So, for recon tonight,
I’ve got two friends of mine. This is Dan
from Barstool Sports,which is one of the most
popular sports websites
in America.
I’ve had Dan
do recon for me before.
How do you like that? I mean, I’ve never
had lighter fluid, – but like, it’s…
it’s a hot drink.
– ( laughs ) If Dan likes a bar,
he can make it successful. If he doesn’t,
he can make it fail
with the push of a button. Next to him is Chris Long,
who’s a current player
with the Rams.As a Ram, Chris Long
knows this town,
he knows the sports market,
and I’ve asked the two of them to come into your bar
and give me feedback. Narrator:Jon’s spies
enter O’Kelley’s Irish Pub,
a 3,500-square-foot bar,grossing $3 per square foot
in sales,
$147 less than the required
break-even point
of $150 per square foot.In addition to the cameras
following the staff,
Jon has placed
surveillance cameras
around the barto capture the action
and watch it live.
– Tina:Hi, guys!
– Chris: What’s up, man? – Dan: What’s going on?
– Tina:
Can I get you something?
Yeah, can I get a Bud? – And how about you, hon?
– I’ll have a Bud Light. Whoa! What kind of pouring
is he doing? Thanks a lot, man.
Appreciate it. Hey, what do you think? Beer’s a little, uh…
flat, maybe. How can you succeed
pouring a bad beer
in St. Louis? – This is the home
of Budweiser.
– That’s an embarrassment. So, I got burger, no cheese,
memo fries. – Absolutely. Thank you.
– I’ll do the Reuben Nachos. Jon:
And that’s our cook, Anthony.
Freezer burn.
Freezer burn. Jon:
Now he’s microwaving
the burger meat
to thaw it out.He should already have
the meat prepped and thawed
before service begins.This is just lazy cooking.Kim:
Cameron, no. Come on.
( cheering ) Kim tries,
but she doesn’t have a clue. He does not behave
like this when I’m there. But this is the real him. Is our food coming? – Is that burger done yet?
– So, they don’t have
their food yet. – Oh, no.
– Which has been, what,
a good 15 minutes or so? Andrea:
– Kim:That’s totally wrong.
The cheese is wrong.
– Yeah. You know what?
( bleep ) it. Just put the french fries.
I’m done. What is that? Andrea:
That’s the Reuben Nachos.
– Oh, no.
( Anthony mumbles )You’re a restaurant person. You know how important – food quality
and consistency is.
– That is a huge issue with me. Dan:
I’m the nachos.
These chips are awful. There’s so much sauerkraut and thousand island,
and none of the cheese is cooked. – How did– how’s the burger?
– I’m not a stickler
about hamburgers, but ( bleep ), man. For us, it was disappointing
because they were the basics. You know, how do you
mess nachos up? How do you mess a burger up?
It wasn’t good.