Are you ready guys?
And you’re not going to like this. You’ve done everything here.
You’ve swept the floor. You’ve cleaned the toilets.
You’ve poured the drink. I want to give you tonight
the gift of delegation. Hmm. Okay. You have not been
given responsibility. Tonight you’re running
this place. You’re gonna watch your son
run this bar tonight. Yes. He’s gonna stumble, isn’t he? You’re not gonna get up
and interrupt him. – Okay.
– You’re gonna make a note, and you’ll talk about it later – and train him later.
– Okay. This is your opportunity to step back
and learn to trust. And this is your opportunity
to step forward and prove to your mother
that you can do this. What do you think? I think it’s wonderful. I brought in one
of my cooks tonight who’s worked with Tiff and I
in the past. He’s gonna help out
for tonight so that you can be
on the floor. – Awesome.
– Okay, let’s go to work. I wanted the manager role
for this bar. I believe I deserve it.
I’m upset that Travis has it. I’m interested to see
how it goes tonight. – Who is gonna be
working service well?
– I am. – Travis: Jen.
– Jen is gonna be– – Do you feel okay about that?
– I’m all right. – I’m okay.
– Okay. Travis:
How is my chef back here? – Fantastic.
– Are we good? – Yeah, no problem.
– Are we almost ready? – Oh, we ready.
– We ready. – Bring it on.
– You got it. Travis: So, going into
the stress test tonight, it’s gonna be stressful, you know, me being a manager. I feel good, but nervous, and all I can do is hope
for the best. Hey, everybody,
how we doing tonight? ( cheering ) Welcome to G.I. Jodi’s! We’re open for business.
Come on in! Well. I will do the Denver
Tequila Cooler, please. Denver Tequila Cooler. One, two– what’s up? One, two, three,
four, five, six. Jen: Ice. It’s upside-down. You’re giving me anxiety. Okay. Um, what is it called again? Two pastramis, sauce on side. – Two more rib eyes.
– Two more rib eyes. When I came here for recon,
food quality wasn’t an issue. The issue is orders in,
orders out. Runners! That’s what Travis has to watch. The food will be good. The issue is,
does it get out quickly, does it get to the right table,
and is the order complete? This is the steak rib eye. Wow. – Woman: Go, girl!
– ( cheering ) There you go.
Beautiful, beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Oh, ( bleep ), what did I do? I poured it in there. Damn it! ( bleep ) – Nine, ten, eleven.
– What do you think? She is fantastic. The quality of her drinks
is amazing. People are loving them, but there’s not enough
of them going out. So, we don’t have
the production capacity. So, this is
a physical problem – not a human problem.
– I think so. Although, I think
she’s the stronger bartender, and Jen seems to be struggling
in the service well. – Let’s take a look at that.
– Okay. – Have these gone out or not?
– No, these have not. – Okay, we gotta know that.
– She’s in the process
of making– So you gotta tear ’em
if they go out. – Make a little tear,
do something.
– Okay. Get us organized,
and let me throw one
other thing at you. – This is your
service bar, right?
– Yes. – It’s backed up?
– Yes. – Where’s your best bartender?
– Over there. – Should you switch them?
Okay, make a management move.
– Yes. All right. – All right.
– Get this under control. Put your resources
where you need them. – Switch! Ashley!
– Yes? – I need you over here.
– Okay. Make a switch, guys. We gotta put
our assets down here. – Okay.
– Ah, ( bleep ). – Jen is a terrible bartender.
– Right. – So what can we do about this?
– Um, I’m gonna hop in. Why don’t you tell her
to run food and you
become bartender then? – Jen.
– Tell her to run food. – You wanna run food?
– Something must be done here. – Okay. What is this?
– Finish those. Where is this? Where is– They’re going to here.
They’re two tequilas. – So, let’s talk for a minute.
– Okay. So, Jen is terrible. – She can’t do it.
– She’s slow. Yeah. She’s not only slow,
she can’t pour it
into the right cup even. She’s just–
she’s not good. Look at him.
Jumping in, taking over. I need ice. I know, I need a bucket. Runners! Oh, my God, that bell. And this is what I have to–
I hate this position. It’s stupid,
( bleep ) all of this. That felt a little hostile. – Jen, listen to me.
– Yes. You failed as a bartender.
Don’t fail in attitude. – Okay?
– Okay. If you have a bad attitude,
fix it or leave. – I’m nervous.
– Well, smile. Nervous is not a reason to make people think
you have a bad attitude. So either smile
and get it together,
okay, or don’t. – Okay.
– Okay, but I’m not going to
accept the bad attitude when everybody else
is trying so hard. Okay. I can understand
when an employee fails or stumbles because of
a physical issue or a knowledge issue,
but a bad attitude doesn’t fly. If Jen doesn’t turn
her attitude, she’s gone.