Thanks. It’s all about her party,
you notice that? I think we need some shots. This is her party, her place. – Shots?
– And I find it interesting that her husband
pays the bills… Y’all ready for some shots? …but she’s sitting there
drinking his booze and she’s buying the drinks
for all of her girlfriends. I’m ready to get
the party started. Yes or no?
Two? All right. Are you buying those or what? Yeah, I’m buying them. ( cheering ) And you get a shot,
and you get a shot, and you get a shot. The whole bar
gets a ( bleep ) shot. You’re like a drunk,
white Oprah. ( Jon laughs ) Devin:
What’s the count? – Dee: 20.
– 20 shots? I didn’t think there was
that many people here. She’s months from losing
the whole damn place and you wonder what the hell
is she happy about? ( babbling )She has none of the risk
involved in losing this,
so she’s just having
a grand old time
with her girlfriendslike she’s at
a private house party. – Does everybody had one?
– Heather didn’t get one. Oh, I’m missing one for me. – You don’t need one.
– Oh, please. Group toast… – Thank you!
– ( cheering ) Jon:And he’s watching
her have fun
– as she burns the money.
– Yep. Hey, it’s not funny, really. She’s drunk.
You know what, guys? I’m gonna do something
I’ve never done before.I want to see
if she can do this.
I am gonna go in there
right now, I’m gonna order
so many ( bleep ) drinks. – Oh, man.
– So, I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna do
my own frickin’ recon. This is gonna be great!And let’s see what she’s got!Oh, my God. Another shot. Ooh! Ooh! Here we go. Boy, look at this, guys.
We’re just lining them up here! – Did you pay for this?
– I’m– Howard really bought it
for her, didn’t he? – Howard: Yes, sir.
– How many drinks did you buy her
tonight, Howard? – You don’t even know, do you?
– No, sir. And why?
I don’t get this! Why? Why? Just like to
have a good time. So you like to have
a good time at his expense? – Well–
– And are these your buddies? – Heather: Yes.
– And they come here and drink for free,
don’t they? No, they have tabs sometimes. Sometimes. – Yeah, right.
– Yes. ‘Cause he’s working
his ass off, and you’re partying yours
month after month! How many times have you
written checks, Howard? 25 at least. 25 checks for $2,000, and this is what you do
in front of him? Sometimes. “Sometimes,” she says. I got his back. So I want to see what you got. Come behind the bar.
I’m gonna do my own recon. Heather: All right. What’s your favorite
drink to sell? Not to drink, Heather. Heather:
I make cucumber shots.
No, not shots, a cocktail. Can you make a margarita? Sure. Okay, make me 15 of them
right now. – 15?
– Yes, make me 15
of them right now, ’cause I’m gonna do
what Howard doesn’t. I’m gonna call you out! He’s being way too nice! – Let’s see what you got.
– All right. – 15 of them, let’s go.
– I got it, I got it. It’s the most popular drink
in America, Heather, you should be able to do it. You’re right. Now do it without
putting your hands all over the top of the glass. You’re just running
your fingers through your hair and everything else. We’re gonna be here
all night, Howard? – Heather: No, I’m–
– It looks like it. Shut up! This is amazing. I’m working fast! Jon: If she was sober,
could she do this? – Yeah, I am sober!
– Howard: Yeah. Jon:
But she can’t do it why? Because she’s had probably
five or six shots – since we’ve been here.
– No, I’m fine! – I’m fine!
– So is she more generous – when she’s drunk?
– Absolutely. Is she more flirty
when she’s drunk? – Absolutely.
– This is not gonna be
all about me and Howard. Do you lose more money
when she’s drunk? – Absolutely.
– So why the hell
are you drunk? – I’m not drunk.
– You were taking shots, sitting here
with your girlfriends. What did you do tonight
that was work? You know, Howard,
the quicker you tell her you’re not writing
any more checks, the quicker she straightens up, – you know that?
– ( groans ) Yeah, I know that, but you know
that’s a little hard to do. I get it, but you’re
enabling it, aren’t you? Heather:
No, he’s not! Give me a minute,
give me a minute. So now I’ve been
waiting, what, seven, eight minutes
for these drinks? Heather:
You told me to make them. Give me a chance
to make them. Doesn’t that bother you, that you’re freeloading
off your husband to party? Doesn’t that bother you? How do you make a margarita? Should it be shaken or should it be built
in a glass? It should be shaken. – Jon: Thank you!
– Don’t point at me. Now shake them
and start over again. – Every time.
– Divorce. Jon:
Every time it should
be shaken. – ( bleep ) divorce.
– No! I’m glad you think
this is funny while he keeps
writing the checks ’cause you’re dumping
more of his booze down the drain now,
aren’t you? It’s our money. I put a lot
of money into it, too. It’s not just about him,
I have worked my ass off. He’s writing the checks
and going to a job. Right now, yes,
but I also put initial–
all my money in. – To hell with you.
– No! Howard, I got your back,
but I don’t want to
do this for her. – This is outrageous.
– Heather: I don’t want– It’s incredibly disrespectful! – No, I–
– And you better realize it! – I want your help.
– I’m out of here. So do I still make the drinks?