It’s been 6 months since I decided to
quit my bartending job in order to pursue my art career full-time. In this
video I’m sharing with you a little bit of what these past 6 months have
looked like. Everyday looks different but there’s a daily routine I follow pretty
much every day; usually I wake up in between 4:30-6:30 a.m. I clean
myself up with Ayurvedic massages and a face oil for moisturizing. I make myself
a cup of cacao and I either workout or do yoga; either at home, a yoga studio or the gym. After my morning stretch I make some
breakfast which varies from day to day. I clean the kitchen area, for some reason I
can’t start my day off if the kitchen isn’t tidy. After breakfast I sit down
for a little meditation and to set off the intentions for my day. Sometimes I
pull a card and read a few pages from some of my favorite books for
inspiration. Sitting down and meditating on the day to come really sets up the
mood for my day; it helps me feel inspired and aligned. I usually write
down some intentions or ask for some guidance for my day. If I sit down with cacao during this
time I also thank nature’s spirit, the universe or however you want to call it
for the opportunities it gives me. I use cacao as a heart opening drink to
connect and thank higher self for another day alive. This is also a time I
used to write down my to-do list, which helps me get organized for the day. I only paint with daylight so I tend to
paint from around 10 a.m. until the sun comes down, which varies a lot from
summer to winter. I get way more painting done in summer and way more computer
work done during winter time. During my painting hours with my phone on airplane
mode or off, I go back and forth in between music, podcasts, silence and
audiobooks. The type of music I listen to varies a lot from mystical ethereal to
90’s jams. I enjoyed my painting time as my me time;
sometimes silly dancing and bad singing are essential part of this process. When
my husband works from home we take turns in the cooking; I’m happy eating the same
meal for lunch and dinner every day but I’m so thankful when he’s around because
we respect each other’s workspace and he’s such a great cook! I tend to take a
lunch break to either read something or just stare through the window. After
working for hours on very intricate patterns I need a break in order to be able to go back for the rest of the day After lunch my day varies a lot each day;
I can go back to work on the same painting or shift to another painting in
order to keep it fresh. I sometimes use the afternoon to shoot
some videos, work on some digital artwork, edit videos, schedule emails and
always envy my cats for sleeping all day. These past 6 months I focused a lot in
having digital material ready; I pimped my media kit, I learned how to schedule
posts and videos and worked a lot on my online shop. I also started a huge new
art product which requires a lot of biological studies so it’s also been a
time to do research. I reach out to scientists who can help me out on my new project. Before calling it a day I tidy up everything as this helps me feel inspired and happy to work the next day. Later afternoons are for packaging
orders, I usually do them only once a week as going to the post office and
packaging takes a bunch of time and I don’t like to pack in a hurry, but
actually put a lot of dedication and love to it. That is how most of my days
look like but there’s a bunch of days where the work is outside of my studio. I
head to the city when I have to paint murals. When I paint murals I don’t like
to take days off in between so stretching, yoga and packing up
substantial food is key in order to paint happy and without aches. During these 6 months I also held my
first few art workshops at my studio. For months I’ve felt a call to share with
others my practice and everything that surrounds it. I know I will be diving
deeper into the workshops realm. Nature is a big part of my life an artwork,
so having mornings off or whole days off whenever possible is necessary both for
my work and to keep me sane in this hectic city. I usually hit the beach or the
botanical gardens, my favorite apothecary, coffee shop or just walk the streets or
walk to the river listening to a good playlist. These is key to clear out my
mind and get new inspiration from my surroundings. Last year I also had the opportunity to
spend 2 weeks in upstate New York with some of my best friends, where we all
worked on our own artistic projects. Sitting down in ceremony is also key to
both myself and my work it really helps me to keep on working on myself, which
also means new possibilities for my art. Cacao ceremonies, breathwork, soundbaths
and fires in nature are some of my favorite ceremonies. Having a community
of inspiring humans around me who are also working on themselves is something
I’m very grateful for, as it keeps me in track. I feel these past months have been
very important to learn more about the balance in between work and rest, in
between staying at the studio and being in nature. The importance of having an
online and an offline presence, the balance in between recharging with the light in order to share the light with others. Thank you so much for watching
this video and for supporting both me and my work in this journey. Bye!