Its 6:00 am now and as per Bhutan time its 6:30 AM I am at bus stand and whole night it rained and at 6:30 am, the view is like this my bus is that side my bus is that side and I will reach by 12:00 pm but now driver is missing.. I got wet in rain I have to dry myself first This is phuentsholing bus stand. You can ahve a view of it Driver should be on time so that we could depart early.. One more important thing I am telling at this bus stop, if you are leaving for Thimphu from Phuentsholing then try to book bus one day earlier or book online from It is a website where you can book buses inside Bhutan territory.. Where buses operate you can book that Keep this in mind. In off season you can get seat even 1-2 hours before departure. but the thing is you may not get desired seat If you book it one day earlier you may get your desired seat I did the ticket yesterday at Rs/Nu 220 for Thimphu I got front seat.. and window side We have stopped at refreshment center My bus is behind. You will not find big buses generally small buses operate which has 16-20 seats This is the location where we are now.. I have heard that these Restaurants are costly. I have heard that these Restaurants are costly. You can see clouds at low height It has rained heavily I am feeling bit cold, i feel i will need a sweeter I am little wet due to rain and little cold too temperature is around 18 degrees. Finally, I have reached Thimphu bus stand Behind me is Thimphu Bus stand From here I will go to clock tower where I can get budget hotels So I will go there Thankfully Its not raining Weather is looking pleasant perfect for traveling it was raining half way.. look ahead.. i can see that Buddha statue.. about which I have read.. and it is said that It can be seen from every point of Thimphu I will go there for sure but first thing I to do is To find a budget hotel. This is view of Bus stand.. The view is amazing.. That side is clock tower where I will get hotel. I was going in opposite direction .. A man told me its other now I am going the other way one important thing that i forgot to share.. When I was coming to Thimphu from Phuentsholing within 30 minutes of departure you will come to check point where you have show your permit A stamp was put on it and second check point is near Thimphu half n hour before arrival Rechecking is done So, two times you have to show your permit After reaching Thimphu keep in mind one thing cross the road from Zebra crossing only because traffic rules are strict here