Hi, Joe Glavin with Philadelphia Floor Store. Today we’re going to discuss the Crain 280 HD Air Lifter. The 280 HD Air Lifter is a unit that moves appliances on a cushion of air. It’s a 2 horsepower blower. It comes with two appliance movers, a T-connector, three hoses, a carpet slider adapter kit, and a strap for the motor. After installing the appliance movers, you can adjust the amount the appliance is lifted with a quick turn of the power control coupling. This is a great feature for appliances with low clearance under cabinets. The 280 HD Air Lifter makes moving up to 800 pounds––in this case, a full refrigerator––extremely easy. No back strain, no scratches on the floor from a dolly or a handtruck. 800 pounds moved on a cushion of air. The highlighted area indicates the water line for the icemaker. As you can see, this has been secured to the back of the refrigerator with blue tape. I suggest a stronger fastening method, as this water line fell during the course of the job. With a cushion of air, we are able to move ovens with overhanging cook tops, a particularly difficult task made easy with the 280 Air Lifter. Here, the overhanging cook top is lifted above the countertop, allowing easy removal to its destination in the living room. The 280 HD Air Lifter comes with four carpet adapters, allowing the appliance movers to work over soft surfaces. Simply leapfrog the adapters until the appliance is at its destination. The 280 HD Air Lifter allows one person to move the heaviest of appliances in a matter of minutes. You can use the Air Lifter to move pieces of furniture like armoires and grandfather clocks, making the daunting task of any hardwood floor contractor who needs to move a room full of heavy items easier, with little worry of scratching a newly installed or refinished hardwood floor. To purchase the 280 HD Air Lifter, go to phillyfloor.com.