What you want? Behind you. He got your back. Very observant guy. Huh? Whatever sweetheart. Wow, another one. If he would put his eyes
on that cash register as much as he would
put it one beer, there’s potential
to make money here. Right. There’s people here but you got
to charge people for drinks. Desi Romano’s home
of the first ones free. Yeah, he’s getting smashed. I can’t even imagine how much
that tab is of just free drinks tonight. Just said I needed a shot.
No, that’s not what I’m having. You said a Vegas Bomb. That’s not it. It is it. Well, you made it wrong.
You’re going to make it right. It is right. He doesn’t know
when to stop himself. Dad?
What baby? You’re doing another shot? I don’t like you. Okay, well,
you’re making that clear. Will you remember
to calm it down. Shot shot shut up. Okay. She is trying to calm him down.
Stop him. I’m the boss. So, nobody give him
a shot, okay? Whatever. Thank you. No more drinking.
But, Desi is not listening. Did I get what I ordered? What did you order from me? I would like a little shot
and I would like a beer. As the manager, I asked them
not to serve you anymore. So, imagine being
in Lindsay’s shoes. Her dad has a medical issue. He’s sitting here drinking,
partying. This ain’t it. But I’m drinking. Please, Dad, don’t. So, if he continues to drink
this way and continues to be
out of control, this poor man
will probably die. That’s what
we have to prevent. Amanda.
Yes. You really can’t give him
another shot. [inaudible 00:01:39]. Hey. Okay, I can’t. I’m sorry. I’m not the boss no more? I think you’ve had enough. You think I’ve had enough?
I want one more. Okay. Oh, my. Amanda, you’re done
if you don’t fix the shot. What do I do?
[inaudible 00:02:00]. All right.
I’m Desi. All right. I just want that one more. Here you go. Okay, okay.
There you go. Another drink. No, he’s not.
Desi’s not drinking anymore. Pull my tab. I quit. Behind you. What?
Behind you. What you want? Behind you. He got your back. Very observant guy, huh? You want her to put
the empanadas on a tab? There’s Melinda. Melinda
is our other bartender. Put the phone down, Gaby. Okay. Put the phone down.
I know. Stop the texting.
It’s down. Stop already.
Stop with the texting. Is this seriously happening in
front of the guests right now? Melinda, what is that?
Melinda, what are you doing? Melinda, what are you doing? How embarrassing. She’s overpouring.
How does he know? It’s supposed to be here. I can’t. I can’t take this
right now. This is so awful. And look at him. He’s staring at his bartender.
He’s pissed off. [inaudible 00:03:00] Oh, god. I need a shot right now,
all right? Salute. Salute, you. All right. Oh, but now he can go back there
and take a shot? And act like everything’s fine? You know what his DJ name is? El Comandante. Oh, god. Which means the leader
of an army. I’m assuming he gave himself
his own name. I am a comandante and right now free shots of tequila
for everybody. Yay. Giving away shots after
he screamed at a bartender for a quarter ounce overpour. I’m so confused on who he is. One minute he’s like screaming
and making everything so tense. The next minute
he’s like laughing. It’s like giving me whiplash. Here’s all the shots.
I mean you might as well just take out the money
from your drawer and make it rain
all over the bar if you’re giving away
shots like that. He’s not El Comandante.
He’s El Moronte. Let’s [inaudible 00:03:52]. This is his way to have
the microphone so it’s all about him. Here, do me a favor? Clean up after
a customer, please. It’s only courteous. Oh my god.
Look at him. It’s only courteous for you
to clean up for our customers. It’s not your house. Oh my. Your house looks like that.
Mine don’t. My house is not like that. You know what they say
about blonds, right? This guy’s degrading. Look at Elmira,
put a little smile on, and we’ll go you know.
It will match the hair. This is happening
in front of the guests. You know what? I want to see how he acts
if I treat him that way. I’m going in. Can I check your ID?
Because apparently, I got a bartender who don’t know
what the (beep) he’s going. They don’t know that he has
any involvement in the business. He’s actually asked these
three strangers to see their ID. With zero intro. You don’t trust your bartender
to check the ID? Hi, I’m sorry. Excuse me. Can I borrow you
for just a minute? Stop. Whoa.
He’s the bartender. Let him. So, apparently,
he’s not doing his job? Okay, well. Let me check them. No.
Okay. Just … I mean, I got it. Just, let’s go to the back.
Please. No. Yes. Now. She showed me a valid ID. Excuse me. Do you feel that vibe? Oh my god.
(beep). She’s been sitting at the (beep)
bar drinking. Can you stop? No. I’m not going to stop
drinking either. I had a long (beep) day.
You get a job from me. I don’t give a (beep)
what you’re doing. This is important to me.
So, stop. So, she’s going down the tubes, and his next drink is more
important to him than her. Now that was rough.
