To me, home is where the heart is It just means love, like… …when you come into a home,
you should feel that energy… …you should feel that emotion,
you should feel love I’m Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris
and this is My Houzz I was born in Illinois… …grew up in Atlanta, Georgia My Mom and I’s relationship
is very close I’m an only child When I was growing up,
she was working like… …two jobs and going to college
at the same time, so… …she’s one of the people
that first introduced to me… …hard work and dedication That’s why I am where I am,
and who I am today Because you can’t truly appreciate
your Mom in a very distinct way… …until you have kids of your own… …and understand how difficult
and how challenging… …and how rewarding it is
at the same time My mother was working in Virginia… …for years and years… …and she finally retired… …and you know,
I started having kids, and I… …was just telling her I would love
for her to move closer to me… …and she decided
to come here full time She sold her house in Virginia… …and stayed in my first house… …that I bought when I became
commercially successful… …as the rapper Ludacris
and I never got rid of it And at that point, I had really
no sense of style… …so when she moved in to it,
you know… …she was wanting to make it her own But a lot of the rooms
that my mother has started on… …are just incomplete This is no longer my house I just want to make it
completely her own Some of the areas of the house
we’re gonna do are the living room… Right now, there’s like a couch
and maybe a cabinet The dining room… …she has a dining room table
and some wallpaper, but that’s it… …she kinda stopped there And the kitchen… …I think it’s more old-school The office area as well When I lived there,
I made this office space… …and I have this paint
on the wall with this big logo… …of my record company… …and she still has yet
to change that You can see she’s trying to
cover some of it up I’ve been wanting to do these changes
and help my Mom out… …and make sure I make her proud… …so I reached out to a designer
on Houzz is an App
that has everything you need… …to remodel a home You can get inspired,
find professionals… …shop, all in one place I think that I found
the exact person I’m looking for Her name is Rachel Oliver When I looked at her profile
and the things that she’s done… And the other thing is that
Rachel’s reviews were very, very good… …and they also convinced me… …that she was the right person
for the job Rachel and I scheduled
a meeting here in Atlanta… …to finally start building exactly
what it is that we want – Rachel
– Chris Welcome to the wonderful
Ludacris abode, man – Thank you
– Thank you for coming Great to be here You know this is something
I want to do special for my Mom… …so I’m glad that you’re on board The thing about my mother is
her style is forever evolving I think she likes timeless pieces… …and that’s very hard
because everyone’s opinion… …of what is timeless
is totally different But with your help… …I think that we can
find some things… …that she’s gonna be
very, very happy with So what about family get-togethers? Does she host family dinners? She hosts a lot
of family get-togethers She definitely has
gotten into cooking… …even more than
when I was a young man One thing I noticed
with the kitchen… …was that it looks used,
really out-of date… She’s got some beautiful view
of the back yard Right I think what we can do
to really make it special… …is just rip those cabinets out… …put in all new appliances… …get some beautiful
quartz countertops – Yeah
– And really make her want to… …get in there and enjoy that space I love that,
let’s rip out the entire kitchen The living room also
is just one giant sofa There’s a sectional
in there now that is… …maybe the biggest sectional
I’ve ever seen… …and it overtakes the whole room… …and we’re gonna get
a smaller one… …maybe some stools that we can
put off to the sides… …so when other people come
you can pull out extra seating So I know the living room
is like, two stories It’s a big vertical space I’m a bit curious to know
how you’re gonna try… …to take advantage of that somehow One way to bring the eye up… …is to put a tall bookcase
at the end of the room It can display family photos,
artwork, momentos… It sounded like it could be
cozy and family for some days… …and then we can turn it into like
a little night club on other days Maybe so, does your Mom want to
have a night club at her house? No, but I’d like to So Chris, about your Mom’s office… When I walked in there,
I saw it as your left-overs… …from back in your bachelor days I have this paint on the wall
with this big logo… …of my record company… …and she still has
yet to change that What are you planning on doing there? Because I’m sure she’s ready
to get rid of that logo We need to make it light and bright,
and more lady-like… …I’m going to paint over the logo Let’s get rid of that thing
and really make it Roberta’s office I feel like we should look at
some ideabooks on Houzz… …so that we can really hone in An ideabook is a place
you can store all your ideas… …for a specific project… …including photos, material,
products, everything Here’s some of the inspiration photos – One that I really like is…
– I really like this Yeah, you came up
with this dining room See, I really like this one Aesthetically, it’s…
I always say “warm” Like I love when you have
a warm feeling… …and whether that’s
the furniture… …or you know, what’s on the walls
and how everything blends together So this, right here, to me,
would be perfect I agree with you, Chris So in terms of utilizing
the two story space we talked about… …I really like this because
it still gives you that warm feel… …but it also gives you
that “open space” feel Right, and this
streamlined furniture… …keeps everything
from looking heavy… ..and dark, and old-fashioned – Right, I agree
– It’s nice and bright Let’s put it in the cart
and buy it right here So, Chris, here’s one
I’ve pulled of a kitchen… …bringing in that light countertop,
the nice gray cabinets… I think it’s a great neutral,
offers contrast… Sounds good And here’s another one
I’ve pulled of a table… …that I would really like
to use in that space… …where your Mom’s breakfast area is – Yeah
– I think it will be perfect Houzz has a really great feature
called Visual Match… …to actually buy items
from the website When you click on your photo… …it will show items
that are similar… …or exactly like the one
that you see – Well we could just buy it right here
– Wow – Interesting…
– What about table accessories? And different lamps
and things of that nature? We’ve loads of lamps here… …and light fixtures
that we’re gonna use – Nice
– These two are blue Some sparkle… Can I get these lights for my house? We put it in the cart… …buy it right here You know what?
