I meet the funniest best people while I
travel this is probably the main reason I travel the people you meet crazy
crazy people – you’ve already seen some of these girls from my other video but let
me talk to you about Gel about Nan and “M” and how I made these girls and
the crazy crazy things we get up to let’s check it out just to clarify
before each and every one of them beats me on these who know actually my
girlfriends and they’re not being my girlfriends they are my friends that are
girls haven’t seen of what loads our video is with these guys and went out
clubbing when we went out to the islands around Thailand gonna go show them food
showing Bangkok showing what to do showing way to go things I would never
normally have sin if I’ve just been the tourists are going to get those videos
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it really helps me out never miss another one again being that was so
cheesy okay so yeah how did I have that on me yeah oh I know gel in insomnia
crazy crazy Club also happens to work in my hotel but I met her in him something
in fact this is the actual footage right now inside insomnia and this is the
first time I ever met the hotel I was staying at and she was
like bored she was like look what a lot of times they’ll let me take you out we
ate food in place I’ve never normally to win and explored some of those crazy
crazy places that are in this city I mean crazy the islands together whether
to be together ate something spicy food stuff I could not could not handle
sponsoring a look tiny village on the outskirts of Serena and Thailand’s in
pattaya to work and earn money and travel and have an amazing amazing
imagine these are like people if we were back home there be the people that go
into like IB fur and New York and stuff in the summer to be reps I mean this
Pattaya is 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days of the year these are
party girls modellers have proved that you can just
just say just get drunk go to a club or bar and just say hi to everyone anyone
not just people to work there peoples over there smile smile you’re really
important here in Thailand it is again that cheesy cheesy their smile honor the
you can talk to anyone here it’s not like at home just say hi okay then
there’s man I met now I then that be years she works in a hotel here she’s
actually from a touch grew up here she goes to college university here she’s
very very clever her English is amazing and she works here so she’s up for like
partying all the time because she goes the works and she’s working like
midnight mins like let’s go out drinking there’s nothing at the clubs get the
bottle of whisky you haven’t heard about buying the bottle was in the nightclub
you know check out my other videos or how you should always always buy bottles
here rather than individual beers you’ll save yourself loads of money the very
first time and then I was having walking street foods you know the food stores
that they’ve got haven’t seen them like street food that happens on Walking
Street anywhere really in Thailand at nighttime and I was buying food and I
think I met her there but she’s great really great she has a boyfriend guys
I’m afraid so sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
and mmm am i met on social media there’s another one I met MHC on Instagram now
if you go to my Instagram my on my Facebook you can check that out
there are loads and loads of people on there or if you go on Instagram it just
sure to cherish a character tag search of tag like Pattaya Bangkok or move
wherever it is maybe people tagged in now look at their locations for those
places and there be people there and you can hit them up say hi and people will
say hello back and then you guys meet people in your they’re like hey you want
eat up for a drink or seafood or whatever I’ll show me some way to eat
it’s easy em works in a hotel here in Bangkok do it so like the party which
you worked a lot a hell of a lot here’s Minho into a Schubert Club
together which is a crazy crazy night club in Bangkok you can see on superbe
xi and see my video on that but that was a good night huh so in summary this is
the land of smile smile when I go and talk club sometimes I’m like I look so
miserable and people ask what the girls are like are you okay are you alright
like smile make such a difference smile say hi do talk to peace out like
back home I’d feel a little bit intimidated to say hi just just say hi
to anyone you want and get talking people are friendly and sweet and nice
for the most part obviously there’s some denial but 99% I promise you they’re
going to be so nice just say hi and if in doubt hit up
social media beforehand and say hi to people and meet them when you’re out
there also you can meet other Westerners that are traveling I’m a lot of people
in Bangkok Koh Samui that I just joined up with minute with their party went
drinking a food together is how you find the best friends people people are the
reason my travel I should come and scream just like that
nobody ate it okay I did that and I told you about that that’s how well gives a
lots of other videos coming up thanks so much for watching this lots more about
eating food in Thailand where to travel where to go things not to do things to
do the cost of things have anything is cheap expensive where to go Club it in
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