Hi everyone, here’s my impression of my stay
at Motel 6 Downtown San Francisco The motel is located on 895 Geary Street Which is part of San Francisco’s Downtown area The area is central and close to
many well-known stores & restaurants Some streets are nice to walk through, while others “host” many homeless people, which isn’t a pleasant sight The motel is approx. 10 min. by foot from
Union Square Approx. 30 min. by foot from Lombard Street And approx. 40 min. by foot from Pier 39 The minimalistic reception is facing the street Both check-in and check-out went smoothly I was granted an early check-in which was
a really nice gesture from the staff The motel offers its visitors a free parking space This is a big advantage if you’re renting a car,
as parking in San-Francisco can be very expensive The motel has 2 elevators, which can be accessed
only by using your room’s keycard The building includes 3 floors Each floor has ice & vending machines The first floor offers some sort of a balcony… The balcony can be a bit intrusive
for the guests staying in the rooms next to it To access the room you’re gonna need a cardkey This is the room I stayed in It had 2 queen-size beds The beds were relatively comfortable The room offered a TV with cables A mini fridge An air conditioning A clothes hanger And a private shower & toilet The motel offers several Wi-Fi networks,
but they all were V-E-R-Y slow The room was cleaned daily I didn’t have too much interaction with the staff,
but they did what they were supposed to do And when needed,
I received extra towels with no hesitation My room was next to the balcony, so I covered
the window with the curtain most of the time Another thing I didn’t like is the shared door
with the neighboring room Some nights were quiet while others not so much The noise originated from the street
and due to the bad acoustics of the building Overall, I think this is a decent place to stay
in San Francisco if you have a limited budget Thanks for watching
a video by “Original Video Reviews”