What did you do? why are you following the child?
You made her drop all the flowers. She is no longer a child, she has grown up mama. Why are you so worried? Yes, why are you worried?
What is bothering you? Yes, grandpa. Even if he becomes a grandpa, he will not learn,
he will stay the same. Mama, let me become
someone’s husband first. Oh my God, my daughter looks like a
rose between these flowers. Hello aunt. Hello. Hello. Sister Tahira, hello. How are you? Okay, listen be careful. Hello. I am fine. You sit, I will get you tea. Come sister Tahira, have a seat.
Come on. By the grace of God,
both our children keep the house lively. My house is silent, when Adil is not home, the whole
house becomes painful for me. Hey, so then think of Adil’s marriage,
he is of age too. That is why I came here to you. I want to take the brightness
of your home to mine. What do you mean? I mean, I want to see Adil’s name
in Raima’s name. I want to make daughter Raima the
daughter in law of my home. Here you go, tea. Thank you child. Thank you.
Have it and tell me how it is. You made it, so it must be good child. Tell me if you need anything else. Its really good, stay happy. Come on tell me, what is it? Asad, I am thinking we should
engage Haris and Raima. Why? Look, Haris has a job and Raima will be done with
her exams in 2 months. Once Raima’s exams are over, we will marry her, why should we start with the
engagement and then wedding? Why don’t you get me? You tell me. You don’t know, sister Tahira came… Why? She wanted Raima’s hand for Tahira. Your sister has lost it. She will ask questions,
if he let her. Did you not tell her, Raima is our future daughter in law. I did. Then? She said, I didn’t know you
brought her up cause of this. God damn it. Should I have left my niece to suffer? After all, when parents die, their children have more right
with their maternal family. Not in the paternal family. I said the same. Then, did she stop or not? So I am asking you to get Raima and Haris engaged,
so that everyone knows. Fine, you prepare, as soon as her exams are over, we will get her Heena done the next day
and have her married in the next 4. That’s it. How will I prepare so soon? So soon? You have 2 months. We have to marry her in the family, she is not going outside the family. Why do I look at you silently,
you are not naïve, you must know. Say something. I will not let you go from here. What nonsense? Get out of my way. Oh my love, my Raima,
what if I don’t? tell me love. Leave my hand, I say, leave my hand. What if I don’t? then? Raima, you go from here. What did you say? I was talking to her. What are you doing?
You touched her. I am with her, My name is Saad Sikandar,
remember that. What did you do?
Why did you hit him? Sorry brother Saad. You cannot sit calmly? You scared me. Had I sat down calmly, you would have
known I am here. Come on, she didn’t come. Come on, lets go to the library. No. Why? We will make notes. I feel weird looking at books. I am in a weird mood today. Sameen was showing off his
engagement ring. Sameen got engaged? Yeah, yesterday. She’s so weird,
how did she find someone? Don’t say that. Why are you so upset? she got what she deserved, you will get someone. I have not found anyone yet, who are the girls,
who get engaged during university. Here I am just waiting. Don’t worry, lets go to the cafeteria, I will get you something cold.
