Hi viewers!
Myself, DINESH and MANO came to LEELA PALACE NOW. At 2:18 in the night. We want to try the costliest NIGHT EAT in CHENNAI. 24 HOURS Cafe is here, so we came to check what all are there during night time, and also we came to experience the ambiance and explain it to you all. This place is very calm. These are real Roses!! These are real flowers!! They have also placed diffuser for the pleasant odor around this place. [BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYS] We are in SPECTRA CAFE now. This cafe is huge. This cafe is huger than the cafe which we visited in ITC. They have decorated every nook and corner Look at here!!! In every container they have kept the real flowers!!!! Real flower is in the sense they should change it everyday. This place is actually filled with varieties of real flowers!!! [BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYS] I guessed this desk will spin when saw the round table, Ha ha ha!!! I was right. [BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYS] At this time something is getting Steamed, I don’t know what it is. Here is the women’s and here is the Men’s restroom. They keep the fresh towel here to wipe our hands, Towel ,towel , towelu towel……… In hand wash area cold water as well as hot water is available to wash our hands see Two taps are there. “DETAILS” That ‘s their respect. We can see the Japanese ingredients here to make Japanese stuffs, like Sushi, the sheet to cover the Sushi are all here, I don’t know the exact name of it [SEAWEED] I think this place is for Japanese. This Cafe has different kinds of stuffs. That side has something. This side has something. I don’t know what is there to order now! [BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYS] On all the Dining table they’ve kept these three bottles, CHUNKY ORANGE MARMALADE. I’ve seen this in a movie called “PADINGTON”, in that movie a Bear will come That Bear eat this MARMALADE all the time. It has Bitter taste Finely grind Oranges’ peel. It has bitter as well as sweet taste. “STRAWBERRY CONSERVE” I think we have to pay for this too, DINESH: NO. So it is for free, It tastes like Jam. It is good. ADITHYA is the one who is going to serve us today, We’ve ordered the food. ADITHYA is a good man, because at this time they won’t ….. Oh Shit he has took the menu with him ??? ADITHYA I want the menu………. Okay let him come we will ask about it. They have two menu here. One is for day and another is for night, So now, we will get food only from Night Menu. We’ve asked for a milkshake which is not in this menu, first ADITHYA hesitated hence it was not belong to this current menu, later he accepted our order. Now am going to have “HONEY” [EXPRESSING THE FEELING] Am not an expert in testing HONEY but I guess this is pure one. I am taking this HONEY with me. [BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYS] We felt like hungry and asked ADITHYA about it, asked whether we will get some snacks before we get the food. They gave CASHEWS It has a Biscuit flavor in it. It is crispy. [BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYS] He is the Captain of this Cafe and his name is MOHAMED NIYAS. He is one of my viewer it seems. MOHAMED NIYAS : We also have Chicken Biriyani and Mutton Biriyani, and also Idly, dosa. okay! MOHAMED NIYAS : There is a Japanese counter, MOHAMED NIYAS : it is famous for Sushi. Sushi is one of a sea food MOHAMED NIYAS : Rice with raw fish, MOHAMED NIYAS : and they will provide a dip. MOHAMED NIYAS : It will be good to eat. We dipped the Cashews in the given Honey and had It is amazing. This honey is extraordinary It is beyond the level. I feel like keep on eating this. How is it MANO? MANO : It is very good. Keep on eating, I am better than DINESH because he has licked the plate itself. MANO : With the help of knife only he had but still the plate is very clean How was it DINESH? DINESH : It was awesome. AIM SHOULD NOT BE MISSED This is PINK FLAMINGO. This is a kind of Mocktail POMEGRANATE JUICE. [BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYS] We’ve got the food. He is ADITHYA, the one who serves us today. It is Vanilla milkshake. We are going to have our food now, CLUB SANDWICH, we have Three layer in it. They have pinned it beautifully. Three layer CLUB SANDWICH. Egg and chicken were added. They’ll also add Bacon in it if you ask. But We’ve ordered without Bacon. [MUSIC] It is really good. The Chicken and Mayonnaise goes well. They’ve kept the tomatoes which is very fresh. And also fresh lettuce. Next is FISH ‘N CHIPS They’ve dipped the fish in the batter and fried it well. I think that is called Golden Batter. fried it well in the oil. It is Hot. It has aroma of Fish. I can’t tell that the fish tastes very good. It is crispy because they fried it very well. The Fish’s texture smooth, they’ve given three pieces. I’ll tell you the price later. They’ve added GUAVA and something in it. The Aroma of Guava is superior in this drink. The quantity is more as they serve in a tall glass. Jelly is there in base so we should mix it . It’ll come up as we stir it well. The consistency is not very thick, little bit watery It doesn’t feel like shake. When we had this in ITC It was thicker than this POMEGRANATE JUICE They’ve made it without milk. When we ask for this juice they’ll add milk in some places but not here. It is very Fresh. This GREEN CHUTNEY [SAUCE] is nice, we don’t know the exact name of it, so we derived it as GREEN CHUTNEY [AVACADO SAUCE] They’ve also provide tomato ketchup, whole grain mustard. Very Good Isn’t it???? So we’ve got the bill, FISH N CHIPS : 1350/- SPECTRA CLUB SANDWICH : 950/- POMEGRANATE JUICE : 550/- We got a very good service from this man ADITHYA. Next time we’ll surely ask for ADITHYA. His service was that much good. [MUSIC] We’ve finished eating, now we are going to leave. FISH N CHIPS was 1350/-, three pieces of fish fried with Batter as outer layer, the taste was not that much good, Fish was not up to the point, so I felt the dish is little expensive. It was too much oily. CLUB SANDWICH was perfect POMEGRANATE JUICE was also perfect, It was very fresh. STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE was little bit thin PINK FLAMINGO was different as it contained Guava in it. I like this place very much because of the service we had All were friendly, LEELA PALACE is very huge and it is very sexy in here. This place is so calm. This place has a very huge cafe inside. You’ll get food 24*7 here. If you want to have an expensive night hangout you can surely come here. The maintenance is very good. They taking care of every flowers and they replace it when they get little dry . MANO : Yes all flowers are fresh in here. MANO : Service was very good. Service guys were very friendly. There was no PINK FLAMINGO and STRAWBERRY in the bill which I shown. We got that bill separately, it was around 1000 rupees. This was the full expense here, We’ve spent around 4300/- Some may have the idea to visit this place, We can surely come. MANO : During day time we can also see the Beech view. We couldn’t see it today as we came late at night. We will come here again soon. This is our review about this place, that is all. We will surely come here again NIYAS. If you can see , like a pool they’ve filled in water at that particular place. “GOOD HOSPITALITY MATTERS” DINESH : In one place they’ll treat us like a KING and in some other place they wont find time take order from us. Let’s think about staying here after some days. It is going to be 5:10.a.m. So let’s leave. [MUSIC]