Hi, how are you? Where are going?
You good? Where are going?
Up this way. What place?
This way.
Where? Ah, up this way.
Where are going? Nice to see you.
Where’s your hotel? These tuk-tuk drivers behind me, clapping at me and shouting. They must be like sitting there all day. There’s a train every 3 hours or something. They see an obvious looking tourist. White face, selfie stick. They think oh, a fare at last. I’m gonna earn a bit of money after 3 hours waiting. Nah, your man here has got 2 strong legs. Village of Ohiya.
1774 meters above sea level. Somebody’s wee house there. That’s nice isn’t it? They’ve got a satellite TV as well. Look, you can live in this rural area and still enjoy watching live premiership football matches or whatever. Look at this place. That’s the railway station down there. The train tracks I’ve just came from. Lovely. Ahh, it’s got a collar on it at least. Belongs to somebody. Probably friendly. Looks like this is the local post office. Another dog there. Sub Post Office, obviously. [laughter] It’s not like it’s gonna be some major post office. Probably gets mail picked up from it like once a week or something like that. Plenty of dogs. Don’t see any humans around here. Hello friendly doggie. Don’t bite me. I don’t want another incident like India. Oh, you following me? That’s nice. Aren’t you a little cutie? You don’t have a collar on, which makes me wonder if you’ve had your vaccinations and all that. Further railway track down there. Something I’m thinking would be quite nice, if you had a lot of time. Look at these leaves blowing around. That’s nice. Something I think would be quite nice if you had a lot of time is just to hike along the rail tracks, all the way and every 4 or 5 stations each day sleep in a new town over the period of a week or something like that. That might be a cool little travel project for somebody. Looks like this is the village temple. Nobody around. Still don’t want to disrespect the place by going in with my bare knees. I know they don’t really like that. Eh, I guess that’s where people in the village come to make merit. I guess it’s Buddhist, right? I guess that’s where the come to make merit and all that. Would you look at this. Would you look at this. Beautiful. What a beautiful, secluded, part of the world, part of the country, part of Central Sri Lanka. I guess that must be World’s End up there. Right, we’re only three quarters of a kilometer away. So, about 75% – 80% of the hike from the railway station has been done. And, this is absolutely stunning. If this is where I’m staying, somewhere around here with a view like that, hopefully the view out my window is something like this. I’ll be loving it, at least for one night. That would be lovely. Look at this place. Just keep the camera rolling shall I? And soak this in. Look at it. Imagine living here. Imagine you’re just like the hotel owner and this is your life. How stress free. You’ll never have high blood pressure. Just living a stress free life. Living in this valley. Meeting and greeting people who come to your Eco Lodge. What a life that must be. Let’s go and meet this fella anyway. Oh aye, looks like that’s us here. Hill Safari. And we do have the view of this valley. This beautiful valley down here. Hopefully my room is one of the ones that’s facing outside rather than just facing that other building that’s opposite it. It looks brand new. Purposely built. I wonder if they just bought a plot of land and then just said “that’s were we’re gonna build a guesthouse, and it’s gonna be brilliant.” Good afternoon. How are you? You’re walking from the station?
Good afternoon. How are you? You’re walking from the station? Yeah, I walk from Pattipola station. Yeah cause I like. I like exercise. Good, good.
Yes, it’s good. Feel good in my lungs. Yeah, yeah. And you? You living here?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. This your place, Hill Safari? That’s where I’m checking in.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re Dale? Yeah, I’m Dale. You’re expecting me?
Yeah. Pleased to meet you. Nice to meet you. Your husband is there? Okay, I’ll go and meet him. I came here because my phone, mobile work from there, there. It works over there but not in there? Ah, okay. WiFi is there.
Oh but you have WiFi? That’s the most important thing. What’s your husband’s name?
Eomal. Eomal? Okay, I’ll go speak to him now. Okay, thank you. Very friendly woman. Look at this. She pronounced my name right as well. How many foreigners pronounce my name correctly? And not call me Dal, Dali, Dalowawwawa, something not resembling Dale. But she got it right. Hello, hello. How are you? I’m Dale. Hello. I think I just met your wife out there. Pleased to meet you.