It will calm you down. Come on. Did you get hurt? No, I got saved. Next time tell me. What happened? I know why we stopped? You come here to look at Raima, right? Are you mad? The way you were fighting for
her in front of everyone, only a true lover does that. Don’t mind, I have been noticing you
people for so long, I see her in your eyes even. Stop this nonsense. Tell me honestly, do you love her? No. You must like her. No. You don’t love her, you don’t even like her, so then what is the emotion in the
world that stops you from doing it? You feel this way, you are mistaken. I am not mistaken, I am confident you love her. Listen you are attaching a nice
girl’s name with me, you know how much she will get insulted
if this spreads in the university. People who are worried about
getting insulted? Lovers and Romeos. Listen, I don’t want to
talk on this topic further. Listen. That’s it. Listen, I have something
important to talk about. I won’t talk to you. You say it once… Hello Mr. Sardar. Hello. I was waiting for you. Yes, is the food ready? Yes. Hello. Hello. How are you? Come on, I am really hungry,
I will talk to you. Where is Abeera? Shahnaz call Abeera. Abeera has had pizza. What sort of kids are these? There are 10 different dishes that
have been made at home, this girl is ordering from outside. They have their own choices. That is true. You too get something you want made. Uncle, everything on this
table is my favorite. Your mother knows what you
like and what you don’t. Mama, knows everything. I want to talk to you about
something important. Yes, go ahead. I was thinking of the university
hostel for 2 months. Why? Mama, the time is wasted in travel. Yes son, you don’t have to travel in buses, you have your own car. Yes, but still a lot of time is wasted in travel. Still you won’t go to hostel. You won’t get the same
comfort as home. You are right, but… No buts, you are not going anywhere
and that is my order. I think you should let him
go to the hostel. You too? Saad, will you get a room in the hostel? Yes, my friend, I will share the room with him. Good, if you have issues let me
know I will have it sorted. You people don’t listen to me. Farkhanda, what is wrong with you? I am worried for his comfort. Fine, what I say doesn’t matter, I wont eat. Mama, if you don’t eat, I wont either. What are you saying? He will be fine soon. If men worry about women’s mood,
nothing will be fine, so son, do what is best for you, what you think is right. Have food. Have food Farkhanda. Hello madam.Hello. Good morning mama,
good morning papa. Good morning. You have time now. I had made a request. What request? I hope you are not forgetting. Come with me. Where? Oh my God. Oh my God papa. Papa, thank you. I cannot believe this,
my car. I love it. Hey…thank you so much, thank you. Have any other requests? No, nothing else. I love the car. You want to say something else? No. Not at all, you are the best father in the world.
I love you. I love you. I love you too my child. I love you. Zara, Seher, I will tell all friends.
She is still a child at heart. She will not let go. What was the need of giving
such an expensive gift? Hey, nothing is more precious than
my child in this world. What can I say to you? Should I get you food? I had lunch at the office. If you want to make me tea, it will love it. Okay, I will get it. Okay. Thank you. Okay then. Can I make you tea? When did you come? Leave that, tell me, how do I look?
And my bangles? Full of life like you. Where did this witch come from? When ever Haris is home
she comes. I came to invite you there is a
prayer at our home tomorrow. Okay, very nice. Hey, Raima didn’t go to the radio? No, had she gone,
she wouldn’t be here at home. She is really worried about me. To be honest you look pretty today. You? How are you here? Its my home,
I can be here when I want. You tell me, should I make you tea? You know I don’t have tea. Yes, tell me more, why did you come? There is a prayer at our home tomorrow, so I thought I would invite you people. Your mama came yesterday,
she invited us. Yes, she told me. Its possible she forgot, yeah? Yes, she must have forgotten. Okay, I will go then, ok Raima. Take care. Okay. Do come again. See you. I am telling you, stop her,
she is getting free. I don’t think so, she is sweet. I think so, if you don’t stop her, I will. What are you saying? Try and understand,
she being a neighbor has a lot of rights. Neighbor rights? Yeah. You got the books for business
management issued? Yes, I did, there is lot of work from it. When will you agree you like Raima? Go and talk to her. And then? Then what? I am sure she will appreciate your feelings. What if she doesn’t? You are the only family member, you are educated. Handsome. All girls here like you. Even after all this if I say
she is not in my fate? Why don’t you try? I don’t have the courage. Look at me. Okay fine, there are some people who
don’t get what they want. Why do you want your
name in the losers? Its written. do you have a complex? No complex. Are you helpless? No. Look brother if you don’t
get a partner you like, the journey of life is difficult. Take a chance, talk to Raima, so that you have no regret in the end, at least you spoke to her. Why did you call me?
