We love school lunch! We always kick it up a notch during National
School Lunch Week. [Upbeat music] This year because the theme has music in it, of couse we are going to jump right on that music. It’s just great to see the smile on the kids’
faces. It’s great, it’s all about going the extra
step and keeping things fresh. Breakfast for lunch is a hit. I think the kids are excited about it. They actually are at home with their parents
looking at the menu telling their parents “Breakfast for lunch! Breakfast for lunch!” It’s a full plate of food. It’s very popluar. Today it was breakfast which I really like
in my opinion. It’s just really good. French toast sticks with sausage and syrup. They taste really good. These are French toast sticks, and they are
the best food on the planet. I absolutely love my job. It’s the kids. Kids make it all in the end. It’s fun! My first cookbook was “Food for Fifty.” So, obviously I have 50 to 80 every day. It’s all because of the smiles on the
kids’ faces. I really do love those kids.