Ok, so now it’s time to open it up It comes with blind bags Hi guys! Today we are gonna be opening these My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew they are Cafeteria Cuties and there are 24 to collect So now it’s time to open it up it comes with blind bags There is a checklist inside and there is a blind bag and by the looks of it it’s Pinkie Pie just like I got here, Pinkie Pie it is the Seapony Pinkie Pie look, she has a mermaid tail Oh my gosh, she has balloons on this Can I see Lara? Sure So she comes with this heart I think this is a stand and these are all the ones to collect there is 24 in there Oh Lara, it might go in here so there is Pinkie Pie in her little house So now it is Tristan’s turn There, now that was easy I got Applejack! Mermaid tail This is Applejack, the seapony That is her little pie Yes, so that’s the thing that they go in So now it’s Jazlyn’s turn Let’s see who Jazlyn got She got Applejack from Equestria Girls Oh, an apple It’s an apple I got a pie Seriously they’re so cute, they’re so small, they’re like little statues and they are so cute I hope you enjoyed opening these Cafeteria Cuties with us Bye guys! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! Bye guys! Let’s just go visit our friend Applejack Hey Applejack! We just came to visit you here