hello and welcome back to my channel making easy recipes in today’s video I will show you how to make mushroom sauce this sauce is suitable for meat stew or chicken let’s see the ingredients first we are going to start by chopping the mushrooms then we are going to put some water in a pan at medium heat once the butter has melted we add the onion and the garlic we are going to lightly fry this now we add our sharp eyed mushrooms we move the world to let them coat with water we just need to cook them around one minute now we add the soya sauce and again we move the well now we add the unsalted chicken broth and we move this well for this quantity of sauce we need to cook for around two minutes we continue cooking admit your heat now I’m adding the fresh cream and I have to move while I’m adding the cream now we are going to leave it at medium heat for a little less than one minute and just to finish I add some black pepper we serve it in a small bowl like this one here you can appreciate how to consistency of the sauce I hope you liked this recipe and try it as you can see it’s super easy I invite you to check out my other recipes don’t forget to subscribe and share see you on my next video bye you