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it’s 2018 we’re bringing you episode 5 we’ve got Master Sergeant John Williams
with a 2014 Camaro zl1 we’ve got Nick ham from the warrior bill foundation he
was a United States Marine Corps vet and our feature car from Neville ohms is a
1969 Camaro it’s red is hot it’s got the zl1 motor it’s total muscle car it’s got
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toss it over to thank you from the bar big shout out welcome to MuscleKingz Lounge 2018 it’s episode 5 it’s the first episode of the year I’ve got to my
right here Sir John Williams and Nick ham right now
we’re gonna before we get into how awesome these dudes are we’re gonna show
a clip of John’s car right now it’s a Camaro 2014 zl1
let’s check it out all right we’re back that was the that
was the hot rod right there welcome to the show at John Williams and
Nick ham both of you are weak or veterans 20 plus years each of you yes
it’s great thank you for so much for your service and we’re honored to have
you before we talk about the warrior bill
foundation and get into that we’re gonna talk about the car first
why Camaro why Chevy and then talk about this whip because you’ve got it done to
the night it is everything you forget you got so yeah let me you know well I
mean when I look at Camaros I was like the car itself the the natural state of
the car so my plan with the deal one is just to keep it in its original format I
like the way the car looks I like the lines of the car I like the way the car
drives I like the suspension for me it’s like my ultimate car and and I’m very
happy to keep it in this thing right they want stray too far away you know
you’ve got the suede kid in there yes you’ve got in any engine and upgrades or
no oh it’s not it’s supercharged supercharger sway bar up in the front
yeah I mean it has the fiber glass yes so that helps to reduce weight yeah love
the looks of that and the wheels are they stock will the stock they look
great so therefore is no need to go outside of the original robbery yes it
is that’s expensive 20 23 years yes 23 years 7 months 31 days 59 minutes 59
seconds in the Marine Corps you’re the treasurer for the warrior
bill foundation oh yes sir and Nick you’re the founder yes I am unbelievable
and how long were you in the Marine Corps I did 20 years exactly over and we
got we got Brojaq she’s a Navy vet yeah she’s legit legit oh good
so talk about the foundation what’s what’s your cause tell me how long
you’ve been running and where it was a future for you guys um well I got
involved was about two years now yeah two years now you know what’s cool
about me and John and is we have just served together the Marine Corps amazing
so yeah we start together you know in the same unit basically okay so we were
out Camp Pendleton you know his company track company’s
attached to our company yeah avy we end up deploying to Iraq together so that
was super cool experience you know to be there with one another and you know kind
of went through some ups and downs you know during that yeah that particular
deployment but uh it was always cool to you know was lean back came on him as a
friend right and it’s total Catina relationship you know out of the Marine
Corps right now super rad to me you know that defines him you can really connect
with that sure just down-to-earth you know he was definitely a dude that you
know he was a master in the Marine Corps well the first start but at the same
time you know we could be Nick and John you know I’m saying yeah we can let me
know let it Marine Corps beat the Marine Corps and the civilian time be civilian
time and that’s where he really connected and bonded very cool yeah you
started warrior built and what’s the basis of that I truly started to help me
do some issues outside you know I was going through some hard times I kind of
need to keep myself busy after being at work all day
it just wasn’t enough for me you know and so I just kind of found a way you
know through some tragedies that of course happen in my life used to stay
busy stay engaged with something and I found my passion just through helping
other people you know just just helping other dudes and seeing them excel and
seeing them be in turn made me happy sure and just kind
of kind of maybe just keep wanting to do it man so kind of warmed into this what
it is today I really never thought it would be at this level it is right now
guys you guys have a website right yeah who knows maybe a lot out there jóska
there they wish the round of the recall ready man cause right there times calm
you know it’s kind of crazy the audience did not have my old sour major here
looking at me it’s pretty cool story he retire I did so he was actually a couple
years ahead okay okay time to 2015 okay you know how
to you know a little ceremony on the parade deck and we’re going to Vegas
right after that so we’re gonna go to the Mosman energy cup in Vegas so it’s
