– Hi, I’m Sandy and I’m back in the
kitchen with Pampered Chef. In this episode, I’m gonna talk about the plant-based diet and some common myths that go along with this
very popular way of eating. (upbeat music) So let’s get real for a minute. What does a plant-based diet look like. A plant-based way of
eating focuses on foods mostly from plants. This includes fruits and vegetables, and also nuts, seeds,
oils, whole grains, legumes and my favorite, beans. Plant-based doesn’t mean that
you’re vegetarian or vegan and never eat meat or cheese
or other animal products. When I started eating a plant
based diet, I was excited. But I had some reservations
because some of the myths that I had heard. Here are the top three myths
that I’ll address today. Number one, I’ll miss the meat. Number two, I’ll always be hungry. And number three, my meals
will be flavorless and boring. So let’s start with the first
one, I’ll miss the meat. So the first myth I’m gonna talk about is that you’re gonna miss meat. So it’s true, people love their meat. Meat is filling, it tastes good and it’s super satisfying. But actually, what makes
meat so satisfying is umami. I don’t know if you’ve
ever heard of umami, but umami is one of the
five recognizable tastes along with sweet, salty, bitter and sour. I like to think of umami as
what makes food satisfying. So I’m gonna make you a dish right now, mushroom rigatoni bolognese,
which combines some plant-based sources of umami to give you that satisfying, delicious taste. So, right now what I’m
doing is just sweating some onions and garlic
in the bottom of the pan. And here’s where the real magic happens. I really finely chopped in
my manual food processor two packages, two eight ounce packages of Cremini or Baby Bella mushrooms. So this is really where
all the magic happens. I’m gonna add this to the pan. And mushrooms actually have
a lot of water in them. So I’m gonna cook these long enough so that all the water cooks out. ‘Cause if it doesn’t, it’s
gonna make the dish watery. And cooking the water out, actually makes it more
concentrated in flavor so you can really taste that
mushroom flavor come through. (oil sizzling) Stir. It’s already starting to smell good. Now it’s okay if you have some bigger chunks of mushrooms in here. It’s all gonna get cooked down
to make this Bolognese sauce for the pasta. So what I think is fond
about umami is it actually means yummy in Japanese. So it’s those savory, earthy notes that make it so delicious. And what I think happens is when people go on vegetarian or vegan
or plant-based diets, they think they’re gonna miss the meat but what they’re really
missing are those umami flavors that are so satisfying. So I’ve been trying to really
cook with umami a lot lately for me and my husband
and even my kids too. So this recipe features mushrooms, which are plant-based source of umami. Also, soy sauce and Parmesan cheese. So it’s really cool to get
three ingredients together to really combine those
delicious umami flavors. And yes, I like to eat Parmesan cheese. Like I said before, you
don’t have to give up all animal-based foods to
eat a plant-based diet, just really what works for you. This is getting pretty close. You could tell it’s almost like thick and pasty when most
of the water is cooked out. That is looking really good. So first we’re gonna add,
this is just two cans of diced tomatoes with their juices. I didn’t drain this
’cause I want the liquid since I cooked out a lot of
liquid from the mushrooms. So I’m gonna use my mix and chop to get these tomatoes chopped up a little bit. It doesn’t need to be perfect. I like a little texture in my sauce. I use actually one can
of plain diced tomatoes and I used one can of fire
roasted tomatoes today just to switch it up a little
bit, add a little heat. What’s really interesting is this looks like meat sauce right now. But it’s not. Now we’re gonna add a
little bit of red wine. It’s really gonna deepen
the flavor of the sauce. Then another umami ingredient
which is soy sauce. When I was developing this
recipe, I hadn’t discovered how soy sauce was gonna
really enhance this meal and once I did, it really
brought it all together. And then I have a couple tablespoons of Italian seasoning mix. Give that a stir. I also love this dish because
it’s a great one pot meal. You make the sauce and then
you add the water and the pasta and it all just cooks together. It’s got two cups of water here. This is smelling so good. Pretty meaty too by the way. And then I’ve got two
cups of rigatoni pasta I like the heartier pasta for this dish ’cause I think it goes
really well with the sauce. Okay, that’s looking good. I’m gonna cover it and it
cooks for about 15 minutes. And we’ll just finish it when it’s done. So now my pasta is done cooking. Wooh! Smelling delicious. I’m just gonna serve some up. Give it a little stir. Again, what I like about this recipe, it tastes so good and it actually really looks like Bolognese
sauce but without the meat. That is looking great. Okay. So I got some Parmesan cheese,
another one of my favorite umami ingredients. So delish. Alright I can’t wait to eat this recipe. It’s got all the delicious
plant-based umami flavors and you won’t miss the meat. So the second myth is that I’ll always be hungry
on a plant-based diet. Well let me just tell you, plant-based diets are not
just limited to salads. There’s a whole world of vegetables, whole grains, legumes
and beans and lentils that are filled with fiber and water which are two things that
actually really make you full. And actually, a plant-based
diet has more potential to fill you up than the same serving size of something with meat. So it’s super cool. Right now, I’m making
some lentil soup here in the Quick Cooker. And I already have some onions,
