hey guys welcome back to my channel I
had some videos pre-filmed that I wanted to put on like my second doll skill
video but it didn’t seem right after the last videos it just like jumped back
into my bubbly self pretend like nothing happened so I’m just filming a RANDOM
video today which is the arrival of our new couch so it’s just gonna be chilled
ive got like zero makeup on this is just me, it’s real, I just came back from the
gynecologist in the last video I didn’t know what had happened but yeah I did
definitely lose the baby over the weekend the gynecologist was very nice
he was an old dude but he just the way he spoke to me just made me feel really
at ease with what happened so I’m looking forward to what maybe the couch
is blood-red I wanted like gray I mentioned it in a video but we ended up
coming with blood red it’s taken six months to arrive now I know you guys
have to wait for my pre-orders but holy fucking shit
is it hard to wait see I’ve got a little bit of taste of my own medicine there
and I’ve also pre-ordered eight this is so random but a jacket from Micheline
hit it’s got a hot pink lining I’m like that’s all I need to fucking see anyway
it said six weeks on a website and then it says doing all good so I’m like that
it’s still three months hey Wayne I know manufacturing takes a long time and can
we just talk about what’s happening with Jaclyn hill for a second that poor
fucking girl like I know how heartbreaking manufacturing can be but I
fucking learnt my lesson and I check everything the disappointment kind of
solely lies on me because you know she’s getting hundreds of thousands of things
made I’m talking about getting two hundred things made and having issues
but I did that once I didn’t check everything and I sent
and it was all problematic and it backfired and I learned my lesson I
don’t know how you could quality check such a disaster on such such a
magnificent scale and something as simple as like the fucking work is
wearing fluff gloves and putting fluff all over a lipstick like devastating Wow
yeah it’s crazy if you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about go and check
it out her launch it’s just been abysmal I’ve had that happen but like I said
it’s being more internal and with every you know with everyone release she get
problems but to have that much problems and beat have it be so public and on
your first release it might be the end of her I don’t know so many people now
just want to stay away from it anyway I just wanted to share my thoughts on that
because I’ve been following that drama I didn’t buy any of that myself kind of
glad I didn’t so we’re gonna get home and see my couch I need to pay holy
fucking shit a day in the life of Evelina into more a coffin here this is
my everyday wallet I touch my keys to it I fucking love it so I can go to the
shops I could get my phone in here you can see how big it is there will be more
coming I just you know haven’t been in a great place the colors I can announce
because I had a chat with death candy the other day pumpkin orange limited
edition for Halloween might not be here for Halloween but pre-orders will start
soon pumpkin orange what’s the fucking colour royal purple black I’m red again
red definitely because red was like the most popular one ever
pop flushes yeah so keep an eye out for that I just need to figure out what I’m
replacing the mirror with I’ve been really working on it I haven’t got
anything that’s perfect yet and I had dunnies Divine’s bag but I just I think
I can do better so just started redoing that again you know I went right it’s
right then I don’t know it’s right I thought it was right but then I’m like
I’m not sure if it’s good enough for change my mind on a few things so things
are happening the mirror for Christiana one on early perfection you guys are
gonna fucking die I’ve never seen anything like it before I can’t even
talk about it because I don’t want people to steal my ideas and that has
happened before I don’t want that to happen but I hadn’t looked at it in
probably about a month and she sent me a message we’ll just talking about some
upcoming stuff and I and like I kind of surprised myself I was oh you know when
you forget I’m like oh my god you know I’m really proud of that I can’t wait
for you guys to see it that’s going to be different I’m just going to have them
made straight away automatically spread away no waiting what the fuck is that
Who am I so yeah as you can tell I’m feeling a little better today and took
myself as a black hole fun and the kids obviously really helped up with some
beautiful friends around me I got so many lovely flat like – but yeah I
wasn’t expecting any two sets of lovely flowers I haven’t been feeling like doing any
kind of fashion videos things like that cause I’ve been loaded in blah blah blah
but I’ve been experimenting with Flatley photography and I want to push my
profile more into makeup and stuff like that so you’ll see some interesting
content on the Instagram feed certain hopefully soon soon soon so
let’s go home and have a look at this mother fucking couch five minutes I’ve
been talking shit I’m gonna go home and go to pee and then I go to unbox I’m