perfect timing you know I’ve graduated I graduated I’ll retire on that Friday
right man we’re headed to Vegas I came in I’m gonna tell my go to Vegas with
you I’m gonna drive you there I’m like America first tyrosine is Camaro you
know I’m saying yeah it’s got this thing you know I’ll then have us ride in its
Camaro I did Camaros definitely Chevy guy in all the way and so you showed up
to the shop you know our facility in Lake Elsinore foundations at ok and a
bunch of matters are gonna go with me kind of celebrate my retirement slash at
the Monster Energy Cub you know it was a great event you know it’s Nick time full-time yeah
so on so he shows up right like I did things badass you know zl1
you don’t really you do who a lot – it’s a sort of supercharged yeah it’s like
suspension no no rates yes everything’s done so it’s not much there’s like a
calm way about four cars nice and a couple guys on bikes at ice in the vague
like the passenger seat we get on the freeway i-15 right that was like didn’t
really know this guy’s a wall man yeah yeah I’m very crazy man he let me drive
I’m pretty crazy back you’re just like jump yeah you know so there’s a moment
there I I really had asked this question I’m trying to help them out so we can
get to Vegas yeah a couple more airbags now I was a hell of a ride I was a good
way to to get to bait Oh nah nah and it was it was a great trip yeah yes I did I took it over met Nick John
and pulled into a nice grassy spot spent all day cuz it’s a you know a black car
that’s been all day wiping it down trying to keep the dust off of it yep
and I had a nice sign to go along with it so so when you get a zero one they
give you like basically like this little certificate and it comes from the Chevy
itself so what I did is instead of just making up a sign I took that certificate
and blew it up as a big sign for my for my car so it has actual specs everything
on the car so when people walk by they can just see that and then also can
represent my Temecula City as well so where you’re built and my brothers that
are here tonight I asked my wife one time if she went to drive the car a good
answer was no right she said no okay okay we’re doing a giveaway from Heatwave Visualwe’ve got 2 60 dollar gift certificates
and the winners are Keith Finch and Tony Laruffa congratulations! yes so okay yeah right here here to make
a room Lucas told short-course right there but really with us multiple
different things we raced in race down to Mexico 1502 the base Reno rates means
fire music so you got Hoosick therapy room you can record up there just jam or
get allows chill out in play xbox you know use your computer’s up there we got
our actual facility itself the main garage floor you know fabrication
mechanics work on these cars you’ve got a small gym
yeah about the photos yeah I like that one yeah broaden my horizon so give me a
new hobby different just all different things so for us it’s important that
means a little bit of everything that’s right you know so we got softball team
softball was just about getting together the Brotherhood the camaraderie outside
of the foundation Nick John thank you so much for coming to our show please stick
around chill out because we got a bunch of cool guests coming up we’re gonna
feature this 69 Camaro first we’re gonna talk to Chris Mayer shell and with the
vicious Mustang but he’s got some special news and some really awesome
let’s just call it under the under the radar the vibes coming up on the show
and he’s chris is gonna be up here next let’s tour to a clip of Chris and the
dish’s Mustang nevermind we’re just gonna bring Chris
on that was an awesome clip I don’t know I mean a lot bit live live on we’re live
on Facebook yeah stuff have a shit happens Chris welcome to the show this
is Mustang the thousand horsepower the featured vehicle on dub magazine
what else was another Hot Rod Magazine Street Machine the million dollar
Mustang we got we got your swag right here yeah shout a couple of swag shout
out the quinces swag we’re gonna be giving some of that away during the show
love your car man what’s this news you have for us my friend well a lot of
people don’t know it but I’ve been building another 65 fastback of course
you kind of parallel to Vicious although it kind of took a little slow track
until we finish vicious and debuted and yeah still a little minor shaking down
on that car right but no I’m really stoked it’s a 65 fastback engaged
shawnsmith shawnsmith design he used to be the full-time designer for the ring
brother speedcore I’m his customs he’s not he’s independent but he’s you
know that timeless customs is going to be doing the bill timeless will do the
bill correct and we have do we have pictures of the renderings we throw to
those do we yes there you go so just those are hot off
the press just received them from Sean we just did a color change over the
weekend and would be a legit car it’s Ford voodoo so it would be the gt350r
