at the table. Hello! Ooh, that’s looking good, my friend. (gasps) Oh, my word. Look at that. Daddy, slice it up, please. Remember, if you got a really sharp knife, don’t cut your, don’t cut your child. (laughs) – [Barry] Yeah, don’t cut a child. – Yeah. (gasping) I think I wanna taste it now. – Let’s taste it.
– Let’s taste it. – [Barry] In the wild, the rare children, they know to forage for granola bars. (giggles) Are they nice? – Mm.
– Mm-hm. It tastes like chocolate chip– – Chocolate oatsies. – Yeah, and chocolate rice
crispy and whatever’s in it. – [Barry] Was it easy? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Barry] Do you think
other kids should do it, and big kids as well? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Thanks for watching my video. Ascribe if you wanna see more. Take a picture, please. Bye! – Bye. (crunching) Mm.
– Mm. That is so good.