happy birthday boo it is on there I’m gonna take a picture she didn’t want to wear it. we try not to look so happy that’s how
you do it I’m just recording I can hear the song that’s where we’ll be going later thank you let’s see the drink menu drink menu for my boo Neverland tea … all right boo happy birthday mama I love you – it might as well be juice hailey how’s that water treatin ya? what you get? titos & soda girl you go in
Oh food yes lobster nachos piggy wings and potato skins No this whole thing is a big tribute to pixar artists
this is actually 70 different props and some inspiration ideas and contributions of
all the way back to toy story oh I like that was the Paradise felt
falls every panelist shoes are those how do you know the story no that’s actually
done that’s what I’ve ever dated back but on the wall that’s what the very
first toy story movie the director was John Lasseter you want to figure out a
way to make the walk I mean unbelievable so we put somebody in those shoes after
the plank of wood and you had them hobble around and that’s how they got to
walk I am so glad I noticed that that’s the inspiration for Andy’s neighborhood everyone is that again my favorite is
Hank down here hiding on the wall cute oh yeah I love that dudes and for every
Pixar film now the director has to give a stamp of approval for every single
frames of the film and so the director does it film has a stamp and that right
there is the stamp for the director for finding nemo and finding dory you’re very lucky
it’s a closed studio you’ve got to be invited in it’s amazing we get a chance
and their little party they ended up giving a couple of their departments a
couple thousand dollars to actually build lounges inside of theirs
departments they’re hidden though so some of them are really hidden and so the one we
actually wanted to have a hidden lounge all our own so you might not know it so
right behind me behind this wall there’s actually a private dining room hidden
backstage this way so we’re gonna take you out there cool oh em gee I’m dying
(thank you so much) oh my god we’re so special right now so we have a very special door that you have to open we need a volunteer who you have to spin
the wheel and you have to spin it the you have to spin it long enough and hard enough and want enough to
get all three lights to light up okay come on baby girl you can do it you can do it oh my god I’m dying on the wall these are actually our original concept art from
the very first computer generated film that pixar ever did called Wally bee
Wally and the bee is what it’s called and it was John Lasseter’s first film back when pixar
was a subsidiary of Lucasfilm way back in the eighties but so it’s kind of
fun in here right kind of sardis feel if you know about Sardis kind of a lot of
different things on the wall these are actually workable boardgames there’s all these fun
places to sit I love this a private dining room so it’s kind of nice to get your own server
and all that but the best part of this entire room is right behind this door
your own private deck oh my gosh yeah let’s live here Wow Wow oh my gosh oh my gosh click bait galore yes oh my gosh this is amazing it’s usually not appropriate to record in
the restroom but how you feel I can kinda feel it how does it feel describe it it feels like a little weird right
over your over your eyebrows is what I say I can tell I have less of a filter Jennifer … one drink that’s it we’ve got to build up your tolerance mama I actually waited until I was old enough to do it, unlike some people you know let’s not talk about the shadiness you know you know I
gave you an example of what not to oh you did multiple examples okay end recording end recording wait wait is it recording oh shit
I’m recording go it’s gonna look stupid all done all done ok it worked where are we going boo we’re going to pirates we wanna see johnny depp oh she said it I didn’t but yes