so congratulations! you have passed to
the new level, and now you have a lot of new furniture a lot of new items in the
interior or in the equipment and here it is! You don’t have enough money for the
new equipment ,which opens up at the new level, and this actually brings about a
lot of different issues. Well, first of all, you cannot serve recipes to your
customers with the equipment, and when you cannot do that ,they just leave and
you lose your profit. You don’t have recipes, you don’t have machines, and your
customers just come and go. This actually may stand in your way to passing
different stories, because when customers get their orders, they just stay and sit,
you can talk to them, but when you have no recipe for them, they just stand
up and leave, and you have to wait till they come back next time and order
something else. Another thing that is also not really good is that you cannot
serve the special recipes with the new equipment, and you cannot earn additional
coins, or you cannot fulfill different festival tasks, etc. So this is not really
convenient, at all. This also concerns different phone and Township orders,
because you cannot earn the spices, that you wanted to get. And the most
disappointing thing about all of that is that when the guests come over, like we
have Charlotte right now, or when we have Diego, then they can also start asking
you for the recipes with the new equipment in their timeline, and when you
don’t have that equipment, then you just can’t cancel their orders, you cannot
pass the story further. I think that some of us have faced it already, and for that
reason I want to tell you what to do in that case. And the first tip, and this is
actually the prevention measure, is that you do not pass to the new level. You do
not finish the story at the previous level, before you have enough coins or
gems to purchase the equipment at the next level. So, you just wait: you play
with the customers, you fulfill the special orders, you play in the festivals,
you play with the bunny, etc. The prices and all equipment are located in all of
our social media, so please visit them at the links in the settings, and I have
also left the link in the description to the prices of all equipment that we
have in the game, and I hope it will be useful to you, and you know how much
you need to save before you go to the new level. However, sometimes it really
happens like that, that it has already happened. So that’s why I really want to
tell you what to do if you have already passed to a new level, and you don’t have
money on the equipment. Tt is really good that we have the equipment, which you
can purchase straight away, or you can purchase it with installments. Usually
the price of the equipment with installments is higher than the price
when you purchase the equipment straight away. However, meanwhile when you start
serving the customers even with the basic recipes with this equipment, you
stop losing your profit. In this way, you can gain your coins faster. Together with
that, our guests also start asking for quite simple recipes at their initial
orders, and you still win some time to earn some coins for the next star, and
all the special recipes are becoming available straight away even with the
basic equipment. At least you can do the special orders, you don’t have to spend
your change special orders attempts, you can fulfill your festival tasks, etc. So, I
just want to purchase it right now, and I have the first recipe open, this is the
pancake, and I can also play with other recipes and check whether I can do them
or not. So, I have opened the new recipe but I cannot serve it yet because I need
to raise the level of my equipment. To do that, I just long tap on it, and I click
the Up arrow, and then I can upgrade it to the first level. Actually, I have
enough coins to do that, so I click Yes, and now this recipe becomes available to
me. because I can do it right now, I raise prices and this way I start having more
choice. To upgrade it further, I need to start earning some coins, and this is how I
can do it. I can purchase a coffee grinder, for instance, or the tea
container, and use my gems to increase the profit by 50 percent, 100 percent,
five hundred percent, or one thousand percent. actually, this depends on how
much gems you have. however, this is really nice, because it really boosts all
of your income from all the coffee drinks, including the special recipes.
Together with that, we can definitely do the special orders, and also get some
coins for it. We can use even the simplest spices, like rose petals, or anise. Or, if you have staff that brings you some gifts, or spices, you can use
them and at least fulfill something that you have. Go into the game every 3 hours,
hours because this is the time when all the special orders refresh. Use your
attempts to change special orders, and this way, you can earn more and more coins.
Don’t rush anywhere, do it gradually, fulfill your phone orders to get more
spices, I also have links in the description about how to earn more coins,
and how to earn more gems, and even how to earn more gifts. For instance, from the
bunny game. You can also try selling something to Carl from the storage, if
you have something to sell, though. This can also bring you some extra coins, as
well. And don’t forget it that you also have Township, and you have Township
Treasury, so you can ask your town mates to share some resources from the
treasure trove with you. If you want to purchase this stylish equipment straight
away, you can also take a look at the bank special offers, because they are
changed every day, and they have discounts. Sometimes it really can be a
good deal. And also if you are lacking coins on some equipment, you can use
your gems to pay the rest of the sum. this just depends on how many resources
you have. So ,actually guys, these are all the tips about it. The key is not to rush
anywhere, and to pass the game gradually, and just have fun from the game!