hi I’m Joe Bradley from KA-BAR Knives
we’re here at Shot Show 2019 KnifeCenter of the Internet, and I’m here to discuss
some of our new products this year now we have five new products here at the
show throughout the year our goal is to have an additional 15 available ideally
two a month and a KnifeCenter will have those as well when those are
available so to kick things off this is something we’re pretty excited about
we’ve never done this before this is a competition-grade throwing knife this is
the ThunderHorse Thrower it is designed by KJ Jones who is a
member of the Knife Throwing Hall of Fame and this was made to these specs to
compete throwing knives a lot of people are used to seeing the smaller versions
the three packs this is not those this is this is an American-made solid piece
of steel lifetime warranty on this you got the holes here you could make your
own handles put a handle here you could sharpen the blade as well but a lot of
weight here really stick this into your target that you’re throwing at so again
KA-BAR has never done this before we’re very anxious to see how it does and what
the reception is to this second knife we have here by all appearances it looks
like a Fighting Utility Knife that KA-BAR has been doing since 1942 but for the
first time ever we have this blank space here this prime real estate that has
never been opened before there’s no marking on it like USMC US Army US Navy
as we’ve done in the past you could engrave this space here the sheath is
also blank available for engraving and we have a lot of people that say to us I
never served in the Marine Corps I never served in the Army I feel funny about
carrying a knife that’s stamped with that on it this is your answer to that
and again you do have some customization options as well our TDI line is
just grown in popularity over the last few years and it was lacking a folding
knife so this year we came out with the TDI flipper folder
this knife made in Taiwan AUS8A and all the stuff that’s available
immediately for sale from us from KnifeCenter as well as KA-BAR
dealers and this is our yearly Dozier Edition color change to the Dozier it is
similar in every way to the other Dozier folding hunters this knife just works
the price is right on at the full retails $28 there’s not a lot that can
go wrong with this knife and it’s just an outstanding knife and hopefully we
have the color for you I’m sure we’re gonna continue down this path with the
Dozier line last but certainly not least we have the BK-62 the Becker Kephart
and I want to throw this over to Ethan Becker to give you the full rundown on
this knife the process of how this was created and the full back story and
history of the Kephart Knife Hi, I’m Ethan Becker and I’m the president of Becker
Knife and Tool and we’ve kind of brought back to life one of the iconic knives
the actually the 19th, 20th, and now the 21st century Horace Kephart who was the
preeminent writer of the about the outdoors and and a guy who lived the
outdoors he spent 20 plus years hanging out in
the Smoky Mountains living frequently in tents and small cabins and wrote the the
best book on the outdoors I know of which is camping and wood crafts Horace
Kephart and in the 1890s he designed this knife to do everything that he
thought a knife ought to be able to do and I was managed to get a one of two
known examples of the knife and was so impressed with it that I
decided that we needed to make one and it’s a very interesting this is a very
simple knife when I first saw it I wasn’t particularly impressed and then I
picked it up when I was moderately impressed and then I used it and I was
very impressed so it’s a very simple spear point a very simple handle but
it’s flat and as a result of that it orient’s you always know where the edge
is because of the orientation of the knife it is sharp all the way back which
means that when you’re doing this and do a little work it works just fine and
it’s also big enough he used his to fillet fish skin do bushcrafty-stuff
sliced his onions and salami and bread with it and I’m just delighted with the
blade I mean this guy knew what he was doing and the blade itself the
recreation is in 1095 Cro-Van which is one of my it is my favorite steel with a
lovely walnut handles and it comes with a an excellent fairly close to the
original sheath and I have the original sheath and I think this one is better
one thing about a flat knife like this is when it’s on your side it doesn’t get
in the way it doesn’t if you’re if you’re going to rhododendron if you’re
trying to make your way through the woods as opposed to down the trail it
doesn’t catch on stuff and everything on it is rounded so
and for it to catch on vines and stuff it’s a beautifully thought out design
and KA-BAR did a lovely job with the recreation and I think everybody ought
own one it has a lot to teach us all