What did you want to talk about? Our saad. Yeah. He loves a girl. So, what can I do? Ask him who that girl is. Why would I want to know. I have no relation with
Saad and that girl. Its not related to Saad, but you are good friends
with the girl. What? Talk to Raima, Saad wants to propose her. If Raima doesn’t have an issue. Okay, see you later. Hi. What was he saying:? I am sure he proposed you. No. Then? He has a message for you. For me? What? Saad Sikandar wants to send
his family to your home. He wants to marry you. What? Is he crazy? Yes, this is what he called me for. So, all this? How? What how? You are so pretty
anyone can propose you. After all, Saad is not bad, you think about him. You let us know in a day or two. But why did Zargham say this? Saad must have told him. Saad is a good boy, there is nothing wrong in it. You should think about it. Why didn’t you say no? Why would I say no? the proposal is for you, you say no. Fine, ok. Mr. Sardar, Saad didn’t come home this week either. Must be busy. What is he busy with? He has his exams, why are you bothering him? What if he is busy with something else. What are you saying? He used to go university from home, you for no reason gave him
permission to go to the hostel. You are weird, he is from today’s world, we cannot restrict him like this. Still, be careful, what if he goes in another direction. He won’t, he is my blood. Brother Sikandar was your blood too, he is your child too. What if follows his father? You are being sarcastic? No, telling the truth. Brother Sikandar fell in love with a girl from
a poor family what did you do? Fate it powerful, it takes everything away and
a person can do nothing. That is what I am saying, if something goes wrong, you will say its in the fate and be quiet, but Sardar, I am telling you clearly,
I won’t stay quiet. I told you, nothing like that will happen. Still you tell Saad, he is the entrustment of Abeera, if something goes wrong, I will shoot him. I will tell him. Don’t worry, now tell me where Abeera is. I said no but she doesn’t listen to us. She gets bored at home, now you are upset at her, don’t get so upset. Where did you bring me? Should I tell you?
Today is really special for me. Why? Because God sent you to
this world today to love me. You don’t love me? You think? I love you more than me. Come on. How did you like it. Okay, what will you have? My gift first. I have it, but close your eyes. Sure. Don’t open your eyes. Fast .Wait. Keep your eyes closed. Okay. What is this? Your gift. Is this for me? No it was for someone else, but then I thought I would
give it to you. Haris, you know what giving someone a ring is, a proposal. I know. Although this is decided
between our families, but we will be together forever, but for me,
I wanted to propose you myself, because I love you. Okay, listen, where are you going? Wait. Give it to me, I will put it on. Don’t do it, I will do it. Don’t do this, our love on one side, but I don’t want to be standing on the
road putting on bangles in your hand. Okay, let me put it on. Please. Sorry. Give me your hand. Can I say something Haris? At times I want to stop everyone and
tell them that I love you the most in the world. Come on. What was all this? Mama, I actually brought
flowers for Raima… I can see that but this won’t work like this, you are not children, you are grown up. If someone saw you what
would they have said? Aunt, its my fault. I will talk to you later,
you go to your room. Your father is saying you two will be married, once Raima
gets done with her exams. Mama, what is the hurry. At least let me get set,
I will get married after 1 year. You are already set, we don’t have
to get her outside the family, she will continue to live here, but don’t give me
a chance to complain next time. Fine, you won’t. But mama, see wedding is a responsibility
and I cannot take it. But your father has decided, that the hena will be on her last exam. What is the hurry? Sister Tahira came, she was forcing for Adil’s wedding. Mama, what are you saying? She doesn’t know what we are thinking, your father got upset for no reason. He should get upset, look aunt Tahira doesn’t see me. She doesn’t know our intentions,
we didn’t tell anyone. Fine, if you want to announce
about the wedding, then do it, get her engaged. Okay? This cannot happen, your father has decided,
and he will not listen to anyone. Fine, as papa wants, but you talk to papa first. Talk to him? I am really happy. Stay happy. God makes the way so well, this issue is solved. Everyone will know along with Saad. You look really happy today. It is something happy. Did you accept Saad’s proposal? You think that is something happy? Look at this? What is this? I got engaged yesterday. So sudden? Yes, it was sudden,
I didn’t know myself. Who? Haris. Haris? Why didn’t you tell me about Haris earlier? He didn’t say he liked me earlier, as soon as he told me,
my family married me. Give me a treat. No treat, have sweets, I got a box. Have it. Hello ladies. Hello. What is this for? Raima got engaged. Congratulations. Thanks. Excuse me. Congrats. Thanks. You are going early today. I have a meeting today. The meeting will be in the afternoon.
