Something wrong? That stinks. Tastes like there’s a little
too much heat in it. Which one of ’em made it? Woman:
Seriously? So what’s wrong
with it? It didn’t taste
good? (BLEEP). Shawn:
They’re busy. They’re
all working hard. But Chris went back to her
old habits, head down… -Are you having fun Chris?
-Never. If we get Chris
to realize there are going to be
issues in the night, keep your head up
and smile, then (BLEEP) would be
going a lot better. Everybody keeps
saying that. (BLEEP). Shawn:
Cheer up, Charlie.
How’s it going, Chris? Kristin:
You guys want
another round? -Uh, yeah, you want a beer?
-OK. Shawn:
See how spicy it is. Kristin:
OK. Just to make sure. Start straw-testing your
cocktail so you know exactly- I love spicy! Wait, let her try
it! What if she likes it? Shawn:
We’re not gonna
figure out how this situation
molds itself into selling her a product that’s not
consistent with our training. No, I get that. Tonight is about following
recipes, procedures, policies. OK. I get that. -No, I get it, I get it.
-OK. You get it? You get it? We got that
side covered? Move out of the way.
She’ll run me over. Why is it in
a pitcher? Um. Why is it in
a pitcher? Jim said we’re selling
pitchers tonight. Shawn:
OK, but you didn’t
serve a pitcher. But why not pour it right
into the glass? You’re making
it flat. Oh. I mean, why do you not just
put it right in the glass? I just like, I feel like it’s
more convenient for them. Would you rather the beer be
put right into the glass or in the pitcher and
then the glass? Jon:
Of course! Because it’s
gonna be colder. You see what I’m saying? It’s
only gonna lose carbonation. -Right.
-OK. So, straight in the glass.
Pour him the new beer. Jim:
Eh. The pale is pouring. Shawn:
Here’s a problem. Jim?
If we put a rim on it… Jim:
I know. -I know, it…
-It’s the foam… You gotta stop early, anticipate
that the foam’s gonna clear it. I gotcha. -We gotta make this one over.
-I gotcha. Shawn:
This is the first time that they’ve obviously served
a cocktail with a rim, ’cause they’re filling
the foam over, which defeats the purpose of
putting a rim on it together. Jim:
Here’s one, though. I (BLEEP)ed
up the other one. So. Jon:
Go, go, go, go.
Come on, guys. We got that side
covered? I’m helping these
two right here, and then they’re
getting a pitcher. OK. Let’s get
them done. Guys, focus on
that side. This service takes
so long. It took me a half an hour to
order my table two pitchers. All right- You OK, Chris? Jon:
Bad drinks is one thing.
A bad attitude is another. And a customer will tell
you about either one every single time. Chris’s attitude is bringing
this bar down and it’s gonna cause
him to fail. Shawn:
So who’s still waiting
for a drink? You guys? Is this you?
She’s got you? Awesome. Jon:
Let’s get them
done. Guys. Who still doesn’t
have a beer? Son of a gun. Kristin is
carrying her own weight. Another round? Oh. There it is,
right there. Jim:
Seven? You got it. Go, go, go, go.
Come on, guys. Kristin:
Please, not again! Shawn:
This better not give me
indigestion like the last one. Kristin:
Come on! Go ahead. Go ahead! Kristin:
Thank you! Shawn:
Good head. -These for you, guys.
-Well, thank you so much. Jim:
You’re welcome. Kristin:
I’m gonna be a pro
at this. Wanna take a look
at sales? Yeah, let’s do it. Jon:
Let’s see how we did
compared to a regular night. Jim:
OK. We have the wheat
beer and the blonde… Jon:
So we’ve been open
for about an hour. We have. -670 open.
-So call it 700? Jim:
Yeah. -So we had a $700 hour.
-We did. Was that the greatest hour
you’ve ever had? -By far. Yeah.
-By far? It is. This is a taste of where
we can take this. You’re right. Imagine if I set up the right
draft beer systems, the right work stations, train
them how to upsell, cross-sell. You realize how quickly we can
get your money paid back? Yeah, I think. When I think of the four years
that Jim has owned this bar, and all the money that
he has left behind, that he could’ve accomplished
this if he wanted to. I haven’t even changed
anything yet. And we had the best hour ever.
Wait till relaunch.