That was bad. That was un (beep) comfortable. Yeah. Cody trying
to do everything. So, he’s running drinks,
making drinks. Cody ain’t stopping, man. Hey, you all want a shot? Sure.
Sure. I’ll buy you all a shot. I really want the
[inaudible 00:05:35]. Trey. Trey. Trey.
What? What? Give me four shots, please. Absolutely.
Are you taking them with us? Yeah, I’ll take one with you. This guy’s all about his ego. I’ve never [crosstalk 00:05:45]. My wife’s running around here
somewhere. So, don’t tell her
we’re taking shots. Shouldn’t Cody approve
every drink that Brian gives away? Absolutely. Cody, give me a shot?
(beep). That’s the respect
I get out of my son. I’m sorry.
Right there. Wow.
Stop. You’re coming with me.
You’re coming with me. You’re coming with- Stop.
You are coming with me now. I’ll be back in a minute. Now. Now.
I’ll be back in a minute. Now. They’re going outside this time. You’re-
Now listen. Look what you’re doing. I don’t (beep) care.
I do care. All I’m doing is having a (beep)
shots tonight. Look at how he talks to her. What an ass. I had a long (beep) day at work. You don’t need to do this.
You (beep). Don’t touch me again. You got me (beep)
close to knocking your ass out. You’re making a fool of me and you’re making a fool
of your god damn self and you’re making
a fool of your self. Can we just, guys, can we just
shut the (beep) up and help. Ain’t nobody talking to you. Nobody’s talking to you. Go back to you (beep) business. This is our (beep) business.
All you do is (beep) bitch. I don’t care. Bitch?
I work all (beep) night. You’re sitting behind the (beep)
[crosstalk 00:06:45]. (beep) both of you all. (Beep) you.
He just pushed his wife. You’re a piece of (beep). I’m going to go talk to her. Theresa’s in pain.
You can see it. Her son is sinking
and her husband is perpetuating their failure.
When a husband and wife start pushing each other
that’s crossing the line. And I’m going to go in
and stop it. Stop, man. What? I’m afraid you’re going
to cut me. I’ve never seen a family
function like this. This relationship looks
really dysfunctional. Hurry up. Shut the (beep) up. He’s bringing the fryer basket
into the walk-in box. I’ve never seen that before. With his bare hands grabbing
the raw wings, grabbing the basket,
closing the door on the way out. So, we’re cross-contaminating
like crazy here, and Rich has no idea
what’s going on of course. He just doesn’t give a (beep). Uh-uh (negative). Joey, we don’t have to do that. We temp the drums,
not the flats. Are those the right temp, Joey? I don’t know, I got to check. I just put them
in the stupid ass thing. Are they the right temp?
Is that the right temp? (Beep). Leave me alone, man. What? What’d you do? Piss me off. Damn you.
You do this all the time. You push his buttons. He was cooking that was it. You say one more word to me I’m going to punch you
in the mouth. Oh. I wonder where
our appetizers are? [inaudible 00:08:05]. Oh, what is that? This is the half chicken,
half beef- So, that’s the chicken? Yeah. Ugh. This is all ready-to-eat. Didn’t he just pick up
raw chicken? Raw chicken.
That’s what I’m worried about. With his hands.
He never washed his hands? Uh-uh (affirmative). This is crazy. This is
actually really dangerous here. Chef, they can’t eat this.
Do you agree? I agree. There it is. Oh, my god. Chef, you go in.
Nobody eats anything. We send it all back untouched. All right, guys. Wish me luck. What is that? I’m not sure this is
completely done. And they’re freezing cold. Oh my god, yeah. Yeah, I mean these are cold. Hi, guys.
Hey, how are you? I’m Michael.
Hey, Michael. John wanted to send me in
to make sure that you guys didn’t have
any of that ready-to-eat food. Excuse me, folks.
They just said it was cold? The kids are back there cooking.
No gloves being used whatsoever. Yes. And then I watched them going
from the cross-contamination of raw chicken, the dirty door,
and then garnish all this food. That is really really
really dangerous. Well, the first time
I didn’t know what was going on. I’ll get you another order
if you like? Absolutely not. We’re they’re
going to pass on it. All right.
Can I take that out of here? Take it.
Do not eat it. Don’t eat it, wow. Damn it. Now, I’m (beep) pissed. Damn it, Joey.
Why aren’t your gloves on? Leave me alone. Why? This kid’s ready to lose it. Oh, (beep). Did he cut himself? Richie, you should
know better, man. You grew up in the business. You know.
You understood how it worked. Let me tell you right now
for the last time. Uh-oh. You’re supposed to check
his (beep) before you serve it. Oh. Did you hear me?
Handle it for a change. He just slapped him in the face. Oh my god. Oh, man. That’s not going
to happen while I’m here. Hi, this is John Taffer. Click here to subscribe
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