good morning we want to welcome all of
you to our groundbreaking celebration for the brand new student dining
facility the cafeteria I think just the fact that we’re having a groundbreaking
for this brand new facility requires a great round of applause
so let’s ah we’re glad you’re here and we’re excited about today we’re going to
ask right now the president of the university John deSteiguer to come up and talk about this brand new facility and then Kurt Hermanson
with you dining who’ll be running the show so to speak will say a few words
and then Tyler Clark Student Government Association president will be leading us
in a dedicatory prayer and then we will have the most unique groundbreaking that
you’ve ever been a part of in your life so would you welcome John deSteiguer
please today’s a day I’ve dreamed about for it seems like about 30 years what
how exciting is this this is going to be such an important facility so I actually
remember when I was in college I remember how much I enjoyed going to
class and how much I enjoyed studying but there were three other things that
were really important to me three other things that I really wanted to do a lot
one is I wanted to make sure I got my afternoon nap in every single day I also
wanted to make sure I got really good food in a good environment and I wanted
to spend time with my friends what I guarantee you about this new facility
has nothing to do with you taking naps in the afternoon but it has everything
to do with you getting great food in a great environment in a place where
you’re going to want to spend time with your friends
those are things important to all of us in the facility we’ve had we’ve used it
now for over four decades in it’s time for us to have a new dining room
and it’s gonna be what we hope for and it’s not that far away it’s going to be a
thrill next academic school year when this is now a part of our campus in a
really important part of our campus there are lots of folks to thank and
you’re going to hear from some of them and you’re going to hear about some of
them and you’re going to see some of them that are involved in this this
groundbreaking so on behalf of the administration on behalf of all of us
who’ve had a hand in this we want to say to you students that we can’t wait until
this is ready because this is for you and it’s all about you God bless you and
thanks for being a part of this celebration okay so I do food not speeches so bear
with me the time has finally come for the facility that we’ve been dreaming
about what an exciting day for Oklahoma Christian and for the students so for
those of you that don’t know me very well I’ve been here for over thirty
years have been through five presidents I’ve been through Oklahoma Christian
college Oklahoma Christian College Oklahoma Christian University of Science
and Arts and Oklahoma Christian University this is also the third major
remodel or expansion that I’ve been involved with but this one is the most
exciting for me right after chick-fil-a this is huge so we’re ready to move
forward and U dining is excited to become a culinary showcase in the campus
dining operations all around the country this new building a new serving area
will allow us to expand and improve on what we can offer the OC community we
can’t wait promise you we can’t wait for you to see
the collective dream that we have had and although the old caf has served us
well for 20 years it’s time to move forward to the generosity because of the
generosity of a lot of the people that are in this room we’re planning some new
and big new big and exciting things in the expansion and we’d love for you guys
to have a little sample of it over here today although it’ll be on a very small
scale it’s gonna be very good lastly I would like to say how much I love and
appreciate the entire OC family I want to thank them for allowing me to be a
part of this project and a part of their family I am so blessed to be here and
proud to say that OC is home thank you guys very much good morning family
let’s pray the most gracious Heavenly Father we gather together before you on
Oklahoma Christians campus with full hearts you have blessed us beyond
measure with brothers and sisters of the faith that love us an educational
institution where we might learn more about you and the things you have given
us stewardship over and most of all we give thanks to you for your eternal and
unconditional love among these bountiful blessings you have
provided us with a beautiful top-notch cafeteria
we thank you for the gifted team that made it come together for the hands that
will build and sustain it and for the relationships and community it will
gather within its walls may it all be for your glory in Jesus
name Amen Tyler thank you we’re now going to have
our groundbreaking ceremony and so if you’ll come up to the front stand behind
the box as I call out your name first of all Mike Hancock from basement
contractors special projects consultant for Oklahoma Christian Mike if you’ll
come and stand right next to me next to Mike mr. Matt Thomas our contractor from
Smith pickle construction next to Matt Ryan esselman from Glover Smith &
bode architects next Larry Wallace from Newsom development of course Kurt
Hermanson from U dining president de Steiguer next to Kurt mr. Mark Brewer
chairman of the board of trustees at Oklahoma Christian were saddened that
Alfred branch who is the chairman of the board Resources Committee can’t be with
us today due to the hurricane in the state of Florida his travel arrangements
were canceled and so next dr. bill goad OC project planning and chief analytics
officer here at Oklahoma Christian then mr. John hermes OC Campus Services and
then finally tyler Clark SGA president here at Oklahoma
Christian gentleman first of all we want you to put your helmets on and just one
very important instruction when you dig when you grab your shovels make sure
that you look forward at the cameras do not look down she’s waving at you so
grab your shovels get ready to dig we’re gonna count down ladies and gentlemen
starting three two one dig and so join me in doing that three two one dig thank you again for coming today we’re glad that you’re here John take your helmet off now we’re glad you’re here we’re looking
forward to it as Kurt said just a moment ago a lot of our donors are here today
that made this project possible donors thank you so very very much for your
generosity we’d also encourage you to look at some
of the renderings over here to my right as to what it will look like and also
please go to the storefronts pick up some sampling of the food that will be
served in the brand-new cafeteria thanks for coming you’re dismissed