Hello. This is camera. Okay?
Okay. Today checking in. Yeah, only one night.
Yeah, yeah, okay. Okay, I need to give you money though, right? Oh no, you can pay later.
I pay later? Ah, okay. Okay.
And can I have your passport. Ah, okay, I give you my passport. Okay. Ah, you’ve got a Fussball table, nice. You good? Yeah I stopped 1pm at Pattipola and now 4pm. So 3 hours hiking. It’s good exercise.
Good, good, good. Today we are having all adventurous people. Really? Oh, good. Yeah, one on bike. One on bike, uh? Two on bicycles. The bicycles, they came from where? They have come from Nuwara Eliya. They bicycled all the way from Nuwara Eliya? Wow, that is adventurous. And bike, can you guess, motorbike from where? From Galle! From Galle, all the way on a motorbike? Dale has come all the way from Pattipola. Lady, lady who came with a motorbike. A lady came on a motorbike all the way from Galle? Wow, that is adventurous. Yeah, so all four, today, we are having four adventurers. The tuk-tuk men will be angry they don’t get the money for the tuk-uk No, no, today you are good that you walk because today in Ohiya, some funeral. Oh, there’s a funeral? Ah, okay. So, all the tuk-tuks are now going there. Ah, there were two tuk-tuks there. They seem not happy that I not need to use their service. They’re like where you go? Where? Wait! We are here, tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk. No, I have two legs. No need tuk-tuk, have two legs. [laughter] Lovely. Dinner at 7 o’clock. 7 o’clock, ah. Dinner included or is this pay extra? No, no. Dinner and breakfast. Dinner and breakfast included., oh okay. So 7 o’clock? Yeah.
Okay, good. Breakfast tomorrow, if I’m doing the. We will give you a breakfast pack. Breakfast pack, oh okay good. And you will arrange the tuk-tuk for me to wait 5:30? Yeah. yeah. So I just need to wake up, come 5:30, it will be here? Yeah, yeah. And I can come back and take a shower? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I will be back like 9:30. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Lovely. Very nice. Very nice room. How many years this Eco Lodge been open? When you open this place? How many years?
It was starting in a small way about 16 years ago. 16 years ago but it was more small than this? Yeah but recently only last 6 years only we expanded this. Oh, so this part is 6 years ago?
Oh, okay. It still looks like new. Yeah. Oh wow. It still looks like brand new, like you made it this year. I seen it when I’m walking. I said oh wow, this building it looks brand new, not like the older buildings, yeah. Ah, it’s very nice. And is it okay to walk around here yes?
Yeah, yeah.
Everyone’s friendly? You can go in front of the old building then go from there actually. You can see that side. Okay, good. Okay, thank you, thank you. It was nice to talk to you. I see you at dinner time. Okay, see you. You want to put this, you can do. Cover up this, okay? Cover up these, yeah before I take a shower so nobody is seeing me. Okay. Okay, are people walking past from here, yeah? No, no, nobody comes here. Nobody comes here? Oh this only for me? This whole place. Oh, very nice. Okay, thank you sir. Okay, lovely. Ah, I’m loving this. Look at this, the whole top deck is mine. Nice bathroom. Hopefully hot water coming out of that. What is down here? And there’s my room, right there. Looks like I’ve left the lights on. Naughty, naughty. Not very eco-friendly, is it? Didn’t do that on purpose. So, I’m taking a wee stroll, down next to this derelict building. I just felt rain on my arm and those clouds are black. Please don’t let it be raining tomorrow morning. Getting up, leaving at 5:30 am to go start this hike. But look at this view. Lovely. So just out for a brisk stroll in the local area. Less than an hour of daylight left. That’s not gonna stop me having a wee explore. A wee adventure. Maybe even a wee jog. Still full of energy. Let’s see what’s over here. Lady picking tea there. She must work right until dusk. Because only about half an hour worth of daylight left. Look at this wee farm down there. They’re growing tea and they’ve got a couple of cows. Wonder if that’s, they’ve got some chickens there as well. And they’re doing something else. I wonder if that’s just a family who live there and that’s how they support themselves. This wee farm and have just got their own wee plot of land. Aye. I’d like to go down and speak to them. Doubtful they speak any English. Looks like this is somebody’s house. I dunno if they’re welcoming or not. I think probably not. I’m waving at the guy, he’s not waving back. What am I gonna do? Hello. How are you? Okay maybe I’ll just go and shake his hand. This your house? Ah, very nice. Beautiful. I really like your plants. This farm for you? This farm, your farm? Ah, very nice. Your dog? What’s the dog’s name? Hey doggie! Friendly dog? Or bite? Not bite, not bite? Ah, what your name?