gonna show you what’s under the old lounge apparently they’ve already taken
the old lounge I asked fun to film the old lounge was
like what did you guys to see how fucked it was and I asked him to film some
funny commentary so I’m probably gonna insert that here and then we’re gonna
have a look at what was under the couch with kids that is never good and we’re
gonna clean that shit finally today is the day people is when we get to replace
this piece of shit loud with our brand-new super red leather lounge as
you can see this one has more than done its job we’ve had it for about seven or
eight years now two kids were brought up on this couch don’t know what they’ve
gone and stuck down the back of it all manner of disgusting substances have
gone down there there’s no longer fit for any kind of human habitation we
don’t know what happened to the top layer one of them kind of chewed through
it in the middle of the night could have been steel or London we really have no
idea it stains on here which just seemed to come up out of nowhere
quite a disgusting piece of furniture it’s on its way to the tip I’ve seen
bigger box number two box number three four five six Wow oh look he’s already
cleaned up I mean the kids have made a fucking mess but I didn’t want to see
what’s under the lounge maybe that was in his video I’m gonna have to change
old Frankenstein he’s not gonna go with the red Oh exciting okay who’s ready to
see them it’s the red one Jesus Christ two pieces out it’s gonna take a little
second to sit up cupholders Charlie again what do you think yes I’m talking
to my other husband last few days Wow that’s rad okay she is in and now we
just need to figure out where we want it like at the moment there’s two recliners
there and so where’s the third recliner is that that one there in the corner
this five recliners okay holy shit it’s glorious every YouTube video from now on
is probably gonna be sitting right here watching the movie as I talk to you guys
there’s nothing more attractive in life than a man that can get shit done
and Vaughn you can do a lot of stuff like seriously he’s done the flooring
for this house he wallpapered the wall put in the fireplace he tiled behind the
fireplace look at the angle of those tiles he said no problem I’ll do that
absolutely crazy he built me my office it’s so red first thing that’s standing
out from these Frankenstein’s so imagine I’m gonna put up a photo I’m gonna
direct below the posters I’m going to put that there so we get
like a black white red theme going on I might spray the palm trees but Jack wine
is in the shot tell me your deepest darkest e so tell me why you like a guy
that wasn’t too difficult we were just saying it feels really sturdy yeah other
one was a thousand dollars so if you’re wondering this was four thousand four
hundred Australian I don’t know what that is
in any other country yes American dollar no idea but it’s fucking Hill at comfy
and it matches my aesthetic and yours on some days when you’re all the time
you should never you’re in China comedy with anyway it’s really
comfortable hope you enjoyed this little video I will probably have some ones
that I pre filmed on next just didn’t feel
appropriate to put that on straightaway and yeah I’ll give you a little update
once at Frank wait fuck is he there is once Frank is gone and I’ve got the new
throttle or one in I’m feeling like we’re gonna have to do that thing you
were saying fun for the wood panels that you put up red and browns too much and
then we get the green so is that called recess where you put the TV into the
wall yeah yeah red that cabinet get rid of all of that and just have the TV and
the wall nice and plain and then we’re thinking about putting this stone stuff
over this entire massive wall do you know what that stuff is cool yeah it’s
fake sands turning little like rectangular pieces and they’re all
mismatched and it’s very nice it’s very very nice it’s very textured you see it
a lot in like high-end hotels and they have it at Bunnings but yet to do that
whole wall would cost a bit but it would look fantastic I think you love angles
so you love a good ankle what else do you come from a long line of study
license yeah I know that one well this guy so fun recently opened
those up so we can actually look at that see the clouds now they were just kind
of frosted see how we’ve done a lot of prime improvements the kids have just
come home from daycare they are gonna freak hi you ready ready
to see your new labs holy moly we go what do you think what
do you think you like it yes whoa so I can yeah they won’t figure that out
he said shit for like two seconds no there’s no drinking in the land
remember you should have seen the stuff that was under the lounge that dad had
to clean yeah I’m gonna be a tough mom no drink you can tuck it in oh I’m your
teddy bears mousey yeah I will have a tour of the
bedroom coming soonish bond you just have to finish my wallpaper I can to
make sure without that one mm-hmm it’s like he’s not doing it on purpose I’m
sorry guys end of the year oh my god so once he does that for me
I will do a bedroom tour and I will see you guys in the next video bye say bye