I’ve seen enough… …and I’m gonna be honest with you,
I trust you Thank you, I appreciate it I’m putting my trust
and my confidence all in your hands – Good
– Now me? I have a hell of a schedule
and I’m a busy individual… …and I may not be able to be here
every single day… …to watch everything
that’s going on… …however my wife Eudoxie,
she can be your side-kick… …and she also knows what
my mother likes, so… …if you don’t mind her
kicking it with you… …and showing you some things
that we like as well… I don’t mind a bit So I’ll tell you, you know,
after all this great conversation… …and just great creativity
and all the ideas… …I’m gonna let you know
what’s at stake if we get this wrong Because this is my Momma If we get this wrong,
she’s going to kill me Oh no And you don’t want me to die, do you? We cannot get it wrong I have a lot of people to attend to I pay a lot of people’s bills,
I can’t die – No, you can’t die
– So let’s get it right – We will
– Hug – We will, thank you
– Please, I don’t wanna die Just think what she’d so to me Right Morning Today, finally we’re gonna get in here
and get some demo done… …and really see some changes So by the end of today,
this whole kitchen will be gone – This whole kitchen will be gone
– I’m excited – It’ll be a memory
– Yes, it will Dumpster Today I’m meeting with
Eudoxie, Chris’s wife… …and I’m going to show her
the designs that I’ve come up with Eudoxie, I think I’ve got
a great plan for this dining room Here’s sort of an idea about
the items we’re gonna put in the room A nice, darker rug
is gonna add a lot of depth… …and then we’ve got
a fairly modern buffet over here – I like the buffet
– It’s got mirror… …and it’s really kind of
flashy-looking… I think she’s gonna like it a lot I’m just not sure how
it’s going to look and come about Well, I can show you.
Houzz has a great feature… It’s called Sketch With Sketch, you can take
a photo of your own… …or use one of the photos from Houzz You can then draw directly
on the photo… …or add products
from the Houzz shop… …and it really makes it easy
to show ideas to clients So this helps… So you don’t even have to
return anymore? – You can just go like that? Wow
– Yeah And it kinda gives you an idea about
how it’s gonna look Dope, I like that. Let’s go into the office
and we’ll take a look in there This is where we’re
gonna bring in Roberta… …and get rid of Chris And I’ve got something for you to do Why do you have to make me
the bad guy? Because you’re the bad guy here You can paint over the logo – I’ll do it for Mom
– Yes Do it for Roberta Oh my gosh, this is crazy I’m already relaxed just seeing
that beautiful color – She’s going to love it
– Yeah, she is This book case will be painted Repainting it is going to
give it a new life, for sure I like that, oh my gosh It actually felt better
than I thought it would – It’s great
– Yeah – Change, change is good
– Change is good! – Good job
– Thanks One of the rooms in this house… …that really still screams Chris
is the office… …but it is now Roberta’s house… …and we’re gonna get started
priming and painting in there I’m gonna have Charlie’s team prime
the ceiling and the dining room… …and then I’m gonna go in
and start putting on metallic paint I’m gonna let that dry and then
I’ll come back with another coat Baby… …I just got an email from Rachel Eudoxie and Chris are really busy… …and they couldn’t
come over here today… …so I’m going to make a video
and send it to them Alrighty Chris.
I wanna show you our progress We got a lot done It looked crazy to see the house empty Big changes in the kitchen Kitchen has been completely gutted I’m definitely glad to see
the kitchen completely gone It was old Here’s your Mom’s office,
formerly your man cave All traces of your logo and blocks
are gone… No emotional attachments to anything? Now all the walls are painted
a really pretty color And then down here,
let’s check out the living room We have our three
paint samples on the wall I like that one The fireplace is going to be
changed a little bit… …with some new paint
on those far bricks in the back Damn, I like that The biggest change in here today
is the ceiling… I went with a metallic paint – Cool
– And we’ve only got one coat on now So you really cannot tell
the difference it’s going to make That is it for today, guys I hope you’re liking it This was my first house… …so obviously, you know,
I had to part with a little bit of it… …a little emotional attachment… …but at the same time,
I’m excited to see what comes – I’m excited
– Me too – For her, especially
– Exactly Today I finally get to show my Mom
all the things we’ve been working on I’m so nervous, but excited Chris is arriving soon I really hope he likes it Watch you head I’m off to my Mom’s house
to help Rachel and my wife Eudoxie… …do the finishing touches Hello? – Hey
– Wow Come on in This is great, great, great I love the colors… …I love how, you know,
it’s like a modern feel It makes you feel warm
at the same time – Oh, check this out, Chris
– Yeah It’s a little step for your Mom – So she can get up here at the microwave
– What? – Wow
– Hell, nah – Isn’t that cool?