You meet Saad till then. You call him yourself. I have called him enough times.
His phone is off. Must be in the university, call him after 2 pm. Thank you for your suggestion, but you can yourself. You surprise me, I have a meeting, before that I have
to go to work, meet people. In the evening…not at all, I have an interview at the radio. If I tell you something, you get busy. You surprise me, I have told you the whole
schedule for tomorrow, your complains don’t end. No, you go. You do one thing, you go yourself. I go to his hostel. Yes, or wait at home. Or else go. Even when she knew she didn’t
think about me once. She made fun of my emotions. I am in the ground. Come out of her love,
think she was never yours. Easy to say, hard to get rid of it. But still…You won’t get it, just let it go. Everyone has a place and position. Some people work hard,
while some have a name from the start, Sardar Saifur Rehman is one such person. He is a feudal lord from
Cambridge university, along with that an industrialist. He also does social work and he is also working on social energy. He is the chairman of chamber
of commerce, he is a great man. Lets talk to him. Hello Mr. Sardar, is there something you don’t do? Thank you so much. Yes, look, as much as you have praised me, I am not worth it. Thank you so much. Ask us, how much you should be praised. Mr. Sardar, you are a feudal lord, still you take interest in all this, why is that? Raima, Ms. Raima. Yes? On the lands we have workers who work, same in the factory, we have managers, so I wanted
that I do something that has my involvement so that is
why I came in this direction. So you are doing this for increase in
your income or you think of the common man? Look, thank God, we have a lot of money, we have wealth, land, we get money from the crop, factories. We didn’t have issue of money so the people who work for me in the village, they benefit out of it, I try to give them the best benefit,
those in the mills or those who work for me, but then I thought the future of the country, what should I do to them? There is a lot of work
on energy saving that is being done, different areas, so I have to bring my youngsters
to the technical side. God has given us such a beautiful sun and what are we doing? Nothing. So I am working on solar energy,
this is the last step, there is a lot to do. Yes, sure. Mr. Sardar we have heard that
feudal lords are tyrants, they torment their workers and don’t give them their rights. They skin them alive and also get
their women kidnapped. Is this true? That was a rude question, but its true. I won’t say no to this. In the world there are all type of people, I am not a tyrant feudal, I try to ensure that people
don’t get hurt cause of me, so, what else should I tell you? You are a famous person, who have made an example
for a lot of people, you have made an empire in business, what will you call it?
Your hard work or pure luck? both. Without luck hardwork is nothing,
and without hard work luck is zero. When you invest in something, God helps you too. I must say, by meeting you my impression
of feudal lords has changed. I feel you are just like us. I am glad to meet an inspiring and
forward thinking man like you. Madam Raima,
I really liked talking to you. Ok listeners, its time for us to go.
You tell us, how did you like our
meeting with Mr. Sardar. We will wait for your feedback,
this is RJ Raima signing off, take care, bye. Done. Thank you so much Ms. Raima. You are welcome. This is my card, keep it. Why would I need this? A man helps another, what if there is some work tomorrow. Wow, the show was great sir. Its nothing I did. Sir, lets have tea in my room. Sure, I have time. Thank you. You are welcome. Come I will show you the office. Sorry, I just wanted to ask you,
if you don’t mind, I can drop you. Thank you, I will go. Hey, no formality, I will drop you. Its not formality, its about rules, I have this rule I don’t take
favors from anyone. Its not about favor, its my happiness, I will like it. I will like it if you let me go
like I usually go. Look at times, Ms. Raima, you need to break
free from the daily routine. Yes, but I don’t break my rule and you don’t know me yet. You give me way, I… You are moving me out of your way. You are standing here. We can have the same route. No, our route is different. As you wish, I will leave now. We may have different routes, but people who travel get
to their destination.