One day, during a class at Niva Class dismiss Welcome to the Niva Cafeteria The Niva Cafeteria is where students, teachers and staff take a break and enjoy lunch together Here, they partake in tasty snacks during breaktime and a delicious lunch menu in the afternoon Just looking at the food makes me hungry Our cafeteria has everything that you need Water fountain Sauce and spices and various silverware Now, we are going to interview the chef students and teachers What is your goal when preparing food for the students and teachers? When it comes to our goal in preparing food for the students and teachers It has to follow the School Principal’s vission He said that we need to make sure that students and teachers are happy As well as receiving the right nutrients and benefits from the whole Five Groups of Food If students and teachers want to eat anything you can come suggest it to us In conclusion, it is the main goal of every chef that whatever we cook any menu makes the students happy everyone happy Even if it is only an individual or a small group of people We already feel satisfied What do you like about the Niva Cafeteria? So I really like it because the food is really warm when I eat it and well, it has a very good environment We have like open spaces with a bunch of trees and birds chirping The food is really good too The fruits are fresh You know they have fresh foods everyday and the food is just great here in Niva American International School What do you think is special about the Niva Cafeteria? Well, I really really love the cafeteria here the food is excellent almost everyday I really love coming here to lunch and eating with teachers and students And we always talk about how well the food is prepared and most of the time, eating lunch here is one of the highlight of my day So that’s why I really love eating at Niva American International School As you can see students and teachers can relax Enjoy delicious food and catch up with their friends in the clean and friendly environment of the Niva Cafeteria We invite you to come and experience it, also Thank you for watching NivaTV