flat plane crank motor okay probably just shy of 700 in that range
it’ll be fully caged so I would consider it a resto mod with a little bit of
motor you did the Tiptronic in the vicious what do you plan on doing for
transmission in that car this will be a six-speed manual but it will be it’ll be
a car that you could drive to San Francisco San Diego AC flat screen I
mean it will have the some creature comforts in it that vicious lacks this
this is the complete opposite all white leather interior hi that’s what I think
you should put in it know anybody that’s first thing I thought about was cleaning
it in five minutes yeah we might be leaning towards a dark brown okay I look
like I got some digestive issues when I get out from grease one out with that
good dust pan you scoop them up though man force two later you know
they’re still hot off the press so what’s it what’s what’s the plans what’s
the future for this car so you were talking about doing a build that times
customs doing the build I’m gonna I’ll put six cameras on it do time-lapse
photography on it put together videos similar to what we did with the vicious
bill right let’s show the building six months six months to completion maybe a
few weeks after that to shake it down and get it to get it to drive and then
hopefully debut it at some of the MuscleKingz events coming up throughout the
year that’s awesome man and most of MuscleKingz Lounge Mustangs will be the MuscleKingz
edition that bass back King we got a couple fan favorites we’re gonna get out
of here for a quick here we got Chris Resendez he’s got a 1968 fire chicken I
mean Firebird in Livermore California other one is john wheeler 1968 Dodge
Dart GTS Mopar no car now this we’ve got a
done quite a few upgrades on it it’s guys style knows the Cannonball Run spa
complete ground-up body off restoration original California black plates on it
numbers-matching motor 344 horsepower regional block all that it’s got a C
well the other block manifold summit iron crankshaft harmonic dampener let’s
see he’s got TorqueFlite 727 three-speed Auto chaning three-inch ceramic coated
headers quite a few things in this thing it’s done upright he animal car
extensive babies liked it I do like the black in the red light I’m not much of a
I do like that blacked-out header of it it’s a beautiful car so yeah we’re gonna
do a giveaway for the vicious tang merge pack we’ve got two packs going out to
our winners Richard Gilliam and Kevin Fitzsimmons
you need some business standing here yes my ups I mean I don’t have a vicious I
don’t either well dude we’ll go out to the car I’ll
hook you up you got a guitar / Bayliner that’s what I wear I don’t what size
double X I need or an extra medium I may I may have a double X oh yeah usually
I’m very husky I’m really excited to build we’re going to feature Chris’s car
and the build the 65 Mustang the MuscleKingz edition we’re gonna be bringing it
to you live on Facebook we’re gonna be constantly updating and keeping you in
in keeping you in what what in the loop yeah then Luke Rednek in the loop
that’s fate he’s got me and we’re gonna just we’re so excited man oh me too
I’m really looking forward to start showing it and you know the content out
there I appreciate that are we doing a giveaway no we’re gonna
do a clip we’ve got our feature car coming up it’s a 1969 Camaro it’s in the
house it’s Neville ohms 1969 Camaro and we’re gonna throw to a clip to it right
now and we’re gonna bring Neville out here all right let’s check out that the freezer the devil will decide
somebody’s gonna die somebody’s gotta die she’s a creeper the
keeper should take you for Wow awesome clip
welcome to the show another old 1969 awesome to have you thank you so much
for bringing your car first of all I love the car I know Rednek and I we’re
talking about brozac as well we were just so stoked on it to have it’s really
the first old-school muscle car we’ve had on the show we’ve had a lot of new
school stuff so to have a 69 done right is is a real pleasure you’ve got some
modern drivetrain in it once you tell me about the car why you made the choices
you made and I just get into it a little bit well it’s all about being in the
right place at the right time so I’m sitting in this meeting with pioneer
electronics and they basically stay we need three 69 Camaros for CES and we
have one we need two more so the light bulb goes off of my head
I’m gonna go buy a car so I wouldn’t bought a car threw it into the project
through to the mix and out of the three cars they basically had a stage 1 a
stage 2 to stage 3 this car actually ended up being the stage 3 now during
this process I just happen to be the project manager and to paint our company
to build the car for them it’s calm like ok this is a win-win this is kind of
like Overhaulin except I’m not shifu’s them I’m Neville ohms so I actually did
the styling on the car so we took away all of the gills the gills are gone the
