good morning everybody welcome back to the ýstanbul airport at the domestic one this time because believe it is temple I know we just got here why not to Bodrum have a few days of an eye luxurious stay down there what is it mystic one big up but even like minutes good I’m impressed [Music] welcome to Bodrum everybody hello [Music] how it is arrived this is carnival so currently in a buggy that’s taking us towards our property is huge well here we are Wow welcome to our hotel for the next three nights everybody it’s gonna be an adventure that we’re all gonna go on you just checked into these six senses here in Kaplan kaya and Wow I’ll give you a very quick sneak preview there’s a little sneak preview of our room we will give you a tour soon but in Turkey so we went all out cheers by the way oh this looks good yes we’ve ordered some room service which is perfect it’s five o’clock so we had a big long travel day and wasn’t that long but it was still we basically haven’t eaten all day so we were like okay let’s try to order something a little bit Turkish so we got this kind of tasting plate I think they call it miss a and it’s got hummus yogurt dip and then other things I’ve no idea what this is I’ve got a pomegranate salad prawns coffee juice bread I think we got a bit too excited when we saw the room service menu as you guys have seen we’ve had such a fun month so we were like you know what let’s wind down spent three knots so like a really nice place and then continue on with the adventures but I’m so excited to be here we started to show you guys around so much to see and do yeah I think we need a dig in I love this style of food if this is what the rest of Turkey is going to be is amazing Wow okay we’ll see you guys soon right now I’m just gonna dig in how’s the water amazing look so nice I think we do I think we’ve enjoyed it too much and we neither like yes agency so that’s where we were cruising not that long ago just a couple of weeks ago yeah sailing on on our yacht so there’s the Aegean Sea just there yeah I think it’s an affinity pool yeah if you look at it from this angle that’s cool so an outdoor shower we have quite a big pool an outdoor just where you can just sit in Sun Tan we have some more beds here for chillin okay so this is kind of the back door that’s where the front door is and of course because this asian is cooked like the grease i which i thought was kind of cool and this is our gigantic room so we have a queen-size bed here I really like how they’ve done the decor because it looks very nautical with the ropes up there this is very fantasy stuff to have for a bar oh yeah we have a coffee machine here they’ve given us pods and you’re not fancy when a single tea bag comes in a little box that’s room this is so cute look wake up tea hahaha I’ve to steal some for my parents yes a double vanity they’ve even included quite a few amenities if we had lost our luggage before coming yeah raised a kid everything that we need in here so got that then we have a huge shower waterfall head as well got some towels there that’s outside yeah can you see me oh yeah a little lounge in the bathroom also to finish off the room tour we have a huge walk-in closet which I think it’s best if we just hide this because over the day it’s gonna slowly get Messier are their robes massive I think the resort has five private beaches so many restaurants all of the water ups I’m gonna have to choose a place to go and home for dinner tonight and speaking of how big this property is rumors are when we checked in to get to another part of the resort they have a Tesla which we can jump in then they’ll drive us out to the other part of the resort I’ve never been in a Tesla so that kind of got me a bit excited [Music] researcher when I go I only know guys you’re making our way to dinner now this is our first like official sunset here in Turkey Turkey has amazing sunset you can see here this is like what the villas look like from that’s out front I guess and then they run all along here and then you can get around on buggies but we’re gonna walk so we can have a little explore so it’s super interesting coast and we’re all just looking onto the water which is so nice this is actually I’m glad we walked in and then they have like a massive building at the front and that’s the reception the gym the spa we have breakfast and it’s all in this big complex we’re gonna walk down now and show you so now this is like the big main and it’s five stories high so that’s a reception just there and then it just goes down and down and down and down right on the water it’s called sage and see it’s like a seafood restaurant right I think so yeah I could do some seafood there’s a few of them weren’t they saying this is a bit different from our last video when it was freezing cold in Iceland this looks so good oh yes I really want to step on it have to come here tomorrow yeah wow there’s a very good first sunset turkey sunsets here amazing oh they even have like an apple hi zero one six a really cool thank you so much I think this is a good spot for our first dinner and then there’s another pool we found just over there wild thyme let’s go wild thyme wow that is a huge menu I know her hello good what’s the special cocktail we have lavender folktale and okay let’s try hibiscus and coffee okay that sounds good looks fantastic thank you that’s amazing yeah thank you I need one of these in my life just coffee cocktail Cheers let us know what that’s like yeah it’s like berry yes that was a very fancy vodka he was using coffee cocktail this is dangerous because what if this is amazing and becomes a new thing oh that’s really nice that’s nice I’m gonna do you wanna try it I am cuz it doesn’t even taste like vodka oh thank you so much it looks so good thank you hello every meal was hummus let me try it let me see if it’s as good as is it does anyone else eat it just be the fourth I like it just as good as lunch mm-hmm and then we got eggplant with Eureka oh yeah that looks Phoebus freshly caught from the agency as well cha cha grow veggies and then they’ve just come and giving us this entree thing that we didn’t eat it because we were too into getting the cocktails made this is a very good first tuna YUM try these try the eggplant the honor it’s like stuffed eggplant with the Eureka that is so good is it [Music] we sit and talk Aesir good morning everybody welcome back to another day in paradise yeah [Music] [Music] you got us some drinks yeah oh this is nice aningaaq cheers Cheers and I love these little Oh beach shade cuz it’s just got this gigantic wooden pole and then I wind by the way I think I saw some jet skis [Music] [Music] [Music] oh wow never been in one of these before thank you guys so then Inga Beach is like a five minute drive and they pick you up in Tesla’s well that was insane I need to get myself under the EC thank you Wow guys we basically spent the entire day at this Beach it is amazing everything we turn around you can get like a way that a view of what it’s like so it’s a bunch of these like kind of Cabana things all like kind of into that earthy wood kind of tones we’ve been chilling here order you in this order drinks and next to it is this beach bar and it’s actually invaded one of the top ten new beach bars in the world and we can agree because I’ve been here all day so this is where we had an incredible lunch today it was Italian really um and it’s right next to the water as well perfect thank you so much so we’re just trying to enjoy our iced coffees but Stephen is obsessed with the water okay guys we thought that the beach was the perfect place to have a sunset the clubhouse here cup and kaya Wow you just wait look at this infinity pool this is even real Wow [Music] Wow I had to run over here look at this sunset that does not look real the camera’s not even doing it any justice it looks like Jupiter wow look at these colors that is just how is anything gonna top this this doesn’t look real like seriously the ocean is the same color as this pool it looks like it all connects into Vaughn when did you guys do a cool dive that it ethically fails it was great stay you could work secret what’s your secret those were literally in the worst romantic place we need to I mean just look at your background I know how would you not be here okay I brought us the largest amount ever you need to do a wine taste for us Oh what have we got cheers bulbs I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog it’s just the beginning of Turkey we’ve got so many benches to come for you we’re gonna spend another couple of days here just because it’s so relaxing before the crazy adventures begin so you guys are new around here make sure you give the video a thumbs up hit subscribe if you are new here and we’ll see you guys next time bye I’ve never been on a super yep [Music] I’m like speechless look at the sunset but also it means basically the first day about proper title trip [Music]