– I gave mon– (burping) – What the– – What the fuck was that? – That burp just slipped out. (upbeat dance music) – Live and direct from Hollywood – We are here at Busby headquarters about to go on the ultimate– – Nacho Cheese adventure. – We’re gonna start off at one nacho place – Then we’re gonna ask
the people who work there if they weren’t to eat at their own place, where would they get nachos? – And so on, and so on,
and so on until we get to the best nacho joint in L.A. – And everyone’s gonna have
diarrhea at the end of the day. – We’ve got our five categories. The crunch, the toppings
, the looks, the cheese and the drunk factor. How good would these nachos be when you’ve had a few too many? And we’re doing this whole
tour in my nacho wagon. – He did not paint his
truck for this video. His truck is always looking that stupid. There’s no air conditioning so just… – We’re eating nachos! (laughs) – So we’re heading to Buffalo Wild Wings. This is Ryan here’s favorite nacho spot. – It’s just my favorite spot. – I want one of these. – Do you guys accept vertical IDs? – Oh my god! You don’t need to card him. Let’s be honest, come
on, look at his face. – You can cheers that water, Steven. – Aw, geeze. (laughter) (all chanting “nachos”) – Whoo, yeah! – Can I say that this looks
like very clean nachos? – [Colin] Yeah, looks super clean, yeah. – This is like the L.A. nacho. (chips crunch) – Fire, that’s fire! The queso is fresh. – Everything’s super fresh. – They break really
easy, which we all know, in nachos, when your chips
break, that’s the biggest bummer. – I’m giving crunch a seven. (chip crunches) – 10. – 10? Holy (beep) you love these chips! – Look at these chunks of chicken. They’re huge. I can appreciate that. – Do they even have guac in here? – There’s no guac or sour cream. – I thought they did. This is how much I
remember my Buffalo trips. – Yeah, I’m gonna go five on the toppings because there’s no guac, no
sour cream and that’s huge. – You’re harsh Ryan. It’s your spot. – Now for drunk factor. I don’t want healthy-ass
nachos when I’m drunk. I’m going with four. – On the plus side, though,
you eat healthy-ass nachos when you’re drunk, the Dads
won’t be that bad tomorrow. – Dads? – I am slightly– – Day after drinking (bleep) I’m giving them a seven. – Wait, have you ever been drunk before? – I have never been drunk before. – Ooh, wait a minute! – We’ll do a speculative
box. We’ll put a cloud on it. – No no no no no! I get a real rating! – Put quotes around his number. – Oh yeah. – Put this as a 10. Got 139 out of 200. – Whoa! – That’s like a C, right? I would know ’cause I
dropped out of three colleges and I always got C’s. – I love bar nachos. Bar
nachos are pretty amazing. If not I would maybe say Big Wings, there’s one in North Hollywood. (upbeat techno music) – I am mediocrely satisfied. – Cheers! – I’m startin’ to sober up here. Cheers. Oh my god. And you know what? (chip crunches) Oh god! – I grabbed my beer so quick. I was like, no, my beer! – Look at the seasoning on this chip. – And this cheese is
gonna be a little firmer, a little more to deal with. – There’s too much crunch. – Negative three, give that a seven. – It’s like a layer of toppings. I would’ve liked the toppings
spread out a little bit. – You know what, I agree with you. – ‘Cause look, it’s like chip, blank chip. – You just threw the chip on the table. – Blank chip. – It looked great. I
give that bad boy a 10. – When you’re drunk you
need that sloppiness. This is just, you know, it’s very dry. – All in all, not the worst nachos, but let’s get a total on this, Steve. – Final score is, wow you
guys are so intent on this. 154. – If you could not eat the
nachos here at Big Wings, where would you go? – I would go to El Compadres
on Sunset right here. – There’s a bean at the bottom of my beer. – Uncle Colin’s had a little too much of Grandma’s cough medicine, so. (laughter) Our intern has to drive us now. Don’t crash my car. – Okay. (upbeat dance music) – I’m pretty confident that these nachos are gonna be the the best we’ve had today because we’re at like
a real Mexican joint. – Granted, nachos aren’t
a traditional Mexican food but I do think these’ll be the most What in the world is going
on right here? (laughs) – Whoa! – Alright, so this is
how nachos need to look. – Look at Ryan’s face. – I gotta make sure it’s good. – Jesus man. – What do we say, Steven? – This is ridiculous! – Alright, that is a Hot 10 right there. – Hot 10. – The guac is so fresh. – So fresh! – Oh my god! – Like it grew in the
backyard two days ago. – I would choose this over sex any day. – Absolutely. – I still like sex, but I
think these are good nachos. (laughter) It’s just like it’s a perfect mix of the stretchy and gooey– – I think we all agree, it’s 10. – I’m gonna go nine, just
’cause I don’t wanna be– – Oh my god! – Steve– – Just ’cause I wanna be annoying. – This is why no one likes you. (laughter) – The reason why we’re
all giving this tens is not because we’re drunk
because these nachos are amazing. – [Both] So good. – Drunk factor? – I don’t know much about drinking, but I gotta give this like a three. It’s too fancy of a restaurant to like– – Oh my god Steve! – To be going ham at drinks. – We’re drinking flaming margaritas. – You’re gonna ruin their score– – Be a team player goddammit! – Three. – Oh my god! – Yeah, their final score is 189! – I’m full of nachos
and margaritas and beer and Quasi, don’t be too heavy
on the gas on the way home. (all rapping beats) ♫ I’m a little gross, makin’
melt in my mouth like butter ♫ I’m toast, hey