garlic, carrots and celery sauteing and sweating in here. Smelling so good. This is sort of the base to my soup. So this soup calls for red lentils. Red lentils are great for busy weeknights or any time you just need
a fast dish on the table. Red lentils are actually
dehusked and split so that they cook a lot faster than other different types of lentils. Another cool thing about
lentils is that they start out this reddish pink color, but
they actually turn yellow or a pale green when they’re
cooking which is so cool to me. They also really soften as they cook and they help thicken up a
soup or a stew or even a puree. I love soups that are really
thick and creamy like that. Makes it so satisfying. So I’m gonna go ahead. So now I just have four
cups of vegetable stock. And I have some cumin and a bay leaf. It’s gonna go in there. Just a little stir. Got some salt and pepper. Now we come back, we’re
gonna add some coconut milk, spinach and lime juice. So now that the soup is done cooking, we’re just gonna take out the bay leaf. We’re gonna add our coconut milk. We have half a cup. Coconut milk makes it creamy,
but it’s still plant-based. So good. Give that a stir. And we have five cups of
spinach, baby spinach leaves. Five cups of baby spinach
leaves cook down really fast. So it looks like a lot right now. Stir that in. Spinach just gives it a little
bit of oomph to the soup and really adds to that bite. I’m gonna add some lime
juice, really freshens the flavor up of the soup. Mix that all up. We’re gonna cover it with the lid and let it stand for five minutes just for all those flavors to mix together and for it to thicken
up just a little bit. So now that this has been
sitting for five minutes, we’re just gonna take off the lid. And we’re all set. Spinach got nice and wilted. Nice portion. Ooh, it’s beautiful. The soup is hearty and
so filling and great for a weeknight meal. So myth number three,
of a plant-based diet is that plant-based meals
are bland and boring. Well, quite the contrary. There is so much variety
on a plant-based diet, a variety of vegetables, beans,
legumes, pastas and rice. Actually most experts recommend that we eat a wide variety
of foods in our diet in order to get all the
nutrients that we need. One way that I like to add more variety to my plant-based meals is with spices. Trying different foods
with different spices can add vitamins and minerals
and even antioxidants to your dishes. So one way to do that is to experiment with some ethnic cuisine. So today I’m gonna show you
a cauliflower curry recipe. This is so delicious and it’s
just bursting with flavor. So I have here, I’m gonna
add all my ingredients to my blender. I have some ginger that’s
already been peeled and grated. So now we have two cups of
fresh cauliflower florets. Cauliflower’s a really interesting
ingredient in this recipe because it’s super neutral
and it takes on the flavor of the rest of the ingredients. Also most curries call for
cream and a lot of butter. But not this recipe,
the cauliflower makes it nice and creamy too. So I have some roasted, diced tomatoes. It’s gonna make the color
of the curry really pretty. A little bit of water. Some cashews which really give it a nice rich flavor because of
the fat and the cashews. And we’ve got some onion. I love this recipe because
it’s super approachable. I also added in three cloves of garlic. This is a little bit of salt and sugar. Now the sugar is used in
curries because it helps balance out the flavors of the spices. And the spices that we’re gonna use today are cumin, coriander and cayenne. Again, I like these spices
because I have them at home and if you don’t, these are great spices to just keep on hand so
that you can experiment with different cuisines. Put that on. And this on goes to the heated
puree setting of the blender. (machine beeping) I’m gonna go make my
rice and then we come, we’ll add some peas and
some chickpeas to the curry. So now that my curry is done cooking, I’m just gonna add some peas. Peas add some really nice color, a little extra nutrition. And then chickpeas. Chickpeas are common in so many curries. And I love this in a meatless curry ’cause it adds some fiber and
protein to help you stay full. (machine whirring) So the reason why you pulse it, and you don’t put those ingredients in with the rest of the
curry is that you still get this nice texture. They don’t get totally pureed, but you get this nice chunky texture. So now I’m ready to serve. I’ve just got some Basmati rice here. Basmati rice is really flavorful. It’s a little bit nutty and it’s really central to Indian cooking. I love it. I recommend trying different
rices like Basmati and Jasmine to add a little bit more flavor and a little more
interest into your meals. Whoo, this is smelling delicious. This curry is literally just
an explosion of flavors. You guys have to try this. It’s really thick and creamy. So good. I love the little pop of
green that the peas give. And I’m just gonna add
some more crushed cashews. This is a really nice way to finish it with a little bit of texture
since everything is kinda soft. And then I have some cilantro leaves. You know a lot of people
say when they cut out certain junk foods and
a lot of sugary foods and they adopt more plant-based diet, that their taste buds are
actually really enhanced and they start tasting food
like on a whole new level. And this recipe really
brings that to life. And I hope it showed you
that plant-based meals do not have to be bland and boring. We just debunked three
plant-based diet myths and I hope you’re now inspired to add more plant-based meals into your diet. If you’re veg curious and
you wanna dip your toes into this way of eating, you
can try a plant-based meal on meatless Mondays. It’s an easy way to get started. For more plant-based recipe ideas, check out the vegetarian and
vegan section of our website. Thanks for watching. See yeah next time. (upbeat music)