bumpers are cut up tighter to the body right no z28 hood married those rear
spoilers no spoilers anywhere right the car is all about being just the body and
the 69 Camaro body is like super clean and a testament to that is if you look
at the the Challenger in the CUDA you know 77 172 they basically copied that
design sure so I kind of fell into the project and I’ve been doing this for 25
years so I never had my own car because I built cars and you know you could see
my stuff there and there and all over the place but it never had a car so yeah
I drove a truck yeah so I just got the stuff start putting it
together and then as we were building it there’s there was more and more details
that they wanted to add and I just thought decided to go kind of like I do
this and do this and so I could just be the captain my own destiny so I designed
all the – pieces built the center console yeah I love the – you did such a
good thing designed all the pieces in the back right one of my fabricators
book that and then lz1 motor it’s a supercharged LS a which is the same
motor as the LSA but the LSA and the Camaro is actually 580 this is I rated
550 copy yeah what can I say but that is a GM
performance Chevrolet I’m sure it moves it down the road just fine doesn’t it
and you got the Hinds I like nice independent rear suspension and heights
prototype oh geez Frank’s right now pretty much nothing because I’m just
starting my own business so I’ve kind of left that after 25 years and I’m kind of
like I’m tired of being at the back end of the project because we’re going to
SEMA they’re usually spending in the last few
days up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning trying to finish that car and
it’s not the fun place to be whether it’s SEMA or the Detroit Auto Show or
these Auto shows that I’ve been a part of it’s always this last-minute horrific
you guys that you just don’t understand but it’s what I call it a disease I
really love these wheels shout out centerline mark and centerline hey-ya
market Sara like what happened to you guys last episode beat it I need their
wheels I need to make a wider rim for the back okay so surely performance LS a
crate motor it’s rated 5 55 56 this is a brand new engine right from the factory
and the beauty of a brand new engine it’s brand new Jeff sieh comes with a
12-month when your warranty it’s actually has stock exhaust manifolds and
that’s one thing when you open up the engine compartment in this car
you see a stock engine compartment and that’s what it’s intended it’s not
specially know it’s not supposed to be like say Super Show car that you know I
think vicious is one example I mean that things like whoa what the heck you know
and you see this but it’s very clean yeah it’s very clean it’s very
mechanical located well I’m using a lot of the processes that we used in the
development of all these projects and taking all of that that experience and
what I’m the company I’m started is its its NPO design and what we do is 3d
scanning of services so let’s say you have this car and you need to capture
the data surface of now or the 3ds service of that yeah so we come in with
special cameras and we scan it and we actually capture the surface data so now
you can manipulate that take that in the computer and the model it’s do stuff
with it and then like let’s say you want to build a body court now you have the
surfaces of the absolute body itself so now you can start doing it is but it’s
pretty expensive so you know people probably own equipments don’t service
bureau for capture 3d no doors are you gonna stick to you know you do a lot of
carbon fiber are you gonna go to the sheet metal I mean a lot of cars mean
what’s your what’s your preferred style versus you know carbon fiber it doesn’t
really matter carbon fiber is tough and not no offense of your comfort it’s kind
of played off yeah that’s a nice you know because I’ve seen it for 25 years
yeah yeah so I mean you can do the same building with your fenders new hoods
with steel you can do anything you want you know you can take that you can scan
that we can make a mold we can start laying up parts if you want to more
difficult to do the sheet metal is it not though as far as the molds go well
depends what you want to do how much of all you want to go through so it’s all
about you know the processes and what your requirements are
when did you build the car 2011 it was finished
who’s that CES 7 years old yeah and it’s beautiful was on the hot
rod power tour 2011 on run power to shadow magazine a cargo Nationals Car
Craft national is in it’s been a few magazines so it’s been around it’s great
it sounds great fired up for me I was talking to you
about the hood because it tripped me out because I was like is it an SS hood as
an RS head but what’s the deal with the hood well technically it’s an SS hood
and so this is what they call the yeah what the ice tray 68 69 have this
