hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house
today we have two brand-new My Little Pony Equestria girls playsets. I’ve been
waiting a long time for these sets and I’m so happy that they finally came out
so today we have the rarity relaxing beach lounge set so this is the set that
goes with these a new line that just came out with everyone in their swimsuits
and then we also have this Fluttershy pet spa set I think this was from a
previous line but I just haven’t been able to find the Fluttershy one until
now so let’s start with our first one this one is rarity and this is a really
cute box take a look at this you come through with a little lounger some
accessories like a little basket and some drinks and we even have spike here
and so here is the Box on the side we get some images of rarity the side of
the box and here’s the back so we see Rarity lounging in her chair with
spike batting her with a leaf and down here of course we have the rest of the
Equestria girls I already reviewed the set a while back have you seen it if you
have let me know down below in the comment section which one is your
favorite and here on the side is also another set featuring Rainbow Dash let’s
go ahead and get rarity out of the box our first item here is the largest
accessory this is the real lounge chair or dodo beach chair so this one that she
looks pretty fancy look looks like it’s made of wicker and it’s purple and
there’s a little cushion here that is white and has lots of little diamonds
all over it for the design for this looks really really pretty and super
super comfy this one actually comes with a little table that you can snap on to
the right side or the left side here so that you can put your little drinks
while you’re sitting in an ounce chair and of course while you’re sitting there
you need to have some drinks so here we have a little coconut drink
it is so this one is a whole coconut with it all straw on it and a little
umbrella and put it right here and we also have a little cocktail this one’s
super cute this one comes a little cocktail cup a
little twisty straw umbrella and even a little lemon wedge look at that and you
love the detail unless it’s not bent so let’s bend it back I’ll stand up
probably go next we have a bottle of sunblock so this one has a woman on it
and the Sun so this will keep you from getting burned let’s keep this right
here on the bottom next we have a book so while Bertie is sitting around on her
rounds chair getting some Sun she might want to read the book and this one looks
like a little romance novel so there is a girl here holding a mirror and pushing
her car away mmm-hmm I wonder what this story is all about super cool book
though doesn’t really close but I think that here also next we have spiked so
here is like looking super happy this one is spike in the little puppy or
a doggy form and there is a fan so we have a little palm leaf and I think you
can’t put this in spikes and it looks like he’s carrying it go and last but not least we have rarity
so this rarity is actually quite beautiful look at her so she came back
with her kind of one up one down eyebrows but she has a really cute mouth
so she has pink lipsticks on and has one big diamond here on her hair and take a
look at her swimsuit so she is wearing a two-piece and it’s super cute and she
even has a little wrap that is see-through look at that how fun is that
and down here on her feet are some golden sandals of course she needs an
accessory so she has a little of first little beach bag and this is a really
cute bag he looks like it’s made of straw you can actually put something in
there very cute look at this and put her book and her sunblock in there let’s
have her take a little break right here on the chair while we go and take a look
at the next set next we have the Fluttershy pet spa and
what’s really neat about this set is like look it comes with a pet for all
the other Equestria girls so we have the cat for birdie
Applejack’s dog we have fluttershy’s funny and Rainbow Dash’s tortoise do you
know their names if you do comment below all their names and make sure to stay to
the end of the video to see if you’re right
alright so let me show you this box here is the side of the box we have photo
shot here with some of our pets here’s a pup in the bed and here’s an image of
all of them here including sunset shimmer and up here we have a pinkie pie
sweet snacks cafe I’ve also reviewed this set make sure to check it out if
you have not seen it alright let’s get Fluttershy out of the box
here is Fluttershy doesn’t she look cute look at her outfit so her outfit is
really really cute take a look at his bill green puffy sleeves she has a white
top with a bunny and a heart on it she has this really cute skirt on it almost
looks like a cupcake just take a look at that little pleats are super super cute
and she has no apron over it or the belt pocket it looks like there’s something
in the pocket because a little bit poufy down here are her socks and shoes her
socks are really cute your green and matches her outfit and take a look at
her shoes look like there is a little animal on it maybe it’s a bear look at
that little buttons eyes and a deluxe paw print on the back so
this one has a lot of details on it and it’s super cute up here on her hair
she’s also wearing a headband that comes off of course she also comes with a
stand let’s take a look at the accessories this one is older with a
basket so this is a real puppy basket it’s made of wicker and her little bow
on it and there’s even a little pillow here and we even have a blanket to go
with it little red blanket with some tall prints or heart shaped paw prints
on it to keep fiddle animal warm and this bed actually belongs to rinoa
Oh is Apple Jacks doggy so here she is isn’t she cute she has her daughter Pole
oh my gosh it is sitting for their adult tail
sticking up and she can actually hold the bone in her mouth his rubber banded
in right now but I don’t think we can take it off and he’ll still stick and
what’s really cool is that this bed is actually made for her so it has all the
right dents for it so that she came right down and put a blanket on look
there’s even a little space for the tail there’s not adorable Oh so there’s rinoa looking super
comfortable next we have Rarity’s cat so this is opal and look she looks very
comfy but super fancy with a purple color and a purple davell hair tyonne and we also have angel missus folder shy
it’s funny he looks really really bumpy look at that look at that face super
cute but very very bumpy and we also have tank who is
Rainbow Dash’s tortoise and we look cute look at that big big shell so did you
get the names of all the pets right to get opal angel tank and with Noah and we
have a few more accessories so here is a little pet bowl and it’s nice and pink
and there’s a little image of a doggie on this slide and a little kitty cat on
this side and of course we have some food we have two fishies of purple and
the orange fish and guessing this is for opal and we have two carrots so green
and a purple carrot I’m guessing this is for Angel and probably tank 2 and we
have another bone so we know what here has a bone in her mouth and we have one
more orange problems alright everyone so here are the two sets that we got today
which one do you like better do you like Rarity’s relaxing beach
lounger or do you like Fluttershy pet spa let me know down below in the
comment section and I’ll see you guys next time bye