peace, today I am going to use my shampoo bar and show you all how it works. The bar I have is a Lavender bar. how it works okay and I love the way it smells, excuse me. They are shampoo bars and I am going to have them available in three different scents. Lavender, Citrus, and Peppermint. They will be available soon. You can go to my website to purchase them. And you can look at the ingredients and all of that stuff there. Today I am going to show how I use my shampoo bar. Some people don’t know how to use one. I am going to do three sections. Then I’ll do the other ones in the shower. I am going to wash it in the sink. Right now my hair is in a dry state and it needs moisture which is water. My scalp also has a few flakes and needs to be cleaned. It also feels waxy from the butter. Wet your scalp well before applying the shampoo bar. This is it, I’m wetting it now. Wet the bar then rub it between your hands. They are gentle from the start. their own dairy they they are very
gentle from the store See how shiny it is, that is the natural glycerin. today I think the to make them more
subject to apply here is not strong shampoo, it’s very gentle. I start aty the scalp and rub I am getting more. It almost feels like a lotion in my hand. I want everybody else to benfit from this too. We shouldn’t have to go around with all of these chemicals in our shampoos. There is an alternative. Especially the young girls who want their natural hair back. and is experiencing dryness. The scalp is the most important part of your head to clean. The rest of the suds will run down the hair and clean it. as you rinse it out. If you have a lot of oils on the hair like I do I have shea butter and olive oil on it. I’m going to rub some suds down the hair. I know how much I want to get off. gently rub the edges, because they do not need to be stripped. This is what the shampoo bar looks like on my hair. If you do want to clean it further and you use chemicals take the bar and go down the hair and get it gently clean. If you don’t need much washing, just put it in your hands and apply it to your scalp. give your in for just a little bit
washing okay now I washed enough. I’m going to rinse. I just saw all the dust and grime going down the drain. There it is. You can tell when the hair has been stripped. It’s a clean slate for me because I want to start over. It is still in good condition. I am twisting this one up. I usually fingercomb under the shower. I am showing you it again. You have to clean your scalp. After this, I really don’t deep condition. I can just put more shea butter on and olive oil and be good. It is always good to use a conditioner though to keep the moisture in. Here we go, it’s been cleaned. No stripping. The ends are in good condition. I am going to repeat it again. Clean the scalp. This is wonderful. the course girl searching it would do
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hair. yes it was lovely. Yet my hair has not been robbed. This is the bar that I use. I am happy and content with it. If the hair is stripped it bunches all the way up. I still have length. I will moisturize it and be alright. Aright, wonderful things. It’s available to you too. I am also going to show you how to detox your h air on a later video. and then go to natural good things. okay Alright ladies Peace and Love.