particular hood but this one’s a little bit different because inside the grill
we went to put it together and the grills wouldn’t fit so we’ve got the
finer mesh from speaker grille sure yeah this is customer there’s all bits all
around the car this just yeah that’s clean those rear quarter windows go down
they do go down there you go they’re even power
hello now if you drew up you guys but we do have for all you fans we have been
watching your comments and checking on who’s sharing and we have another prize
to give away there you go we want to thank K&N for always supporting the
MuscleKingz Lounge hey shout out kiddies get in they have donated a
canine swag bag that one lucky winner is going to going to get right now hey Dad what’s up buddy hey are you
doing I know it’s not fixed hmm at the time for LA D which is the heavy duty
truck transmission that’s what’s in it and that’s what basically I was
sponsored by so I really didn’t have a choice if I really was going to decide I
would have put a manual transmission in there and then in the rear end we have
basically 350 rare and it’s a Ford nine-inch it’s based on for drainage and
so but it’s a coal custom heights independent pumpkin that supports all of
their it’s super clean such a great job 350 yeah so it’s it’s karma yet you know
I’ve never actually done that about on PCH I did go on the softer it’s kind of scary I have to say because
it doesn’t have it’s just a lap belt and it’s like you just need to install a
fancy computer screen that like reads the ground in front of you sitting like
potholes yeah that’s always that’s called bump steer yeah any future bills
any any I need anything on the horizon as far as it goes you know right now
it’s concentrating on developing my business and that’s been helping out
with this other project that’s friend of mine and we actually can we have a part
of a conglomerate of guys that can build basically a one-off car so we can build
it you know if you want to win a one-off car that’s unique to you we can build it
for you so there you go Chevy it’s a Chevy bowtie day here on
MuscleKingz Lounge please send us your comments share the links below
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my screen don’t get dirty the answer all right all the followers don’t forget we
have the MuscelKingz car show coming up and concert series
it’ll be March 31st that’s MuscleKingz.com get your tickets I’ll probably
be there so I’ll sign autographs if you need it now what do you have in it
do you have an Instagram or anything like that up with the deburred yes I do
it’s smooth living yes and John and Nick where can we where we get learn about
the warrior built foundation and also what are your instruments you know we
call our follower spores are two three two troops two three – no I’m saying –
three – stance – billion – three – no come on number cold they’re like a biker
thing you know yeah it is 81 we’re 23 W yeah yeah I got you it’s kind of same
line so yeah warrior built org awesome I don’t got any personal stuff – wrong
horrible job that’s what they’ll soon as my life but I think this kindness yeah
we got one last final giveaway here on the muscle Keenan Lounge is the big
giveaway it’s the hype it’s the K&N filter and the winner of the cane and
air intake and it’s like a five hundred dollar value is insane is Ted Lee from
Nebraska I want to give a big shout-out to my co-host Rednek and bro
you got anything going on right now are you racing or anything coming up or you
got a show coming up all right gonna be a fancy little photo shoot to show off
that shout out our Navy vet Brojaq k on set like this Rednek what do you got
going on this will be a deadline to to watch Supercross and then one on one two
maybe two of the rape teams that I sponsor are gonna be racing the amateur
race on Sundays yeah me on their back in them check yeah yeah we gotta grab grace
in there possibly that’s what’s up Rednek knows what he’s doing in the
shop man that guy can wrench with the best of them I’m your host em rivers
foremost of kings now I’ve got a show coming up at the satellite at for your
local LA I’ll be there January 23rd I’m also playing February 10th at the
bootleg that’s downtown Los Angeles check out my music on Spotify it’s an
Rivers official that’s my Instagram thank you so much for your service
master sergeant first sergeant I know you’re going Jack you know we appreciate
it for all everyone here at most of MuscleKingz Lounge everyone I’m talking about
our video guys our producers and everyone that’s helped out I want a big
shout-out to Chris Merrett shell as well big shout out to Brandon Quaid from
fucking equate Harley Davidson there yeah that’s who Whelan yeah we do that
too here a muscle gains Rednek Brojaq my guess
Neville Owens John Williams and Nick ham thank you so much this is episode 5 I’m
also MuscleKingz Lounge and I’m in Rimmer’s and we the job to take on to take your life you you