– That is awesome I think we just need to
move into my Mom’s house No, it’s not happening, no You know what you can do, Chris? You can put the lemons
in that glass bowl Got you covered – Oh, and the grapes are in the fridge
– Oh okay Man, words can’t explain
how excited I am… …to show my mother the house I envision the look on her face
to be one of pure joy Well guys,
my work is done here for now Okay And I really, really hope
she loves it – I’ll see you guys later
– See you later – Bye bye
– Thank you so much I have been in Miami
for the last month I’m anxious to get home I’m getting a little anxiety
about the surprise… …that my son has in store for me Yeah, the place really looks good… …especially from this perspective,
I like it… Love the fireplace Oh, she’s coming, come on Over here, yeah, yeah Drum roll… – Welcome home
– Welcome home! Oh my God, this is gorgeous – This is so pretty
– Yes So this was hard for me
but look at this The space is totally transformed The brightness of the office
looks so feminine Are you sure you’re not mad… …that my logo is gone
from right there? I’ll be crying every night Good one, good one,
we kept your desk Yeah, I love my desk And that’s actually
your old bookshelf – Love it
– They just painted it – It’s beautiful
– Check out the dining room Love it – I was able to keep my table
– Yes you were The dining room… I noticed how well
the lamps and that rug… …made the room come together
with such harmony Since you had
some trouble finishing it… …you started and now it’s complete This is beautiful Definitely is a touch of class We can put the drinks on there Yes we can Are you ready? I can’t believe this – New appliances…
– We took out everything Wait a minute – Double oven
– The best part is that… …you can step up Oh my goodness – Damn
– And I definitely needed that That’s great, a double oven
and a microwave And look, look, look We don’t even have that at our house That’s why I’m saying,
we’re gonna move in with you – A soft closure, huh?
– Yes Can we move the whole family
in to your house? – Ah ah, no
– What? I love this color You have the gray seat cushions
with the gray in the kitchen cabinets – Look at your little wine rack
– It flows, it flows – Look at your wine rack
– Wine rack! Best part of the house Oh, I love it The best part of the house And you got new chairs here, too? Yes, yes I think what’s most amazing
is that this is my kitchen The kitchen is the heart of the home
and this home is no different It’s gonna be a lot of good memories – Oh no, look at the dog pictures
– Yeah Oh my gosh, and Troy with the ball That is so Troy – Wow
– I know, isn’t it crazy? So since you love Miami so much… …we brought Miami into your house – I see a little rocker, too
– Into Atlanta And these seats are so comfortable Oh the Ottoman, I love this leather – Wow
– That old one had to go I think this is dog proof Yes The couch is amazing This is bamboo,
the same as the floors Well, we’re glad you’re happy A lot of the energy in the house
was Chris’ energy… …but with the transformation,
this house has a new beginning It’s my house So, as much as we would like
to take all of the credit… …there’s actually somebody else
who did all of this… Rachel? – Hi
– It’s so nice to meet you – Oh, finally
– It’s beautiful What do you think?
I’m so glad you like it It’s beautiful – I’m so glad
– I love it And I wanna know who takes credit
for that picture right there? The dogs? That’s me Roberta really loves
her dogs so much… …and I wanted to do something
that featured them… …so I decided that I would just
take a piece of canvas… …and paint the dogs I knew how much you love your dogs With the ball in the mouth, too See, let me see Who knows I’m back? – Hello
– Hi, how are you? I’m good, look at my house! Oh my God, it’s awesome Wow Oh, nice Curtains – Tah-dah
– Goodness Very elegant – Elegant, love it
– Yay, yay, yay – Hi
– This is my neighbor This is gorgeous With technology, Houzz has honestly
revolutionized the game… …when it comes to
remodeling and design This would be my favourite area
in the house This will change the way
my Mom lives in this house because… …she’s just gonna wake up every day
with a smile on her face… …and go to sleep every day
with a smile on her face… …knowing that her house is complete – Yeah
– To your new home – Oh yeah
– New beginnings I just see us making
lots of memories here Hey, boys Hey, my doggy dogs It feels wonderful
and Chris is very generous His wife, Eudoxie, is very loving It had to take a lot of their time… …and input to make this happen It makes me feel that I’m blessed… …beyond belief What I would say to them is
thank you for loving me Thank you It’s pretty, wherever you look
is beautiful I feel like every child wants to do… …like, everything they can
possibly do for their Mom… …to give back an ounce
of what their mother has given them I love it, I love it,
I love it, thank you This is one step closer