Hi guys this is Dan Dangoor with TigerChef and today I’m going to show you guys Mundial’s Sushi Knife Set. This is a cool case. I wanna talk about the case before we talk about the knives. So you see that this thing slid right off but it’s not just a cover. Its also a sushi board. There’s one on the other side as well. So now there are two different sushi boards as you can see. There’s a wooden one and there’s a white one. This one you’re gonna be using it to cut your sashimi, and this is going to be used to make the sushi roles. Now this set is used if your gonna go to a party and you want to make sushi in front of people. This is a set that you carry like a real sushi chef. You’re gonna carry this in. It’s gonna look really professional.
People gonna be very amazed with it. You open it up and have every single type of sushi knife that you need to make your sushi. So let’s go over the knives. The first two knifes I’m gonna be talking about today
are your classic sashimi knives. This is what you’re gonna use to cut your sashimi and your sushi with. It just depends on your personal take on which one do you want to do. Another thing about sushi knives is
they’re called flat blades. That means that one side is completely flat while the other side is actually angled.
That’s how you’ll see all sushi knives. They’re very easy to sharpen actually and make for really fun knives. The next two I’m gonna talk about are for cutting the fish before you actually start making sushi. So you get a fish a bit large you’re going to be using knives like these. With this kind of blade the straighter edge is used for cutting out the bloodline of the fish. And this is usually used for separating sections from big loins into small loins. Not only that, in the back in the box is a great place if you want to store any of your supplies once you’ve opened up your case. And that concludes our Sushi Chef Knife
set from Mundial. This guy is great, let me explain
another thing too. If you’re gonna buy each one of these knives individually,
it’s almost the same price as this kit. So might as well get a nice cool
carrying case with two cool boards if you gonna take this to a party
you’re gonna look like an awesome chef. So anyways if you wanna pick this up
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