[cough] Oh, pleased to meet you. My name Dale. Are you speaking English, no? Little bit? No? Ah, no. This farm for you? Farm for? I can go down to?
Go, go go. Go? Oh thank you. I will go down, have a wee look. Okay.
Thank you. This way? Okay, thank you. Okay, seems friendly. He, almost no English but he said, eh, I think he understood “me go, me go” and he nodded his head. So, I’m gonna go down and explore. Uh oh. Is this the way down or not? Okay, whoop. Think this is the way down, or think I’m going down a stream. I’m gonna slip and fall on my arse aren’t I? I think that’s what I’m gonna do. This steps is also where the water’s coming down. [laughter] Which isn’t too convenient. Okay, looks like I’m gonna blindside them, because they’re round there. So, they’re gonna get a wee surprise when I just walk around the corner. And they’ll go “who is this ghost coming to haunt us?” Soggy. Here we go. Hello. Nobody here. I hear people. Hello. I come to say hello. I only come to say hello. It’s okay? I just want to look. This very beautiful farm. You working on the farm? Oh, this very nice. Just want to take a look. And what is your name?
[inaudible] Your name Majikwan? Oh. My name Dale. Pleased to meet you. Okay, it’s very nice. Now you finished working, sleep? This, eh, now sun come down. Sun come down.
Yeah. Sun come down, you sleep. Good. Ah okay, me, I am staying in the Hill Safari. Hill Safari?
Yes, this very nice. Oh yes.
This man and woman, very nice man and woman. This Hill Safari, okay nice to meet you. Okay, see you. See you. Bye, bye. Okay. Oh, hello. I just come to say hello, only. No English.
No English I know, but hello. Hello. Just hello, hello. Okay, see you. Bye, bye. Oh there he is. Bye, bye. I trampled all over his seeding or whatever it was he was doing, planting something. And trying to get out of there I was stepping all over it. And, I mean, I’m pretty decent at reading people’s body language. I’m saying, he was pissed off. [laughter] He was pissed off but still trying to be somewhat friendly. But also somewhat perplexed. And “what is this guy doing here” because they’re still staring at me as I walk away. Maybe they’re just making sure I do get the hell away from their farm. I’m back. And that water looks like it’s starting to heat up. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Please be hot, please be hot. Come on. Starting off cold. It’s warming up. It’s warm. It’s boiling. It’s boiling, yes! Heaven. That is what you call heaven, up there. Okay, so just finishing up the World’s End hike. There will be another video about that but I’m just about to go back to the Eco Lodge, get a quick shower and check out. My stay at that Eco Lodge, lovely. Lovely couple, lovely place and bargain. Well here I am, back at Ohiya train station. Just check out that Hill Safari Eco Lodge and the nice wee couple who live there they gave me a discount because I’m a single person. I was expecting to pay, like, $62 a night it ended up being $54 a night. Because the price apparently included the dinner and the breakfast. So, absolute bargain. What would you get in your country for $54 a night? I know in my country you definitely wouldn’t get dinner, breakfast and a beautiful view of the valleys. You might get a view of a shooting up gallery for the junkies if you could find any accommodation for that price. But it was a lovely stay. I would recommend it if anybody is coming here to do the World’s End hike that is the place to stay. I’m gonna leave a wee link in the description if anybody wants to book that hotel. And, for now, that’s the video. Give me a wee thumbs up and a subscription if you want to see more. See you later.