Hi everyone and all.And today we are going to play My Cafe-Recipes and Stories. In this video I want to be serious because I want to optimize our staff works. So we’re going to have some serious talk. If you’re ready for that, then let’s go You’ve probably noticed in my previous video so now is making a face on different styles like Chinese style or french style if you haven’t watched it then please watch the playlist Here it’s an information sign in the upper right corner So you have probably noticed that everything is very beautiful in My Cafe, and thank you for your comments about that But my staff has become Really really slow because it took them too much time to get from one ingredient to another and to make the whole drink or dessert took like ages I’ve actually analyzed all the ingredients with all the drinks and all the desserts and All ice cream, and I have made a google Doc. Just like that and you can see it in the description I have actually analyzed all the connections between different ingredients And I have tracked which ingredients matches a certain ingredients like more often And this is how I created some kind of a map of how ingredients should be located to make your staffs move faster until Optimize their movements so that they don’t just go from ice to the chocolates syrup through all the cafe and right now I’m going to arrange everything in my cafe in such a way that it will be faster That’s why let’s search and as you see right here. I have already removed everything from My Cafe regarding equipment I will tell you a couple of main things and principles How I’m going to arrange everything in My Cafe. So, everything is in grey now because I have removed everything to the storage. And it is quite reasonable that recipes and ingredients which we unlock at lower level are used more often than recipes and ingredients Which are unlocked at higher levels. Most widely-used recipes are tea, espresso, whipped cream and chocolate syrups Which brings me to the following arrangement of everything in My Cafe. Okay! Let’s say we place tea and Espresso First More often you notice that Espresso often comes with ice and Milk and tea often comes with ice and milk, so let’s place this fridges. Just nearby Wonderful! Enable to arrange the toppings in such a way that They are most widely used together and I have found out that if you use little grated chocolate, nuts, Lemon and cinnamon together they should be placed together and they should be just over the espresso and tea besides Let’s install another topping elf and I want to place it right here Here we can also place honey mint, and Less popular Topping such as [cocoa] flakes Marshmallows and last of all we can use the sea salt cyrus our next most popular used ingredients So let’s actually Play some Golden Golden Dragon stands just in front of the fridges because they always come together just like that and most popular toppings here are stylish whipped cream, yes This cream is really really and really Popular and chocolate [pirate] they always come together by the way I have found nine connections between that which is really a lot then there goes vanilla syrup and stylish caramel syrup and they often Come together with Espresso with tea and all other drinks finally we can install two more fridges because mint often goes with the Forest berries refrigerator and also with grape juice [and] here We can play someone drinks such as a latte just one for now Then I’d better place the Americano okay now the Golden dragons tent and right here. I’ll place Cappuccino Okay as for the desserts They are also very important, so let’s place them on the other side of the fridge go straight here And most desserts are rasaan or cupcake they always come with them cinnamon or with the whipped cream and I want to make spaces between the Stands because I [want] must have to move Right here and again another Golden [Dragon] stand which will go right here one of the most widely used recipes is with the donuts actually so that’s why I want to place Donna’s donuts and then muffins and Tiramisu Just like that on the other side. I would like I would really love to play some more dragon stance, okay? then the stylish chocolate cake and cheesecake and later on we can use the Tartlet and Actually raspberry cake display case because they’re not used very often and they don’t come with all of that Ingredients that we are need that we need [just] right here in the middle and ice [creams] yeah ice creams are also very important But they should probably go on somewhere in the middle. Just like just somewhere like here I guess vanilla ice cream freezer goes first And this is the most widely used freezer than frozen yogurt Which is quite interesting? We’ll go right here and strawberry ice [cream] freezer will also go just right here So this is how you can arrange everything and another thing we have the grenadine syrup That’s the final ingredient and we also need to place the [server’s] table Just right here nearby because our staff should be able to place the orders really quick for our baristas Yeah You’re also wondering where would I put this phone? Phone should probably go in the middle just somewhere here and put the [server’s] table just right here nice now It’s nice Now that can make your orders really quick we also need something for spices you wondering why don’t I cover? Anything with special recipes, but the reason is that he makes his dishes yourself. So you don’t need to use your servers for that, so let’s place it here or it can even be just Placed somewhere behind it should be in your cafe But you don’t actually click on it all the time and play some more equipment here like whipped Cream and vanilla syrup Chocolate ice cream also it can go just I don’t know maybe right here It’s a good option for that another thing Is that my bar counter is not really good here? So I’ll probably move my tables right here [on] the bar counter we’ll go just like that because I want my [baristas] to reach my customers faster bar counter should be placed near the Equipment, so this is how everything can be placed? Yeah, so actually this is it I hope [you’ve] enjoyed this video if you do then please put a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and let’s go together If you know how to make you could say even more optimized please write it in the comments Have a look really really glad to read all that and have also chosen five best comments from a previous video You can see them right here if you also want to ping gift Please leave your comments [below] and don’t forget to add your player Id which [is] a combination of numbers in the bottom left corner of the game settings? I will be glad to send you a ping gift if your comment is one of the best And thank you so much and see you next time. Bye