Is it me or is the vibe a bit weird in here? What do you mean? Well there’s a lot of blokes in leather… Dean have you brought me to a Nazi bar? What? Why would you think that? Well for a start there are skulls in a glass case. Well, that’s this decorative innit. Alright fine How do you explain the coasters? Well, that’s just… decorative innit. Okay. What about the massive banner? I mean that is a decoration. Dean- Alright sure that’s pretty conclusive. Did you know about this? I didn’t not know. Unbelievable, I mean did you really think I wouldn’t notice that? I was kind of hoping you’d think it was two dancing snakes? I know what a swastika is Dean. Why did you bring us here? Cheap drinks? It’s not usually this busy Seems to making a bit of a comeback recently I wonder why. And I did tell you, but you didn’t seem bothered! You didn’t tell me about this! You said this place was alright! No, I said it was alt right. I’m getting a drink. Could you get- no. Fine. Fanta it is. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me! We don’t belong here. We’re leaving I mean You don’t have to worry about fitting in. Look at yourself; you’re Aryan as fuck. Probably would have been Hitler’s favorite. I do not look like a Nazi. Excuse me Did I just hear you use the n-word. I don’t think so. We’re not racist. No the bad n word? We prefer alt right? Not everyone you disagree with is a “Nazi”. You’re wearing the SS uniform You should both try being a little bit more tolerant. But you’re intolerant. And it’s not intolerant to not tolerate intolerance. *together* Tolerating intolerance is the one thing I won’t tolerate. Nice. We’re always in sync, mate. It’s tough being alt right. I’m sorry What? When I decided to be open about who I am everything changed. My parents won’t speak to me, my girlfriend left me I got fired from my well paid job in the media industry Even my dog looks at me differently. I couldn’t feel more disconnected from the world, you know? Wow I didn’t feel a thing. You? Fuck no, sorry mate, but we couldn’t relate less And I thought you were one of us. Why does everyone keep saying that?! He said that you were his favorite *dramatic music* You are mein favourite *screaming* *gasps* What’s up, babe? Nothing. I just had a nightmare. About what? People were being tolerant of Nazis Don’t worry. It was just a bad dream That would never happen in real life you