Hello, welcome to MAXreportage for the new RAV4 test drive a new model longer than 20,5 cm the face look like the new Auris go to the boot Now this is no longer a side door we’ve got an electric hatch volume is 547 liters. Wide ! it’s large and there’s some space under the floor rear door is wide for put down kids a lot of space for legs and a flat floor here you can move easily the seats to have a flat floor It’s finally easier than sliding seats And now we are discovering the dashboard The design looks like the Kia Sportage There is not a lot of storages twice cup holders and a central armrest the glove box is not very roomy it’s cool to have illuminated buttons here there is a sort of leather on the dashboard. Nice ! we’ve got a touch screen. It’s not very wide but practice we’ve got a touch screen. It’s not very wide but practice Too much hard plastics as we can see on the door And now we can drive that 2WD model with turbo diesel 124 HP we have some engine noise when accelerating suspensions are a little bit hard but it’s still not a sport german car the seat is comfortable. Toyota has made progress on that point the 6 speeds gearbox has a good ratio and the engine is very flexible at low speed not too much vibration even if I’m using 6 at 60 km/h the torque is arrived early finally 124 HP is enough cause we have some torque steering is soft but precise We have a good compromise between comfort and roadholding It’s more dynamic than a Kia Sportage but the quality isn’t so good and the price is higher The RAV4 needs to demonstrate its dynamic qualities to justify his price and we finish on the beach to see the back of the vehicle and we finish on the beach to Sitges in Spain we can see the back of the vehicle and many thanks to LUC from the NORD LITTORAL newspaper